Why Manitoba Islamists Attacked the Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall

Will Justin Trudeau charge the Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall with spreading “Islamophobia”?

That’s not that far-fetched guess. Mr. Wall has brought on himself the ire of the Canadian Islamists, the main power base of the empty-headed Trudeau. After spending so much time speaking at conferences, sending congratulatory letters, attending secret meetings in mosques and praying there in his white Muslim pajamas, the Prime Minister owes a lot for receiving their support.

He started paying back by cancelling the appeal over the mockery of the citizenship ceremony by niqab-wearing fanatics. He refused to strip convicted Muslim terrorists from their Canadian citizenship and, most importantly, despite the resistance of most Canadians, he still works on bringing here over 25,000 unemployable Muslim freeloaders, many of whom are probably terrorists.

Last Friday a Toronto man was arrested for voicing publicly his opinion about the Muslim terrorist attacks in Paris (and he is still in jail while the person who assaulted him is free).

Now the puppet masters of Trudeau are aiming higher – Brad Wall became their target. Recently he wrote a letter to Trudeau expressing his concern for the safety of all Canadians. It was a total disgrace that he was the only premier to do so. The rest of them, led by Kathleen Wynne’s gang, are willing to get everybody who shows up at the door, even if the new Muslim crowd includes terrorists, murderers and child rapists, as the victims of the invaders in France, Germany, Sweden and other countries found out. Mr. Wall wanted Trudeau to slow down the process:

Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall sent Trudeau a letter Monday asking him to reconsider the federal government’s plan to take in 25,000 Syrian refugees by the end of 2015. “If even a small number of individuals who wish to do harm to our country are able to enter Canada as a result of a rushed refugee resettlement process, the results could be devastating,” Wall’s letter stated.

However, to the Canadian Islamists even that mild call for caution is too much. A prominent Muslim activist from Manitoba shot back at Mr. Wall:

Shahina Siddiqui, the leader of Islamic Social Services in Winnipeg, said immigration officials, the RCMP and Canada’s Security Intelligence Service are all involved in screening refugees interested in coming to Canada.

…Siddiqui said Wall’s letter is inciting hatred and giving people an invitation to spread hurtful and inaccurate messages about Muslims on social media.

“It’s unbelievable. When statements like this or letters like this come out from leadership it just gives a licence to people to vent and to say the kind of despicable things they are saying,” she said.

What is despicable is the total disregard for Canada by such Muslim fanatics. It is physically impossible to check the background and weed out the extremists and criminals from a crowd of 25,000 people in less than two months. Muslims know that but they don’t care about Canada – thousands of new extremists will speed up the Islamization of Canada and that’s what matters most to them. Even the fossils left from the corrupt Chretien government love the idea of bringing in those shady Muslims from Syria:

Lloyd Axworthy, who served as foreign affairs minister under prime minister Jean Chrétien and immigration minister under prime minister Pierre Trudeau, also came out against Wall’s letter.

“I don’t know why a premier would feel empowered to make that kind of request when he really doesn’t have the information, doesn’t really have the know-how … to be able to assess what are the threats and risks in the area of refugees,” Axworthy said Monday.

If you think that this is some kind of a sudden Muslim compassion syndrome, think again. Ignoring the catastrophic dangers of radical Islam is policy that is gradually pushed in Canada. In the times of Harper the upper levels of the government tried to fight the trend, but after the election loss the gates of Canada are wide open to every extremist.

Shahina Siddiqui is a well-known player in that process. Over a year ago somebody in the RCMP came up with the bright idea to reach out to the Muslim community and find ways to combat terrorism. So far so good, but the problem was that they didn’t collaborate with reform-minded Muslims like Tarek Fatah and Raheel Raza. They worked with two questionable organizations – Siddiqui’s Islamic Social Services Association and the National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM), which until couple of years ago was known as CAIR-Canada. The result was a booklet, which outlined the RCMP policies to fight terrorism: “United against Terrorism: a Collaborative Effort towards a Secure, Inclusive and Just Canada”.


united-against-terrorism-2Ms. Siddiqui was a major contributor, she even wrote the introduction to the booklet.

united-against-terrorism-3The high hopes for an “inclusive Canada” were quickly replaced by embarrassment, felt not by the Muslim collaborators, but by the clueless RCMP employees that approved the “handbook.” As we will see, the booklet promoted the same extremism that it was supposed to fight. (As usual, the mainstream media ignored the fiasco and it was covered only in blogs like Point de Bascule, Blazingcatfur, here, and a few other places.)

Ms. Siddiqui is quite vocal, but her organization is not that well-known. NCCM is a totally different matter. It started years ago as the Canadian office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).

