The Soldiers of Israel


Israeli soldiers in old Jerusalem


As I am writing this, the tensions at the borders of Israel have increased. Over the last few days, more than 100 rockets had been launched from Gaza. Some of them wounded four soldiers, there are also reports about injured civilians. That all is the combined result of the “Arab Spring” sponsored by Barry Hussein Obama and the actions of the previous Israeli governments, which were duped into thinking that giving to the Arabs complete control over Gaza would result in peace.

Despite the recent turmoil, the last few years had been peaceful for Israel. Unfortunately, it was not because of the Arab “humanitarians” who are more than willing to continue their path of destruction. All the credit for the peace goes to the boys and girls from the Israeli Defense Forces and the police. They are getting better and better trained to identify dangerous people and situation and resolve the issues quickly and efficiently.



Policing Jerusalem…


IDF is one of the most vilified institutions in the world. If you listen to the mainstream media in the West, you’ll remain with the impression that the army consists of bloodthirsty sadists, who kill people for fun and attack the innocent Arabs for no reason.

Like most things in the Middle East, this one is also quite different from the picture painted by the lefty propaganda. First of all, I expected to see many soldiers all over Israel. However, this was not the case – other than the very noticeable presence in the old city of Jerusalem, there are not that many of them elsewhere.


Army girls in the Negev desert


Most of the soldiers are in the army because of the compulsory military service (three years for men and two for women), so the majority you see are very young. All of those that I met spoke English (to a different degree) and were quite polite and helpful.

Those who serve in the “hot spots”, like near the borders and in Judea and Samaria are more cautious and could be as rough as the ubiquitous armed security guards, whom you see everywhere in Israel.


On guard at a bus stop near Hebron



Anti-terrorism training in Samaria



Soldier on the street in front of the Tomb of the Patriarchs



A smiling army girl guards the entrance to the Tomb of the Patriarchs



Again the girls from Negev



Old Jerusalem again…


In a democracy like Israel, where so many parties compete for power and the government policies change quickly, IDF remains the rock, which guarantees the stability in the country. It looks like the political correctness still hasn’t affected the army and that situation allows them to operate in a way that makes them efficient. The burning questions that haunt the Canadian Army, like what type of dresses or skirts the military trannies should wear, still seem to be foreign to IDF.

Let’s hope they keep things the way they are now…


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