Hitler Serves in the U.S. Army

Another Muslim terrorist was arrested earlier this week in the USA, luckily before he was able to execute his sinister plan.

Private Naser Jason Abdo was captured just when he was done preparing for a terrorist attack on Fort Hood. He was quite a character – he was serving at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, and he was absent from the base without permission since July 4. On top of that, he being investigated for child pornography found on his army computer.

I wish I could say that the vigilant US army apprehended the terrorist. When he was caught with bomb-making materials, in Killeen (Texas), just outside of Fort Hood, it was due entirely on the actions of a concerned citizen.

Abdo went to gun store to buy “six, one-pound canisters of smokeless powder, three boxes of shotgun shells and one magazine for a semi-automatic pistol”. The store owner, Greg Ebert, called the police right after Abdo left his store.

The police found all the ammunition in his motel room after he was arrested. He admitted that he was going to attack Fort Hood. The terrorist act was averted, but the situation raises more questions than it answers.

Abdo was best known nationally as a Muslim, who was a “conscientious objector” to Iraq and Afghanistan wars. His status as such was approved and revoked when the child pornography was found (the latter would probably help him in court – after all the founder of Islam married a six-year old girl).

His struggle to get that status was extensively and sympathetically covered on CNN.

After leaving his first court appearance in Waco, he shouted: “Abeer Qassim al-Janabi Iraq 2006; Nidal Hasan, Fort Hood, 2009.”

The name Al-Janabi refered to a 14-year-old Iraqi girl involved in one of the worst incidents in the war. In 2006 she was raped and then murdered by American soldiers. Several soldiers have been charged, tried and sentenced for that crime. I guess that was one of his excuses to attack Fort Hood. Just to put things in perspective, here  you can see an interview with a Pakistani Christian father whose 5-year old daughter was kidnapped, raped and mutilated by Muslims, who were never charged (Christians in Pakistan are second-class citizens).

The second name, Nidal Hasan is the military psychiatrist, who was more successful in his terrorist activities. In 2009 he killed 13 people and wounded 32 at a medical facility on Fort Hood. While killing all those army servicemen and servicewomen, he was shouting “Allahu Akbar”.

Incidentally, Obama’s administration went out of its way to cover up the Muslim terrorist background of Hasan. I am sure that they will do the same with Abdo.

So we have two Muslim fanatics, who were showing all the signs that they hate the USA on the basis of their barbaric cult, yet they were allowed to “serve”.

That brings us to the title of this article. The situation is so absurd that it reminds me a Monty Python sketch about Hitler living in a boarding house in England. You can see the video below, but if you don’t have time for it, here is the gist. Hitler, together with Himmler and Ribbentrop, lives in a boarding house among a group of ordinary English chaps. He “hides” under the name Mr. Hilter, but wears his complete swastika-decorated uniform.



As with most of Monty Python’s humour, the joke is based on the absurdity of the situation.

But when you compare the reality, which includes Hasan and Abdo serving in the US Army, with the sketch, there is nothing absurd.

Both Abdo and Hasan didn’t do anything to hide their fanatical Muslim views. Hasan used a business card, which identified him as a “soldier of Allah” (SoA), showing what was about to follow. Abdo got his objector status and yet nobody asked why he was in the army in the first place.




It was far beyond absurd. In such cases, people say that there was writing on the wall, but that was worse – it was like a huge neon billboard saying “Look at us! We’re terrorists and soon we’ll kill you all!” Yet everybody pretended that they didn’t see the sign.

Imagine that during World War II a Nazi SS officer shows up in the USA and declares his intention to enlist in the US Army. The lower-level commanders are sceptical, but President Roosevelt calls and demands that they accept him. Otherwise, the SS man’s feeling would be hurt and he may sue. Besides that, a rejection may offend Adolf Hitler. If that was a common practice, can you guess who would’ve ruled Europe today?

Yes, that sounds stupid, but that’s what the US Army has stooped to. Common sense had been blown away long time ago and the once mighty institution now resembles an “inner city” social service, which desperately tries to prove to itself that despicable criminals are making progress under its care.

Hasan and Abdo didn’t hide their views and intentions at all, yet Barry “The Closet Muslim” Obama and his merry crew of social engineers never allowed Hasan to be called terrorist. Abdo was also ignored. What is Obama’s agenda?

Do you remember the Russian spies during the Cold War? At least they tried to blend in. investigating and catching them was as complicated and exciting as a chess game. Hasan and Abdo acted like Pakistani Muslim street bullies and tht wasn’t enough of a warning to catch them.

Unfortunately, that’s not the priority now – Obama is trying to apologize to each and every savage in sight.

Even the Army is forced into that apology business, which never works (hint – those backward people will hate the USA no matter what).

One of the most disgusting and humiliating moments I have ever seen was to watch General Petraeus apologizing to the Afghani cavemen about Terry Jones’ burning of the Koran.

There’s no pride and dignity left… Can you imagine Eisenhower apologizing to Hitler if somebody destroyed Nazi literature? Muslims burn Bibles every day, yet none of them ever says he is sorry.

Is this the end of the US Army?

God save America…

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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    Those self-hating white liberals try so hard to cover up the obvious don’t they? Yet even they privately believe that political correctness and multiculturalism will be the end of them – and us if sanity is not restored to the West regarding the growing number of Islamic barbaric murderers in our midst.

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