CAIR as an organization has been alleged to have ties with Hamas and other terrorist organizations. In 2007 during the trial of the Holy Land foundation, which funnelled enormous sums of money to Muslim terrorists in the Middle East, CAIR was declared an unindicted co-conspirator. Quite a few of its leaders were convicted and are still in jail. The founder of CAIR-CAN Sheema Khan always maintained that the Canadian organization was a chapter of the American, as this affidavit shows:

cair-can affidavit sheema khanAfter the convictions in the USA, the Canadian branch tried its best to cover up its links with CAIR. Now Sheema Khan is a “respected” columnist for the Globe and Mail who uses her pen to advance Islamism. Eventually they changed the name to NCCM and with almost hysterical persistence tried to silence and sue everybody who dared to point out their shady past (that included even Harper’s government).

So these were the people that the RCMP summoned to build their anti-terrorist edifice. The results resembled the fable of Jesus in Matthew 7:24-27 where he explained how a man built his house on the rock. “And the rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew and beat on that house, but it did not fall, because it had been founded on the rock.” The foolish man built his house on the sand. “And the rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew and beat against that house, and it fell, and great was the fall of it.” The RCMP’s foundation was not sand but Islamist garbage that caused the self-destruction of the project.

What was the wisdom that the Islamists recommended to our law-enforcement elite?

On page 8, in the section “WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE A “MODERATE” MUSLIM?” they explain what Muslims are:

“The term “moderate Muslim” is an oxymoron. We never hear the term “moderate Christians” or “moderate Jews” or “moderate atheists.” Why is this adjective then attached so frequently to the word “Muslim”?

The term “moderate Muslim” implies that if one just identifies as Muslim that one is not a “moderate.” This term is meant to divide and classify Muslims based on Islamophobic jargon. A practising Muslim is by nature moderate and so one should avoid this redundancy.”

That’s exactly what the Turkish president Erdogan thinks – there is no moderate Islam; Islam is Islam. And I agree – you can expect the members of that supremacist cult to act in the same way. What saves us from extermination is that many of them are unable or unwilling to follow the Islamic dictums.

ISSA and NCCM think that there is nothing wrong with radicalization, as stated on page 9:


Radicalization is a more advanced form of extremism and can find itself manifesting in the political and social views. Radicalization, just like extremism, does not always necessarily translate into terrorism or other related forms of violence. Radicalism becomes problematic when it causes hatred and manifests itself through violence that can harm individuals or society. In the more common use of the term, radicalization implies the recruiting and brainwashing of individuals (especially youth) to take up such violent narratives.


Anyone can hold radical views or opinions on geo-political, economic, environmental, social or religious matters. The challenge is to distinguish them from calls for violence, believing and acting on these calls to violence either against individual civilians, groups or the state and its government. The call for violence includes promoting hate that may lead to violence and inciting violence and hate through the spoken or written word or through one’s actions.”

That lets off the hook all evil imams who preach extremist views. The blind sheikh and the armless UK imam were not able to commit acts of terrorism but inspired and instructed countless of their followers to become terrorists. And the RCMP had no problem with those ideas?! Things get even worse on page 10, where the authors justify jihad:


ABSOLUTELY NOT! Jihad is an Arabic term meaning striving, struggling and exertion in the path of good. Every day a Muslim struggles with his/her desires and does good and strives to be a better human being he/she is performing jihad. Prophet Muhammad told his companions as they went home after a battle: “We are returning from the lesser jihad [the battle] to the greater jihad,” the far more vital and crucial task of extinguishing transgression from one’s own society and one’s own heart. (Riyadh-us-Saliheen)

Jihad is not holy war either. Islam allows for Jihad in the form of a military action in self defense only. Even in self-defence, terrorism and violence against civilians, women, children, non combatant spiritual leaders and destruction of infrastructure, places of worship, poisoning of wells (food supplies) and burning of orchids is strictly prohibited. Generally Islamic tradition and law encourages peaceful resolution through negotiations over military combat.”

If the humourless Islam had any comedy awards, these two paragraphs deserve all of them. Saying that jihad is a military action in self defense only is the joke of the year. Everybody who has followed the horrific history of that bloodthirsty cult on several continents could refute that laughable statement. And under that definition, Tony Robbins, with his self-improvement movement, should be considered jihadist number one in the world. The creators of the booklet demand that we stop using such “Islamophobic” language (page 17):


• By equating terrorism with Jihad and by calling terrorist “jihadis,” the media, law enforcement, intelligence agencies and politicians have confused the discourse, and this has been counterproductive in challenging the extremist narrative in the minds of the young and vulnerable…

• Clear and accurate use of the Islamic lexicon, terminologies and concepts is the surest way to deconstruct the extremist violent narrative, and to de-program already radicalized youth.”

Then the authors openly call the Muslims to obstruct and sabotage police investigations by refusing to cooperate and covering up for suspicious friends and relatives (page 26):


1) Your cooperation with CSIS/RCMP is voluntary. You have no obligation to talk to CSIS/RCMP, even if you are not a citizen. Refusing to answer questions cannot be held against you, nor does it imply that you have something to hide…

3) You do not have to permit CSIS/RCMP representatives to enter your home or office. They must possess a search warrant in order to enter your property. If they say they have a warrant, ask to see it before allowing them to enter. Even if they have a warrant, you are under no obligation to answer questions.

