United Downtown Parasites against Rob Ford

Gay bar patrons, union fat cats, Idle No More idlers, unemployed artists, bicycle wacos, ordinary bums and everybody else, who could spare three hours in the middle of a workday, gathered last Wednesday on Nathan Phillips Square to demand the resignation of Mayor Rob Ford.

The heavily promoted display of the “people’s rage” managed to attract only a few hundred people, much fewer than the crowd that lined up the day before to buy the Ford bobble head toy.



The anti-Ford crowd shortly after noon

Many of the protesters had familiar faces. I had seen them before at countless demonstrations, occupations, clashes and other events where they had to display their social activism in a safe environment.

The only “celebrity” that I spotted at the rally was Warren Kinsella.



Warren Kinsella at the rally

In this post I collected a few pictures that I hope will show who those people are and what they stand for. You can also find on YouTube a short video from the event:

The speakers you see in the video were also odd people. One of them shared a “horror” story about his phone conversation with two actresses from Japan. They were shocked by the Ford affair and asked the speaker: “Is that what really happens in your city, really, really?!” The guy was sure that the crowd was dumb and would take at face value his stupid story. I can assure you that nobody in Japan gives a damn about Rob Ford or what happens in Toronto.

Another “occupy” type kept whining how Ford abandoned marginalized and “racialized” neighbourhoods and was a total homophobe. Maybe that’s why at any event with Rob Ford thousands of people from all races line up to shake his hand and take a picture with him. (Of course, the downtown losers never see that.)

A strange woman made the point that Toronto gets over $4 billion annually in tourist revenue. If Ford causes a drop in tourism, she said, that would cost the city tens of millions of dollars and he should be held responsible. Women like her maintain the stereotype of the dumb blonde. Thanks to the Ford controversy, Toronto has been longer in the world news than ever. If anything, the commotion would probably bring more people to our otherwise dull city.

Nowadays many progressives express their views through the collections of pins on their backpacks:


Here is a left wing pinko, who is not for sale and who for some unknown reason worships Ms. Atwood, the Wicked Witch of the Annex. However, the sign below tells very eloquently the whole story about the rally:


“We’re citizens, not taxpayers!”

You are damn right – you are not taxpayers. Taxes were a very distant issue to the participants, most of whom live on union salaries, government grants, and welfare cheques. They can’t comprehend that the working people may be pissed off when their money is wasted on cancelling gas plants; on government grants for talentless artists, who can’t sell even one of their “art works,” or for subsidizing gay parades, where naked perverts flaunt their bare penises in front of children.

The sophisticated crowd, which denounced everybody, who voted for Ford as a complete idiot, made their point in a lowbrow way:


These guys are raising the intellectual level of Toronto



“Roses are red. Gravy is brown. Thanks very much, you fucked up our town.”

Classy poetry!

They even brought a coffin to bury “Ford Nation,” decorated with a vampire photo of Rob Ford:




A few teachers even brought groups of children and carried anti-Ford signs. That was probably part of their “Social Justice” curriculum (a good distraction from the Homosexuality 101 class). I wonder if it is legal to use underage children in political rallies, but obviously for the perverts from the TDSB anything goes when they need to attack a conservative politician.



Kids against Rob Ford

The constant characters, part of Idle No More, the anti-Israeli movement and “anti-poverty” crowd were well represented.



The Grand Chief with the Six Nations flag


Now with a BDS guy


The Occupier


All together now…


Gay bar power


Andrea from Xtra

And of course, there were quite a few freaks at the event:



I hope his mom won’t spank him


Apes against Ford



The voodoo squad


You are surely more stupid than bobble heads


The bike asylum

At certain point the revolutionaries tried to storm city hall, but the police stopped them without incident. To avenge that, the crowd kept yelling hysterically, drumming and jumping for another hour.



Stopped at the gates


The standoff

It was just another of those events when you see the freaks who protest, it makes you think that the object of their rage deserves support, if such weird people are against him.

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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    I saw the CBC coverage on this. They kept the crazies off camera while interviewing what appeared to be “ordinary” citizens. They made certain too, that one “crazy Lady” supporter of Rob Ford was the only supporter of the mayor they showed.

    You can bet that if Rob Ford was an openly gay man, his sins would be forgiven., the media coverage would be minimal at best, and the same freaks, fairies and spongers would be unanimous in their support for him.

    1. admiwrath says:

      You are right. The attacks against Ford started during his campaign and never stopped. His supporters (from all races and ethnic backgrounds) saw through them and still support him, because despite his personal flaws he does much better job as a mayor than than the sophisticated thieves in Toronto. The media never figured out that people don’t care about what the gay bathhouses and subsidized art galleries consider outrageous.

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