The Peculiar Israeli Arabs of Jerusalem


Orthodox Jews enter the Muslim quarter on Sabbath


Although a Jewish state, Israel has been forced by the circumstances to be “multicultural”. The country has a sizable “Israeli Arab” minority and they have complete rights – they are full citizens of Israel and Arabic is even the second official language. That doesn’t make the situation any better, because with regard to their behaviour, the difference between the “Palestinians” in Gaza and Samaria and the “Israeli Arabs” is like between snakes that live in your back yard and snakes under the couch in your living room.

I want to start this instalment of my writings about Israel with the recent Gaza conflict. In addition to the hundreds of rockets shot out of that terrorist hub, a bus was blown up in Tel Aviv. That reminded everybody about the grim days of the early 2000’s. The terrorist act was actually done by an Israeli Arab – it looks like there are sleeping cells ready to strike. Despite all the rights and privileges those people have, they are more than willing to bite the hand that feeds them.

Solzhenitsyn’s novel One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich shows the horror of Stalin’s Gulag by describing a normal day in the life of an inmate, in which nothing substantial (from his point of view) happens. This article also covers an ordinary day among the Jerusalem Arabs – I wasn’t beaten, I didn’t witness terrorism, but the true nature of those people transpired in the way they acted that day. And I can confidently say that watching those Arabs in their everyday environment gives you much more information than a riot.

I visited the old Muslim Quarter in Jerusalem on a Saturday. That’s the Jewish Sabbath and in Israel’s capital, where people are more observant, almost every business operated by Jews is closed. The staff of our kosher hotel was replaced by Arabs overnight. The only taxis operating were the Arab ones with drivers, who were as cocky (because of their one day monopoly) as they were ignorant of the city’s streets.

The entrance to the Muslim Quarter is through the Damascus Gate. On the way you can see across the wall surrounding the city a Che Guevara store – first sign of the impossibly messed up Arab mind, which combines radical Islam with equally radical leftism (united in the name of Jew-hatred).


Che Guevara in Muslim Jerusalem


The gate entrance combines different realities – you can see Arab merchant women sitting on the pavement selling dried fruits and spices, and in the same area there are armed Israeli policemen. Due to bitter experiences in the past, more of them are sent to patrol the area on Saturday.


Damascus Gate


Many Jews, especially the orthodox ones, who don’t live that far, use the Damascus Gate to go to the Western Wall for their Sabbath prayer. They have to cross the Muslim Quarter, preferably in a group, because the Arab verbal abuse and fights are not uncommon. I didn’t witness a fight, but saw a few Orthodox Jews walking alone being taunted by Arabs.

Once you go inside, you see very old narrow lanes with little stores and cafes on both sides. It is obviously a place that has survived for many centuries. Yet the place is not very clean – there is garbage to be seen around.

The stores sell all kinds of religious and other junk, probably locally made, because the merchandise didn’t carry the proud “Made in China” stamp, except for the knock-off shoes and watches. There were also other provocative “artifacts” (more about them later).


Typical lane in Jerusalem’s Muslim quarter


A word about the Muslim merchants – if you are not a Muslim, you’re a fair mark to be deceived or cheated. There are no price tags, so when you ask about the price, you’re always quoted something outrageous and since in the West bargaining is a foreign concept, many tourists pay too much for a piece of junk.

That reminded me of my sad experiences in other Muslim countries, like my trip to Turkey in the 1990’s. In Istanbul I took a taxi and after we reached the place, I tried to pay. It was inflation time, so I handed the driver a 20,000,000 Turkish Lira bill. He said he didn’t have change but we could go to a store to break the bill. We made a few steps when the driver turned around, ran into the taxi, and quickly disappeared with my money. I was left to hold the bag (my bag that is) in disbelief. And don’t get me started on the street vendors of Johor Bahru in Malaysia where I went for a short trip when I visited Singapore.

Anyway, the interesting thing in Jerusalem is that you can see traditional Arabs – almost all women wear hijabs, although the full face covering is rare. Some older men wear the white or checkered cloth on their heads supported by big rings to achieve the charming Arafat look. Grease is popular with the younger Arabs, which gives them that nostalgic disco style. The mullet is stubbornly refusing to leave the heads of the Muslims in Jerusalem. It appeared that the head was the only part of the body they took care of, because the clothes they wore didn’t look or smell that clean.

The Orthodox Jews were not the only ones taunted by the Arabs. The tourists, especially the younger women were routinely scoffed at, booed and ridiculed by the Arab men and their bearded ladies.

As if that’s not enough, the tourists are constantly approached by Arabs, who offer scammy services, often with a mysterious whisper: “I can help you!” If it wasn’t for the hoarse Arab accent, that could’ve sounded like the desperate seductive call of a Thai hooker in Bangkok’s Soi Cowboy district.

