Rob Ford Resurrects the Jesus Parade



Earlier this week we witnessed another shameful event involving the administration of the City of Toronto. They banned the annual Jesus Parade, for the dubious reason that it may interfere with the construction works near Queen’s Park.

That’s not a surprise, because Christians are considered a soft and easy target. If they are wronged, they are not going to run around trashing property and killing people. I have never heard before about such a large event (with over 10,000 participants) to be banned. On the contrary – the city and provincial authorities have provided space even to the most questionable and weird events.

Two years ago nearly one thousand supporters of the Tamil Tigers, a Sri Lankan terrorist organization banned in Canada, held a noisy rally at Queen’s Park. Every year the same space is provided to the organizers of the Al-Quds day – a Muslim anti-Semitic event, at which speakers have called routinely for shooting Jews. The thousands of Muslim supporters of terrorism have never had trouble getting a permit for their event.

The City of Toronto gives generous grants to the yearly homosexual parade, at which naked perverts expose themselves to children; men make out with each other right on the street and everybody, who disagrees with that travesty is chased like a criminal. Even Mayor Rob Ford was treated that way when a few months ago he refused to join the “standing ovation” at City Hall for the main organizer of the freak show – Counsellor Kristyn Wong-Tam.


The Jesus Parade won’t be banned if it adds a few of the “gay” parade freaks

Talk about a double standard – the lewd public behaviour of the tiny homosexual minority is encouraged and financed, while the hundreds of thousands of Christians are pushed around like criminals.

It took the organizers days of humiliating pleading to be allowed to exercise their right to public assembly, a right that has never been denied even to the worst groups. Just like in a totalitarian state, a lot of efforts were needed to get something, which is supposed to be a basic freedom:

Citing road construction around Queen’s Park as the problem, city staff had decided to pull the permit for the parade, which was expecting 10,000 revellers.

“In view of the circumstances, the Street Events section of Transportation Services cannot approve your request to assemble the parade floats and have parade participants form up along Queen’s Park,” the city’s Rita Hoy wrote Friday to parade organizers.

The group tried to persuade the city to offer another route but, up until Thursday, they were told this was not possible.

Enter Mayor Rob Ford, who told the Sun he wanted the parade back on and called a meeting of all involved.
“He was animated” and vocal, McVety said of the mayor. “He made it clear to city staff he wanted to find a solution.”

Before noon Thursday, that solution was worked out.

“There are still some i’s to be dotted and t’s to be crossed but the parade is back on with an alternative route,” McVety said.

The route will now begin on Rosedale Valley Rd., make its way to Church St. and over to Bay St., then wind up at Queen’s Park.

“We are fine with that,” McVety said. “We have so many people coming in from out of town and others who have built floats that we are grateful this has been resolved.”

It looks like the parade will be held on the scheduled date, September 6. The incident leaves bitter taste – despite the success, it is frightening to see the enormous power of the city bureaucrats, who are ready and willing to tell us what we can see or do.

Again, Mayor Rob Ford turned to be one of the few voices of reason.

There is something sick in a society, where the “rights” of exhibitionists, Muslim fanatics, supporters of terrorism, and anti-Semites trump the rights of Christians.

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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    Not surprising. Mike Morrison, a local (Calgary) correspondent for Metro News, in his article on Gay Pride, called the March for Jesus “hateful.”


    When one commentator asked why the hate against Christians, another poster who calls himself “Keith” stated that Christians

    “deserve all the hate they get.”

    These cowardly and vile attacks on Christians will only get worse.

    1. admiwrath says:

      The homosexual bullies never fail to express their hatred, though it is always against Christians and never against Muslims, who actually kill them.

  2. Acartia_bogart says:

    Yes, those poor persecuted Christians. Does anyone think to lay the blame at the organizers? (McVety). Of course not. Even though he has a history of lying and misrepresenting facts.

    McVety makes a career at being the wronged Christian, being martyred for his beliefs. At least most of the media has seen through this fool and stopped giving him air time and printed space.

    1. admiwrath says:

      McVety is not the only victim. Through the Human Rights Commissions and other institutions the homosexuals can ruin the life of everybody, who disagrees with their propaganda. Is this how Canada is supposed to operate?

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