The Toronto Police Vendetta Against Rob Ford Goes On

The Rob Ford saga continues with new “documents” released by the Toronto Police Services. The heavily redacted papers show records of the police surveillance conducted to implicate the Mayor in crime and features conversations among people, whose links with Ford are not clear. The vindictive Toronto scribes, who consider themselves journalists, are calling again for his lynching. Their choir is being joined by the spending city Councillors, who would be happy to spend huge chunks of our money on bike lanes and homosexual sports facilities.

I am sure that the Toronto Police is not controlled by idiots. Otherwise, the release of the talks of potential witnesses would jeopardize any court proceedings against possible criminal wrongdoings by the Mayor. It is not necessary to be a lawyer to figure that out. The truth is that all those recorded conversations are useless as evidence in court, but they are very useful for embarrassing Ford and getting him out of the way of the progressive social engineers, who know better how to spend our tax money.

The moral decay of the Toronto Police emits a stench comparable only with the stench of the Ontario Provincial Police’s racist policing in Caledonia. “Eye on a Crazy Planet” analyzes that new low in the actions of our police and media:

The real revelation in the latest release of reports of investigations and wiretaps surrounding the Rob Ford controversy is that there is no revelation. At least not about Rob Ford.

The “shocker” is supposed to be that some people talked on the phone about Ford having done heroin and that people discussed his attempting to buy the “crack video” which was at the centre of the media firestorm.

But these are reports not of anything Ford actually said but what some people have said about him.

There are even some Toronto City Councillors suggesting that Ford should face criminal charges. If your Councillor is among them, the big concern you should have is that your municipal representative is a moron.

Ford should be charged with what, exactly?

If there is actual evidence of his attempting to pervert the course of justice, then absolutely he should face criminal charges. But if there is any such evidence, there has been no indication of it so far.

Furthermore, most of the released information about Ford has nothing to do with a criminal investigation. It seems to be in the report for the sole purpose of smearing and humiliating him. That aspect, which seems designed chiefly to benefit Ford’s political enemies, is not, as far as I know, what police or judges are supposed to do as part of their paid duties.

You can read the rest here.

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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    What do we expect from a police force that participates in a parade attended by dozens of naked homosexuals ever year? It’s almost as if they are secretly hoping that George Smitherman will become mayor.

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