One of those, a young man with permed hair and a dirty shirt collar, stopped us and offered to take us to a secret place from where we could oversee the Western Wall square. I carelessly silenced the voice of my negative experience with Muslims and followed him. He took us to a terrace, known to everybody , where we were about an hour before that. The whole walk took less than 2 minutes. I politely thanked him, but he asked: “Will you give me something for the job?”

I gave him a 20-shekel bill (about $6), then he made his best Palliwood victim face and said: “Give me something better!” Me: “What do you want for a 2-minute job?!” Then his expression slowly changed to rage and he made a step forward. I am sure under normal circumstances he would’ve helped himself to a larger bill from my wallet, but the fact that many people stood around us and that down the stairs there was a pair of armed to the teeth Israeli policemen, made him change his mind. He turned around and ran away like a little girl, cursing me in Arabic. Then I saw him with his buddies at a café near the end of the stairs (waiting for another victim), they all laughed and yelled at us in Arabic.

Another Arab leech from that “helping” crowd got us in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. In a whispering voice he said that he was a professional tour guide ready to show us everything for a small fee. I had absolutely no intention to pay that pest, but for the sake of fun told him that I would give him 20 shekels. He acted offended and said that was unreasonable. After some pressure, he revealed that a reasonable fee will be 500 shekels (about $135). Needless to say, we toured the church without him and we learned quite a lot from the countless Nigerian, Russian, and Armenian pilgrims visiting the church at the time, most of whom were very knowledgeable.


With the pilgrims in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre


The third time we were taken, was later that day when we tried to get to the Tomb of Mother of God (that’s Mary’s Tomb for non-Orthodox Christians). Looking at our map for the best route, we heard the ominous “I can help you!” coming from the mouth of an old Arab storekeeper. He said that we couldn’t go there from within the old city, because the gate (the Lion Gate) was closed on Saturday. We had to go back, exit through the Damascus Gate and walk around the old city’s wall. We did that and it took us over an hour to reach the Tomb (where we were pestered again by greedy Arabs). Then it was a real surprise to see that the Lion Gate was open – we went to the old city again, and it took us less than 10 minutes to go to the Damascus Gate. So the old Muslim scumbag just lied to us.

That illustrates very well the nature of Islam, where lies and deception are the normal way non-Muslims are treated. The Jerusalem Muslims even have their own “Center for Jerusalem Studies”, part of “Al-Quds University”. You can imagine what kinds of studies are conducted there, considering the fact that the Muslims oppose all archaeological research in the city (they know very well what the results would be). Below you can see the entrance sign, which includes the whole Jerusalem next to Saudi places.


The entrance of the Center for Jerusalem Studies of Al-Quds University


But the true hostility of those people toward Israel was revealed in the merchandise they were allowed to sell there.

Before I went to Israel, I was told that in the shops of the Muslim quarter they were selling photos and posters of Palestinian terrorists and suicide bombers. Naturally, that was the first thing I looked for, hoping to take pictures. In two stores I saw small pictures of scary looking Arab guys (the size of playing cards). Answering my question about them, the first owner said they were “Palestinian heroes” and nothing more.  The second one refused to answer. When I tried to take pictures the answer was “No pictures! No pictures!” yelled at me.

Although more “innocent” Pally propaganda junk was displayed outside of the most stores, the owners still didn’t like anybody photographing it. Of course, I managed to take pictures.

The unifying motif of all that junk was to ridicule Israel or show that it doesn’t exist. Boxes like those in the picture are common – notice how the whole country is called “Palestine” and the territory is covered completely with the PLO flag.


No place for Israel here


Just like in the West, the t-shirt appears to be a favourite tool to convey the Arab message. Of course the Jerusalem Arabs are still infatuated enough with the undying charm of their super terrorist Arafat and you can see his camel face everywhere.


Am I hot or not?


Barry Hussein Obama was also present, but it didn’t look like the “Israeli Arabs” held him in high regard.


Barry the Taliban


They didn’t miss Che Guevara either. The world’s best t-shirt salesman (as some call him) and inspiration to all Palestinian terrorists was prominently displayed. They even fantasized how he was endorsing “free Palestine”.


The father of all terrorists


The goal, in most cases, is to ridicule or demonize Israel and at the same time show that “Palestine” is the only reality there. It looks like they are laughing at the possibility of peace:


Peace in the Middle East?!


The defense wall, which has saved many Israeli lives, but is still the favourite prop of the Israeli apartheid crowd, has been used in the t-shirt “art” as well. Here the three wise men on their way to Jesus are stopped by it (I had no idea it existed back then):


It is more likely that the Arabs would blow them up


The same wall is featured on an invitation to visit “Palestine” (which of course includes everything in Israel), to make sure that we don’t miss the message, we see on the wall the silhouette of a little girl (presumably Arab) innocently playing with her balloons. Behind her an evil Jew, who for some reason looks like a Fiddler on the Roof character, is about to through at her either a bomb or a Molotov cocktail. (Then he’ll probably eat her.)


