The Narcissism of George Smitherman

I promised to myself not to touch the story about the death of George Smitherman’s boyfriend, despite the many questions that need to be answered, yet none of them has been asked by the media. It is always sad when somebody that young decides to take his own life and in most cases such an event should be met with respectful silence.

However, when I read the coverage of Peloso’s memorial service, I changed my mind. It was not the fact that the event brought together some of the worst politicians in Ontario, comrades of Smitherman in the gradual destruction of our province, like Dalton McGuinty, Kathleen Wynne and Barbara Hall.

It was something in Smitherman’s speech, which brought out again his unpleasant and narcissistic personality. At a moment when everybody was supposed to be mourning, he said about Peloso:

“His legacy is a four-year-old who knows which guests should be greeted with ‘asalaam alaikum,’” Smitherman said, noting with self-deprecating irony, “My greatest legacy is helping to create Rob Ford.”

Is that so? His boyfriend would be remembered with instilling a fine feeling of dhimmitude in a young child. Maybe his logic was that if you are homosexual, being excessively nice to Muslims, they may let you off the hook. A very grim legacy, indeed.

What is worse, even at that moment, which was supposed to be sad, Smitherman didn’t miss the chance to take a jab at Rob Ford. Apparently, he is still mad that the voters didn’t appreciate his grandiose ability to waste public money and rejected him as a mayor. Also, Ford always acted graciously toward the failed candidate, but in the world of the narcissistic bully Smitherman that is a sign of weakness.

This shows that the royal homosexual “family” of Ontario has always been treated with kid gloves by the media. We never heard any details about Peloso’s condition and death. The media covered up everything. Rob Ford on the other hand has been hounded by them for years even on the most trivial issues. Imagine if (God forbid) a member of the Ford family disappears and is found dead. We will be pestered hourly with reports and speculations about what Ford knew, when he knew it, and how he was involved.

In the same article they also quote Barbara Hall. During the first disappearance she has been credited by the press as being a “full-time babysitter” of the two adopted children that Smitherman and Peloso had. She found a way to blame the society for Peloso’s mental illness:

“Christopher was proud of who he was and his family, but sometimes societal attitudes got in the way,” Hall said. “He was challenged by community services that seemed just for moms, or moms and dads, but not [for dads alone].

“In recent months, he talked often of the stigmas and fears about his condition,” Hall said. “As we gather and celebrate to say goodbye, let us accept the challenge to create a legacy for Christopher — a society without stigma and stereotypes.”


That’s rich – she claims that since the community services were not structured to Peloso’s liking, that had fatal consequences for his mind. Does she even know what she is talking about? The services are provided to everybody in need and I am sure that there are plenty of single fathers who use them.

Of course, the tirade is spoken only to push the agenda of her sinister organization, the Ontario Human Rights Inquisition, because Barbara’s dream is to create a society without stereotypes, where everybody should think in the same way. She is definitely good at that.

I have a question for Ms. Hall, which is important, but nobody in the media would ever ask it. Obviously, Peloso has been suffering for years from clinical depression. He even disappeared a few months ago, but was found alive although in a strange condition. Smitherman has been known to have his own problems at least in the past (self-admitted cocaine addiction).

So I am wondering: why has this dysfunctional couple been allowed to adopt two children? Could anybody seriously claim that the kids have been safe with the suicidal Peloso? Barbara Hall’s institution has ruined the lives of many people even over much smaller “transgressions.” Hasn’t she, as a babysitter, ever noticed that there is something abnormal about the environment those little kids were forced to live in?

We will never know – in Canada any issue concerning the dysfunctionality of a homosexual “family” is taboo that would never be touched by the media or the child-protection organizations.

In the brave new world created by McGuinty, Wynne, Hall and countless other cogwheels of the political correctness, the interests of an odd segment of the population would always trump the interests of the kids.

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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    makes you wonder, doesn’t it, when Christian parents get their kids taken away for alleged “abuse” (the occasional smack), yet mentally ill homosexuals can adopt kids without difficulty.

  2. Shirley says:

    For starters, what I’ve been noticing are the multitudes of gay men and women, who are now our law makers. People who live alternative lifestyles don’t have the same moral code of conduct as those who lead tradtional lifestyles. They tend to lean towards tolerance a little too much for my liking, and no matter where they work, you can expect problems. It’s why so many children continue to live homes which practice abuse, and why no one seems to suffer consequences for such abuse. It’s no different when an Ontario judge hands down a light sentence for a pedophile instead of the mandetory minimum. There are people out there trying to shift the publics mindset, by implying that sex with a young child or teenager is perfectly normal.

    The media doesn’t touch on opinions like mine, because of the vast majority of gay persons working FOR mainstream media. They consistantly push the illusion of how Canadians (Ontarians) care so much about the gay community (we don’t) that no one should utter a word. I don’t wish harm on the gay community, but I don’t want them making laws that force me to a lower standard of living, which condones abuse against children.

    I’m mortified there was no criminal investigation in what happened to Christopher. I believe its suspect that so little was said about his disappearance, or his death. George Smitherman made a comment to the media during Christophers disappearance. He said “Whoevers got him, please don’t hurt him.” It’s not the first time I’ve heard this statement made by family members with missing loved ones. So who exactly is “THEY”? I’m also peaved that there were no public statements made by Christopher after his disappearance. Why? What’s with the COVER UP?

    After the above quoted statments one has to wonder, was anyone (other than his Mom) in mourning over his loss?

    It must’ve been hell living with George Smitherman, to turn a beaming young man into a sad one.

    I feel your loss Christopher. It sits as a knot in my belly and it’s telling me, something is wrong here.

  3. The Lone Ranger says:

    Interesting isn’t it, when a homosexual man with mental issues gets kids thrown at him for “adoption,” yet heterosexual couples get turned down if one of them is a smoker?

    1. admiwrath says:

      The hypocrisy is outrageous.

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