Rob Ford Throws a BBQ for Ford Nation in Scarborough

Last Friday the Mayor of Toronto Rob Ford organized his annual BBQ, which for the first time was held for the people of Scarborough. The weather was bad – it rained for the most of the day, but that didn’t stop thousands of people from showing up. According to the estimates I heard on the radio on my way back, about 15 to 20 thousand people came to Thomson Memorial Park. That even caused some problems, like food shortage, because the number was much larger than expected. Later on I heard other estimates, like 5 to 6 thousand being present. Whatever the final number, it beat the rally at the City Hall, which was supposed to force Mayor Ford out – out of 4,000, who promised to show up on Facebook’s page, less than 200 attended.



Thousands of people attended

Obviously, those people didn’t get the message from Toronto Star that they were supposed to hate Rob Ford. Despite the merciless war against him, his popularity hasn’t diminished. At the same time, the darlings of the Downtown Party don’t fare that well. At Olivia Chow’s BBQ on July 1 (in my estimate) there were no more than 500 people.


Comparing a few recent events, it’s not hard to figure out why more people liked Rob Ford. Last week the cream of the crop of Canada’s political leftism took part in the gay parade. Justin Trudeau, Kathleen Wynne, Tom Mulcair and Olivia Chow marched with many strange people who had no business displaying themselves in public.

The children present at the parade had to navigate their way among drag queens, militant communists, and exhibitionists with bare penises. It was ironic that when I posted a video from that “family-friendly” event, YouTube labeled it unsuitable for minors within 24 hours, despite the fact that all those progressive politicians were in it.


I am sure that my video from Ford’s BBQ is not going to meet such a fate. The event was truly a family event, where people of many backgrounds and races were having fun. The only strange sighting was the guy walking around with two iguanas on his head.


Representatives of the progressive media were there, even though they didn’t provide much of coverage.



The entertainment


The Mayor spent almost the entire evening shaking hands and taking pictures with people who wanted to meet him. Thousands lined up to get this opportunity in front of the tent, where he stood heavily guarded by security. (I guess that was necessary to prevent another dumb lefty bimbo from throwing something in his face or worse.)


The Mayor with fans




Of course, the media would ignore the event, because it doesn’t fit their narrative. In their world, being supported by the unsophisticated masses means nothing. A politician is valued according to the number of gay events he attended or his position on the tranny bill or his support for littering the streets of Toronto with countless bicycle paths. During a session a few weeks ago, the councillors wasted 6 hours discussing whether the grass near U of T’s Hart House should be considered historical heritage.

A politician who doesn’t take his orders from union offices, gay bars or dingy art galleries is sure to be a target of the Downtown Party. The countless attacks against Rob Ford, even before he became a Mayor, speak clearly about that animosity. But so far those attempts have failed miserably. The simple reason is that those artificial scandals are too foreign to those, who actually have to work for a living.

They need roads that would get them in the fastest way to their jobs or public transportation that is really fast and efficient. Without ensuring the smooth functioning of the city economy and the people, who work in it, you won’t have the money to support bike lending, tranny hookers or any other insane money-wasting program the progressive councillors may come up with.


Rob Ford is leaving…

An abyss divides what the media present as reality from what really happens in the city. The voices of the ordinary people are absent from the articles and broadcasts and appear only in the comments sections, if they are allowed.

From that point of view, it is a real miracle that there are politicians like Rob Ford, who, despite the attacks and abuse, keep going in their attempts to deliver what they promised to their voters. Few people would have that strength. Those who support them are definitely much smarter than the snobby latte-sipping parasites, who think that they know better than us what is good for our city.

And here is the really family friendly video from the event, with a bonus appearance by Olivia Chow:

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