The evil Jew and the little Arab girl


Then we see a Google search for “Israel” to which Google suggests: “Did you mean: Palestine?” Must be “Google Hamas”…


Google Hamas

But of course, the call to free “Palestine” and eliminate Israel from the map was the most often used idea:


Free Palestine, get rid of Israel…



The same again…



And again, and again, and again…


It was interesting to see that persistent call to demolish Israel repeated time after time in the capital of the country. A country, which supposedly doesn’t allow any freedoms to the Muslims, let them express in the open hostilities that few other countries would tolerate…

When we returned to the hotel after that tiring day, I watched TV. On the Russian channel I saw an interview with a Jerusalem resident. Victor Chernovsky’s cars had been torched by his Arab neighbours. He caught that on video and they showed it.

It wasn’t an isolated incident, the same happened to him last year. And that’s just a part of the problem he and the other Jewish neighbours have. It is common that the Arab kids pelt them with rocks from the surrounding hills. (According to the leftard logic of the Westerners, nothing should be done, since they are just kids.) The Arabs also deliberately use powerful loudspeakers on their mosque to harass the Jewish neighbours. (And I experienced that myself in Jaffa while shopping at a Jewish store – the wailing coming from the nearby mosque resembled the last call of a dying Chihuahua). Late at night they also like to set off fireworks.

It all started when a few Arab families bought houses in the predominantly Jewish neighbourhood, their presence attracted even more Arabs from the neighbouring villages. Chernovsky complained that even though the police are there, they do very little to protect the residents, because they are either afraid or unwilling to go to the Arab villages.

So this was my day among the Muslims of Jerusalem. As I said, nothing extraordinary happened – I wasn’t shot at, robbed or mugged, but the whole experience left me with an uneasy feeling.

I couldn’t imagine spending any time among those savages, who have all the opportunities a developed country offers, yet they have chosen hatred as their modus operandi and excel only in finding more and more ways to sabotage Israel. They are oblivious to the fact that if they succeed, the new country will turn into the same shithole that most Muslim countries are now.

It’s not easy to live with savages…


© 2012

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  1. an Israeli says:


    I came across your blog by chance. I wanted to say that I’m an Israeli Jew living in west Jerusalem, and what you described about the Arabs in Jerusalem is true but it’s not the whole picture.
    In the last year or two, I think mainly because of the opening of Mamilla mall and the start of the light rail operation, the Arabs in Jerusalem started to come regularly to what were for decades the Jewish parts of Jerusalem – city center and west Jerusalem.
    And they ARE cocky, the harass girls and women, they litter the streets deliberately and generally walk around as if they’ve got anything to do with the Jewish part of the city, which of course they don’t.
    The Jewish part of Jerusalem is part of Zionist Israel and was built and developed by the tax money and hard work of the Jews in Israel.
    Jerusalem municipality has money mainly from the taxes paid by the Jews in the city (the Arabs usually don’t pay taxes) and from the Israeli government whose money comes mainly from the work of the Jews in Israel.
    By the way, many Arab women don’t even wear a head scarf. Many Arabs try to look Jewish or as if they are an integral part of the place when they come to the city center.
    They sit in Israeli coffee shops, enjoy the parks and all the other development that the Jews in Israel make possible while they themselves not only don’t make a contribution, but wherever they are they ruin things – ruin the environment, litter the streets, harass women, shout and make a lot of noise, cheat people (if they work as taxi drivers or shop keepers), drive recklessly and generally just bring their primitive, violent and barbaric mentality into our side of town.
    And the sad thing is that we – Israeli Jews, are helpless. We can’t prevent their young barbaric youth from sitting all day on benches in Mamilla or Jaffa street. I can’t prevent a group of Arab girls to sit next to me in Aroma coffee and enjoy the same croissant as I do and act as if they have the same right to enjoy themselves in the streets of Jewish Jerusalem even though they have nothing to do with Israel – they don’t serve in the army or national service like the Jews, they don’t recognize Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state, they never volunteer or contribute something from themselves to the country, like the Jewish population does. etc.
    It’s annoying because they have nothing to do with what Israel or west Jerusalem is, still they walk around as if it’s been their natural environment all their lives.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Thank you for your insight. It’s a pitty this information never reaches the media in the West.

      1. an Israeli says:

        You welcome… I’m sorry if my words came up as racist but it really bugs me and I think most Israeli Jews in Jerusalem who feel that the Arabs took over our part of town. Their part of town is off limit to Jews because it’s too dangerous. You’re likely to get stabbed if you’re a Jew and find yourself in an Arab neighborhood of Jerusalem.
        By the way, whereas it’s usually very easy for Israeli Jews to recognize an Arab man or woman (even without the Muslim head cover, and without them having to speak Arabic), I think that most tourists think that the Arabs who fill west Jerusalem are actually Jews from middle eastern origins.

      2. admiwrath says:

        You are not a racist – the Arabs are not a race. They simply have a culture that often make them act in an unpleasant way.

  2. Mark says:

    Very interesting. They are truly despicable. Thanks for posting.

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