The Dysfunctional Toronto City Council

After practically ousting Rob Ford from his position of Mayor by stripping him from most of his powers, the Toronto City Councillors boarded again the gravy train he tried so hard to stop and went on their merry spending ways. Never mind that the coup d’état they performed was illegal – Ford hasn’t been charged with any crime, but does the truth matter when they want to get rid of a conservative politician?

The last session of the council on December 16 and 17 was very instructive. There was nothing dramatic to discuss (if we exclude Ford’s apology to Daniel Dale) – the debates revolved around mundane topics like water fees and installation of smart water meters. But even under these circumstances, the “progressive” Councillors still found creative ways to rip off the taxpayers.

Layton Junior set the tone by demanding that the Council start its sessions with acknowledging that they are gathering on native Indian land, namely on land that once belonged to the Mississauga New Credit Indians. That’s a new fashionable, but extremely idiotic initiative that every leftard and his uncle support. I remember when the unelected Lesbian-in-Chief Kathleen Wynne opened the Liberal Party’s meeting at which she was appointed as a leader, she thanked the same Indians for the land.

The Councillors have been using that mantra before. In the video below, Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam (at 8:30) after wishing everybody happy Dyke Day, thanks the Mississauga New Credit Indians for allowing her to use the land where the dyke gathering took place.

The lefties kicked out Rob Ford for smoking crack, but I am not sure what they are smoking, because it holds their minds below the IQ level of Chief Wiggum’s son Ralphie. For starters, those Indians sold the land long time ago (and it is not clear whether they were the first owners). Second, the last I checked, the Charter gives equal rights to anybody in Canada. If you thank the land’s owners, you should thank all of them; there is no reason to single out the Indians for special gratitude.

To be historically fair, the Councillors should research all past titles of the Nathan Phillips Square land and start every session with the proper thanks: “We are grateful to the Mississauga New Credit Indians, Gary Standing Bear, Angus McCatty, Patrick O’Murphy, Larry Rosenblatt, Dima Kuroedov, Prasad Namasurakrishnan, Bobby Lee and Yusuf ibn Amir bin Bengaba for allowing us to stand on their land.”

The whole circus is so absurd when there are so many problems to be resolved.

Another great moment came when Councillor Mike Del Grande proposed that the planned fee increase for water be reduced from 8% to 3%, because under the current pressure, every saving for the middle class is useful. Grabbing less money?! That’s unheard of. The progressive money grabber Gord Perks made a speech trying to convince the Councillors that it is always good to take more money – it would be cheaper if the Council collects more money than to let, for example, the middle class build their own water pipes. Perks’s iron logic won, of course.

Then Layton Junior proposed another money grab – now if a company goes over the limit of water pollution, it is charged a fee over the specific pollution component they exceeded. Layton proposed that the company be always charged a fine over all pollution components, no matter whether they are exceeded or not. A few Councillors tried to explain patiently that this will increase unnecessarily the cost of business in Toronto, especially in hard times like these, or even could bring law suits because the city would be violating previous agreements.

Layton countered with the comeback that a few extra millions of dollars could be easily absorbed by the companies. It’s nice to see that he has mastered the traditional tax money grabbing business his family is famous for. I am sure that Jack Layton looked up at him from the second circle of hell and shed a tear: “That’s my boy!”

Even these small things show how horrible the situation is – the Councillors elected by the downtown parasites would do anything to appease their constituencies by wasting billions of our tax dollars on useless schemes and social programs that contribute nothing to the city.

When Councillor Doug Ford raised a few issues about the vagueness of the election rules and the Municipal Act, which allow city politicians to be sued without reason, he was met with the smug and condescending smiles of the progressive Councillors. Adam Vaughan even made a stupid joke by handing him a $20 bill behind his back (for which he had to apologize reluctantly).

It is a sad state of the affairs and I am not sure if even Rob Ford is re-elected we could resolve the problems.

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