4) You are not required to provide personal information about friends and family. You should feel free to tell the officer that you will not provide information about others without their consent.

5) Never lie to CSIS/RCMP. If you fear misunderstanding, it is better to refuse to answer questions. Lying to a law enforcement officer is a crime.”

Wait a minute, wasn’t that a handbook on how to combat terrorism in Canada? Those paragraphs sound like instructions on how to ensure that any terrorist preparation remains secret and is brought to completion. With such demands, it is not a big surprise that the Islamist authors demand a complete overhaul of the RCMP investigation methods. They must stop collecting intelligence or even name the enemy. They must also show more empathy to the nice radicals (until they start killing). Some of those unbelievable demands are summed up on page 34:


1. Do not conflate religiosity with radicalization or conflate religious devotion with a propensity to commit acts of violence.

2. Abandon public terminology that creates false linkages between Islam and terrorism in favor of consistent language that contextualizes threats and accurately identifies the perpetrators of violent extremism. Avoid terms such as “Islamist terrorism”, “Islamicism”, and “Islamic extremism” in favor of more accurate terms such as “Al Qaeda inspired extremism”.

3. Discontinue any inappropriate information gathering techniques including (but not limited to) showing up at workplaces, intimidating newcomers, questioning individuals religiosity and discouraging legal representation.

6. Do not refer to terrorist as” jihadis.” This only emboldens them and gives them a legitimate status in the eyes of the vulnerable. Terrorism is not jihad. Jihad is a noble concept in Islam.”

Since that piece of Muslim propagandist garbage was written, too many new Muslim terrorist organizations popped up and the term “Al Qaeda inspired extremism” sounds sooooo 2001. It became harder to classify the multitude of “noble jihadists.” And the most unbelievable part of the story was that the booklet was published before somebody in the government realized something was not right.

Publishing that extremist junk under the logo of the RCMP is unforgivable. I have great respect for people who take care of our safety, but those who allowed that were either Islamist agents who infiltrated the police or so utterly clueless that they were not qualified to work even as RCMP janitors.

We were lucky that in the Harper government there was somebody watching. Under Trudeau’s Islamist government the extremists are already in charge demanding that 25,000 more be added to their ranks. They are back and they are emboldened by Trudeau’s promises, that’s why Ms. Siddiqui attacked and slandered Brad Wall so viciously. The Islamist doormats at the CBC also joined the gang and started to blackmail him.

If they do that to Mr. Wall who is a high-level politician, can you imagine what they will do to the rest of us, the regular blokes who stubbornly refuse to submit to the charms of the Muslim barbarism? Eric Brazau was thrown in jail and nobody knows when he will be out. People like me probably have to expect the police to bang on our doors, just like in the communist countries or Nazi Germany. Nobody has the right to question the rainbow multiculturalism that Justin Trudeau is forcing on all of us (except the privileged Muslims). The vast experience of the new “refugees” in cutting heads, burning people alive and stoning, may turn to be useful, if he wants to use them as enforcers of his insane policies.

Canada is on the verge of events that have already sunk Europe in Muslim violence and terrorism. It started with the Jews, but as it always happens, it quickly reached the rest. And it is more than obvious that the federal government and the RCMP are not going to help us.

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  1. christine dorothy says:

    Excellent article. Please take time to read.

  2. SM ISAC says:

    Thanks for this excellent coverage. We, the public have the right/need to know what’s happening with Eric Brazau. Contact his lawyer Wayne Cunningham http://www.criminal-lawyers.ca/criminal-defence-lawyers/wayne-cunningham If more people can follow the case and publish the details, it helps to keep the police & justice systems from violating the law. (Was his arrest legitimate?)

  3. peggyjean says:

    Brad Wall is the only premier who has the brains and the cojones to tell it like it is. All the rest of them are useless as premiers.

  4. The Lone Ranger says:

    Admiwrath, Canada is doomed. Our new Minister of “Public Safety” and Emergency Preparedness, Ralph Goodale, waffled on about Canada’s open, tolerant, and welcoming society,” while plastic Frenchman, Stephan Dion, our new “Foreign Affairs” Minister, stated that global warming is the biggest threat we are facing in the 21st century.

    This is terrifying. Canada is about to receive 25,000 “Syrian” refugees, many of whom will have fake passports, many of whom will be terrorists, and most will never integrate or become in any way, positive contributors to society.

    Stephen Harper was right. Trudeau’s Canada will be all unicorns and rainbows – and terrorists. Lord, help us all!

    1. admiwrath says:

      I am afraid you are right.

  5. Rick says:

    I cannot go to the CBC for proper unbiased news coverage to find news like this article. And yet, the CBC gets BILLIONS in tax payer funding while a website like this gets nothing. To me the CBC’s censorship and biased as of late needs some push back.

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