Muslim Gargoyle Trains NASA Astronauts in Houston

CAIR is involved in another campaign to show that Muslims in the USA are “just like anybody else.” That Muslim organization pursues very diligently its goal to impose the odd Islamic culture and religion on the USA. They must be effective because they get millions of dollars in financing from some of the most horrible Muslim dictatorships like Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

The video below was aired by a local FOX station. It’s nice to know that the “investment” of a Saudi prince in Murdoch’s company is paying off. Among the Muslim enrichers featured in the news and presented by the fully wrapped representative of CAIR, we see a Muslim woman who supposedly trains astronauts at the NASA facilities in Houston, Texas.

CAIR-Texas Rep Interviewed About Promoting Positive View

The term “gargoyle” is hereby applied to her ridiculous outfit, which is totally out of place in a scientific centre like NASA. I prefer not to comment on her face.

How does she handle her duties? Is she touching the male astronauts? Is her male guardian always present during the training sessions to ensure that her modesty remains intact? Is she provided with a prayer room at the command centre? These are all questions every inquiring mind would ask, but they are not answered in CAIR’s presentation.

Shortly after Barry Hussein was elected, many of us saw an interview with the director of NASA, in which he shared a communication with the Great Leader. He stated that Obama wished to make a major priority for NASA their work to make Muslims feel better and more important. I guess the weird woman in the picture is a result of NASA’s descent into worshipping that medieval cult.

I suppose that CAIR had no problem forcing that gargoyle on NASA – they voluntarily took it in. In other cases, like with Disney and Abercrombie and Fitch, CAIR had to go through the inconvenience of threatening and suing those companies to force them to accept as their face some ridiculously dressed Muslima.

I suppose we must feel fortunate that the most violent religion in the world now has permanent presence in one of the most advanced scientific fields. On second thought, if the only thing NASA is supposed to do is make Muslims feel great, as per Mullah Obama’s guidance, science is no longer a priority or even needed in that institution.

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  1. Then Lone Ranger says:

    I wonder what other American organizations are being forced by Obama to recruit and fete these medieval cultural enrichers?

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