Justin Trudeau Dumps Eight Billion Tons of Excrement on Canada

There is something deeply symbolic in the first decision with far-reaching consequences made by the newly formed red dictatorship led by Canada’s most famous substitute drama teacher. I am not talking about the surrender to ISIS because the result will take time to be seen. The Liberal government of Justin Trudeau just allowed the Liberal mayor of Montreal to dump 8 billion litres of raw sewage into St. Lawrence River without consulting the local councils of the areas that will be affected.

The potheads and the cockeyed optimists, who voted that curiosity into the highest office, expected groovy and sunny times ahead guaranteed by an economy built straight from the heart that would replace the boring work and austerity promoted by Harper.

From hope and change to raw sewage

From hope and change to raw sewage

Instead, Trudeau dumped on the potheads and the rest of us 8 billion litres of shit. That could have been normal course of action in Bangladesh and China, where the government is not concerned about consequences, but I still think that Canada is part of the civilized world (though I am not so sure anymore and would be even less sure after Justin brings in his beloved 25,000 Syrian terrorists).

The CBC’s coverage is upbeat; they are sure that the Proton Man (as a Liberal Party’s epic poet calls him) will be capable of conquering the floating excrement:

“Montreal will perform frequent tests of the water before, during and after the seven-day sewage dump. The city will also monitor 156 industrial companies and implement measures to reduce their discharge. During the dump, there will be a cleaning crew that will be there the entire time. The measures will cost the city close to $2 million, said Coderre.”

It is impossible to even assume that such volume of garbage could be controlled and would not cause long-lasting negative consequences for the children in the area or the life in the river (if any of it still exists). The residents are urged to use less water:

“The city is also asking residents in affected areas to reduce their water consumption over the next week. Precautionary measures also include not flushing items such as cigarettes, condoms and medication.

Any activity that involves direct contact with water will be prohibited from in Montreal’s Southwest borough for nine days. The same restriction applies to the King Edward Quay sector for an undetermined amount of time.”

Imagine if Harper had approved something like that. The bold CBC genius Peter Mansbridge and his crew of misfits would keep throwing fire and brimstone at him from every possible media outlet. Soros will mobilize his Canadian eco-terrorists and Indian gangs to fight the disrespect for “Turtle Island.”

However, since CBC’s own village idiot is dumping the shit on his constituents, everything is fine and dandy. Is this Trudeau’s hope and change? Those who disagree with his wisdom are a simple nuisance that is ignored:

“A group of Quebec mayors held their own press conference Tuesday morning to express their dismay with the decision, saying the City of Montreal did not consult enough with other municipalities.

“It’s the best of the worst situations,” said Bécancour’s Jean-Guy Dubois.

The five mayors from Quebec regions asked that Ottawa appoint someone to oversee the St. Lawrence River. They also said their municipalities should be financially compensated if the sewage dump has negative consequences.”

During the election campaign Trudeau kept talking over and over again about how he was going to fight the dreaded global warming that would raise the global temperature by a degree in fifty years (or whatever phony number is promoted by the current global warming scammers-in-chief). In the end of November he will go to Paris with the drunk Elizabeth May to sign away Canada’s sovereignty to polluters like China and India or Muslim barbarians like Saudi Arabia, all in the name in the abstract carbon danger.

Yet he is willing to drown millions of people in raw sewage, which is a far worse danger than the global warming would ever be. We have never had before such a hypocritical creature in the Prime Minister’s office.

And this is just the beginning. Can you imagine what else he is capable of?

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  1. Vardit says:

    Onion like comment… Great write up about our SHITTY Prime Minister Turdeau.

    1. admiwrath says:

      We’ll see more shit dumping from him.

  2. Colleen McIntosh says:

    Thank you for expressing what Canadian’s are thinking, so very well. Am especially grateful that not ALL press and media has been “bought and paid for” by JT and liberal gang.

    That JT and his Minister of the Environment with no warning, no consults, no thought for everyone downstream, the animal and wildlife and the environment….literally and figuratively, just shat on US!

    OMG, really do miss our PM Harper!!!

    1. admiwrath says:

      Thank you.

      1. Colleen McIntosh says:

        Hello, your welcomed….btw, have shared out your blog to my entire group and asked them to show ya little Facebook love;)

        Am thrilled to see your Facebook likes have increased so dramatically!!!!

