Meet “Dirty Justin” Trudeau, the Parliament Cop

First of all, I want to apologize profoundly to Clint Eastwood for appropriating his iconic character to describe the actions of an empty-headed guy who now occupies the office of the Prime Minister of Canada due to an inexplicable fluke of fate. Dirty Harry was a hero. He dispensed justice in a corrupt society, where the broken law enforcement failed to stop violent criminals. Dirty Justin is a hysterical kid, who tried to resolve an argument in the Canadian Parliament with actions suitable for a half-witted kindergarten bully.

You may already know what happened yesterday in the House of Commons, but let me explain it again to those who are still in the dark. Its members were still debating the controversial law about assisted suicide. The opposition wanted to introduce a few points in it to guarantee that incapacitated or confused people would not be tricked or coerced into ending their lives.

Of course, Trudeau and his Liberals wanted the law approved in its original form. And that made sense. Getting rid of useless old people at the hands of Dr. Mengele’s soulmates will help the government to redirect the funds they have diligently paid into throughout their lives to the semi-literate Muslim “refugees”, a highly-valued group that will be grateful and vote for the Liberal Party for life.

Questioning the nuisance points about saving human lives is not something that Trudeau’s party would approve of. A small group of MPs from different parties appeared to be arguing fiercely on the floor. Like in a Terminator movie, a command flashed in Trudeau’s little brain: “Talking too much! Engage!” Dirty Justin had no other choice but to deliver the overdue justice.

He rose from his chair and headed toward the dissenters with a determined walk. Dirty Justin silenced them quickly showing that no one should mess with him: “Get the fuck out of the way!” He took charge immediately by grabbing a Conservative MP by the arm (none other but the party whip Gord Brown). While dragging him away, Dirty Justin managed to elbow a female NDP in the chest.


The poor socialist was so shocked and distressed that she had to leave the chambers to recuperate and missed a vote. Last year his media lackeys praised Justin as one of the greatest feminists for staffing his government with 50% women, because “it was 2015”. This year feminist numero uno assaulted a woman in front of the nation. Was it because now is 2016?

You can see this in the videos below. There are too of them, just in case, because unflattering news about “progressive” politicians like Trudeau and Obama often disappear.

The confrontation that followed after the incident finally justified Thomas Mulcair’s nickname “Angry Tom”. The NDP leader was so furious about what Dirty Justin did that it seemed he was going to engage him in a fistfight. The realization that he has gone too far activated another flashing command in parliament cop’s brain: “Abort! Abort! Abort!” Few noticed in the commotion Stephen Harper standing far behind and laughing.

His mode quickly switched from Dirty Justin to his usual “empty-suit” persona. Shortly after everything ended, we were treated to another one of his “uuh-err-uh-ummm-aah” apologies, which was even more painful to watch. He repeated it again this morning.

As one could expect, the ass-kissing media and Justin’s online trolls started to create excuses for his obnoxious behaviour. They presented him again as a reasonable person caught in the heat of his passion for justice. They even tried to justify the assault on the Quebec NDP MP Ruth Ellen Brosseau, the woman he elbowed. In the feminazi world St. Justin is right even when he assaults women. Imagine if Stephen Harper had ever done something even remotely similar. Canada’s media maggots would drag him through the mud for years.

What Justin Trudeau did was an inexcusable assault against at least two people. According to the Canadian law, even unwanted touching could constitute assault. He went far beyond that when he grabbed Gord Brown by the arm and dragged him away against his will. And hitting somebody, as he did to Ruth Ellen Brosseau, is a textbook definition of an assault. If he did that in brawl with his buddies in a gay bar, he could’ve gone away with it. But here we saw him doing in the Federal Parliament of Canada.

Such brawls are common in the legislatures of countries like Taiwan, South Korea or Ukraine, but they never happened in Canada before. Remember? Canada is supposed to be that compassionate, nice, gullible and peaceful country, where we are supposed to love each other to death.

Now, thanks to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Canada has joined the ranks of countries where a few fists and elbows are considered a viable addition to the tools of parliamentary debate. Another dubious achievement that we owe to him…

We should probably blame it on that brat’s spoiled upbringing. Papa and Mama Trudeau taught him early on that little Justin can achieve anything he puts his mind to, especially if he adds to the mix his temper tantrums. Having such an immature person as a national leader is nothing to be proud of. Yesterday he manhandled members of the parliament, tomorrow it would be our turn.


© 2016

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  1. Roberta says:

    I enjoyed your take on this.I wasn’t quite sure how this whole chaotic scene began, although now people worldwide can see for themselves the smug little brat who is our leader.

  2. The Lone Ranger says:

    There will be a lot more outrages coming down the Liberal pipeline, believe me.

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