Toronto’s Walk with Israel – 2017 Edition


The annual Walk with Israel event took place on May 22. As it happens every year, it attracted many thousands of Jews and friends of Israel. People of all ages walked, with the oldest being an over 90-years old man who has participated for over 40 consecutive times.

Naturally, local politicians and members of the provincial and the federal parliament showed up, including the Consul General of Israel in Toronto. An as it happens every year, the anti-Israeli crowd from the Boycott-Divest-Sanction movement showed up, along with the fake rabbis from Neturei Karta who want to shut down Israel and hand its territory to the “Palestinian Authority”. They stood in strategic positions on the itinerary to cause maximum disruption. However, many people, including JDL-Canada didn’t hesitate to confront them.

Here are a few pics from the walk and a short video of the crazy rabbis.

The walking crowds:



Kathleen Wynne fishing for votes


Patrick Brown, distant cousin of Grumpy Cat

The BDS guys who want to destroy Israel by shutting down its economy:

toronto-walk-with-israel-2017-BDS-crowd-1toronto-walk-with-israel-2017-BDS-crowd-2toronto-walk-with-israel-2017-BDS-crowd-3The nutty kooks from Neturei Karta:

toronto-walk-with-israel-2017-Neturei-Karta-2toronto-walk-with-israel-2017-Neturei-Karta-1toronto-walk-with-israel-2017-Neturei-Karta-3toronto-walk-with-israel-2017-JDL-Canada-vs-Neturei-Karta-1toronto-walk-with-israel-2017-JDL-Canada-vs-Neturei-Karta-2© 2017

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