        Colleen 🙂

      2. admiwrath says:

        Thank you very much. We all must try get him out, because we will be suffering from his incompetence and evil.

  3. Leasa says:

    Wonderfully said.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Thank you. It is amazing that he started destroying the environment so early in his PM mandate. Suzuki never stopped his eco-lies about Harper. Where is he now?

  4. Barbara Cote says:

    They must get rid of him now! We don’t need anymore immigrants, especially illegal ones, in this country! How much dope is he smoking?

    1. admiwrath says:

      I am sure we will see plenty of stupid actions in his time, but the corrupt Canadian media and the idiots who elected Trudeau will keep him under their wings.

  5. Barbara Cote says:

    Furthermore, he should not allow excretement in the St. Lawrence River. Fish live in these waters! What the heck is he thinking? Oh, true its their beloved city, so he’s pleasing them at our cost! Get him out of parliament now!!!!!!!!

    1. admiwrath says:

      It will be soon a fish-free river.

  6. Jack says:

    Canadians should snatch him, take him to the dump site and force feed the SOB until his gut splits. Then, boot him into the water.

    1. admiwrath says:

      I won’t go that far, but kicking him out of office will be a good start. Years ago Mike Harris was chased over the negligence of the two dimwits in Walkerton. Now Trudeau’s government approves the poisoning of hundreds of thousands. I doubt it that the ass-licking losers called “journalists” in Canada would hold him accountable.

      1. Colleen McIntosh says:

        Hello,l exactly how could we kick out JT???? Know that the GG would have to be involved but do you know the specific mechanism that could be used to removed him from office??? Especially since he has a majority???

        Thanks for your input;)


      2. admiwrath says:

        Well, we just have to think of some constitutional ways. The Prime Minister of Canada has nearly dictatorial powers. Harper underused them and he got was scorn. Trudeau’s government used them as its first ecological act to poison its citizens with 8 million tons of shit. A great start.

  7. tmh says:

    Until Quebec and Ontario kick him out Canada, is stuck with him and like past Liberal governments the West will be screwed again.

  8. Greg Griffiths says:

    a) This is a municipal decision not a federal one so they can fix the system that is overtaxed and WAY past the time it should have, like say nine years of ignoring infrastructure problems so the Tories can look good come budget.

    b)After all the environmental laws scrapped by Harper you have to wait until say.. parliament is back in session first before you blame the PM in power.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Nice to hear from the Trudeau ass-kissing crowd. There is absolutely no justification for the decision of that ignorant loser in the PM office to poison millions of people. You should be ashamed for defending the slow murder of thousands of children by that dumb drama teacher. Are you going to jail me for defending the powerless?

  9. Bert sage says:

    Could be this is the excess the cbc ctv had accumulated to throw at conservatives in next parliment ..no sense storing it
    They need to make room for all the honey they need to pour on everything Jusus (their christ)..will be doing

  10. ross says:

    Is that you Steve? Weren’t you the one who un-protected Canada? (the country formerly know as Harperville)

    1. admiwrath says:

      Is that you Justin? You will be remembered forever that the first ecological decision of your government was to poison your own citizens with 8 million tons of raw sewage. Your regime managed to do something that even China and India have never done. Is that your goal? Poison your own people and bring thousands of unemployable Muslim freeloaders to replace them? Soon you will start jailing your opponents for telling the truth about your evil policies.

    2. m666 says:

      I’m often puzzled by such comments. We’re talking about Trudeau The Lispy (ahem) Prime Minster. Nothing to do with Harper here. Nothing.

  11. MISTERMAGOO says:

    so why the silience after 2 caught outside crowded bar and stopped by bouncers just b4 they could shoot up a crowded bar that close to another paris, but don’t worry be happy, what makes these goofballs think the same problems Germany is now having cant happen here. 55 gta seats for liberls 32 in atlantic Canada, this is a government for all of Canada the old man loved all of manleys criminals this clown likes terrorist, how long till Canada sees the error of October 19 2015

  12. Ginny Boots says:

    Keep on “talking” and “typing” because that really gets things done! Let’s not go out and do something, let’s just sit at our computers getting fat, complaining and letting life pass us by! Winners! Uh…no..

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