The Male Nurse and the All-American Muslims from Dearborn

Over a week ago I wrote a review of the first episode of the “exciting” new reality show All-American Muslim. Who could’ve thought that the reality would offer an even better script?

The news introduced us to the story of a non-Muslim male nurse, who worked at a clinic in Dearborn, America’s favourite Muslim ghetto, where all the characters of the show live. John Benitez Jr. worked at a tax-payer-funded clinic (note – it wasn’t private).

In the beginning he was ordered by a female supervisor not to treat Muslim women, because they were not supposed to be touched by men under any circumstances. John complied with the demand until November 2010, but, as it often happens, another boss, this time a doctor, told him to treat Muslim women just like any other patients. I suppose the clinic was cash-strapped and the staff had to work more (several months later the clinic was shut down due to the lack of funds).

John survived only one month following the new order – he was soon fired for disrespecting the religious beliefs of the Muslim patients.  Now he is suing the city for sex discrimination – since the clinic is gone, the  city should be on the hook for any money owed to him.

Isn’t this swell? The All-American Muslims have become so  American that they now control even the public hospitals. Don’t even think of  confronting them!

The creeping invasion of the barbaric Muslim cult continues  without meeting any resistance. How soon would it be before the Islamic demands  force other clinics to operate in the same way? How much more should the  taxpayers pay to ensure that there is always a sufficient number of male and  female medics? The welfare Muslims don’t care about that, for they are the new  masters whom the tax-paying kaffirs must serve.

If it’s any consolation to my American friends, the things in Canada are much worse. With our official policy of multiculturalism, which ensures that every savage, who shows up at the border is treated like a celebrity, our medical system is even worse.

Hospitals in Toronto have been working with imams to ensure that only personnel from the appropriate sex handle the bodies of the dead Muslims. Since the dead can’t complain, I haven’t heard of any cases of fired hospital employees.

Last year in the Kingston hospital (yes, the same Kingston where the quadruple “honour” killing took place) we witnessed one of the most appalling cases of accommodation of the Muslim barbarism. Two women, a Christian and a Muslim, were recovering in the same room after giving birth.

The Muslim woman complained that she can’t have non-Muslims in the same room when breastfeeding. To comply with the demands of our new masters, the hospital management came up with a brilliant solution – they moved the Christian woman (who was barely able to move after a C-section birth) to another room. But that’s not all – they CHARGED her for using a separate room, although they moved her there by force. In the end, the family was charged an extra $700 and refused to consider forgiving the charge.

So here we have it – stealing money from Canadians to make a psychotic Muslima happy. Don’t you think that it would make a great episode on the Little Mosque on the Prairie? They can even throw in a Muslim conversion in the end…

You never hear the “moderate” Muslims complain from cases like these. Why should they? Each one of them is a little step toward establishing complete domination over North America. And who cares about the opinions of the kaffirs anyway?


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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    Another great post Admiwrath! I’ve been advertising for employees recently. Out of 60 Resumes received, approximately 45 were from Muslims with unpronounceable names and even thicker accents. And a good third of these were from people called Muhammed. After carefully reading through each one, I gently gathered them together, carried them with great sensitivity to my back office, and placed them (carefully mind you), one after the other – into the shredder.

    My only regret is that immigration costs Canadian taxpayers $23 billion a year. Thats more than we spend on national defence. The truth is, Admirath, you and I come from civilized cultures that gave much to the world. Unlike the barbarian hordes that are now filling up our adopted nation.

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