Dhimmi Bloomberg Snubbed by Muslims

The media reported that a group of Muslim leaders refused to participate in the “interfaith breakfast” organized by the New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. They were protesting the increased surveillance of Muslims and mosques by the New York police. They even sent an open letter explaining their grievances:

“We believe with heartfelt conviction that during times when a community’s rights are being flagrantly violated its leaders cannot in good conscience appear at a public gathering with the government official who is ultimately responsible and smile for the cameras as if all is well, when we know full well that it is not.”

In a peculiar way I feel sorry for Dhimmi Bloomberg – after so many years invested in Muslim ass kissing, it must be hard to be snubbed with such open public contempt. The Mayor was the staunchest supporter of the Ground Zero mosque. He fully supported the two Muslim scammers, who came up with that scheme and fircely fought against everybody who dared criticize the “project”. He spent many hours in mosques listening to the sermons of dumb imams, who barely concealed their disgust that they have to let a Jew in their mosque.

And I don’t know how he felt sitting uncomfortably on the mosque’s floor and eating the stinky halal food.

It turned out all that wasn’t enough. They expect him to do much more. He is supposed to stop investigations against Muslims, because they feel offended. It doesn’t matter that the surveillance conducted by uniformed and undercover police officers has prevented  bombings and other acts of terrorism. All that matter are the delicate feelings of the Muslim bullies, who think they should be left to do whatever they want.

They also report that Bloomberg supported the police. Do you believe him? I don’t. Just like his lefty-spirited buddy Obama, Bloomberg will turn the things around in a way that would ensure that his beloved Muslims don’t feel offended, even if this costs American lives.

There is nothing new under the sun…


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  1. SM ISAC says:

    “In a peculiar way I feel sorry for Dhimmi Bloomberg” Well, I sure DON’T. “– after so many years invested in Muslim ass kissing, it must be hard to be snubbed with such open public contempt.” FULLY DESERVED.

    I should hope that this latest interaction might open his eyes to the REALITY. But of course that would be UNREALISTIC OPTIMISM on my part.

  2. Man with Hat says:

    Bring back Rudy. Better yet, stick him in the New Hampshire primaries.

  3. The Lone Ranger says:

    Bloomberg will find an excuse as to why the heat is suddenly on him. Like most secular Jews, he suffers from an unfortunate psychological condition called ‘Self Loathing’, which is characterized by hating oneself and kissing up to ones enemies (Muslims) who want to see you dead. A bit like “Queers for Palestine.” But there is no accounting for the mentally afflicted, is there?

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