The New York SION Conference through the Eyes of a Torontonian



(Note from On September 11, 2012, our friend Shalini Asha attended the SION coference in New York, organized by Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer. In this post she shares her observations and impressions from the event. )


I arrived at UN Millenium Plaza hotel in New York City at 2:30 p.m. on September 11, 2012. The SION event was organized by activist and author Pamela Geller and historian/author Robert Spencer. The entire room was packed and was standing room only. I was impressed at the peaceful, yet passionate crowd. The overall mood of the group was peaceful and yet urgently determined. We were, in total about 200 global freedom-fighters who are battling the Islamic jihad movement against freedom that is widening its powerful grip across Europe, Australia, India, the United States, the Middle East and the rest of the world. We are “soldiers” in the light brigade to create mini-armies to bring the light of truth to the sleeping masses. We are also to stand up to and call on the enemedia, Islamists, and their tools in academia, and other institutions.

Guest speakers from around the world came to share their firsthand experiences in confronting and combating attacks on their freedom of speech by the intolerance of Islamic propagandists and their organizations.  Pamela Geller passionately spoke to the audience about the “war to control words” going on in the name of Islam…and the Muslims are winning in a stealth jihad that is seducing many in the political arena and media.  All she had to do was point out the many security guards surrounding the room and entrance area…along with the high cost of paying for this necessary protection.

The conference was divided into four topics, the first three being the war in the U.S., the war in Australia and England, and the global battle against jihad.  The fourth, “Europe – Front Line of the Battle of Free Speech,” was covered by three people whose lives are under constant danger, each of whom must travel with security: Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks, Danish publisher and free speech advocate Lars Hedegaard, and Anders Gravers of “Stop Islamization of Europe” (SIOE).

I was lucky to sit in the second row center at a table beside surprise EDL guest speaker Tommy Robinson’s. I met Andrea Quinn, a happy New Yorker who sat beside me during the entire conference which lasted five hours (It ran one hour over). Andrea handed me a bunch of anti-CAIR and anti-Muslim Brotherhood stickers to hand out at our next Patriotic Society meetings for discussion and possible sign ideas.

I introduced myself to Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, Narain Kataria, a Hindu freedom fighter and mingled with the whole crowd in general. Besides Andrea Quinn, the other international contacts I mention below are from the SION agenda list of speakers and their resources-and I did not meet them personally.

Audience members were presented with a copy of a free-speech newspaper Dispatch International.

The speakers including New York State Senator  David Storobin (R), were passionate, informative and eloquent, especially George Igler of the UK’s Discourse Institute (discourse, and Mordechai Kedar from Israel.

Debbie Robinson (Q society, Australia) nd Nelly Braginsky (9/11 family member) spoke on free speech here and in Australia.

A Hindu speaker – Babu Suseelan and a Copt speaker-Ashraf Rameleh recounted the atrocities to their respective peoples and nations by Islamist savages, deaths in the millions upon millions.

Cliff Kincaid (Accuracy in Media) and Sharia-exposing pioneer, David Yerushalmi (American Law for American courts) spoke on threats of freedom of speech and its deliberate erosion by the Islamists and Sharia; Kevin Carroll (UK, English Defense League) recounted examples of lawsuits and violent Islamist demonstrations and jail terms for offending British muslims. Mr. Carroll dramatically held up two British newspapers with headlines showing “No Right To Wear A Cross At Work”. They refuse to leave their homes in spite of the fact that their country is now in the second stage of Islamic transformation.

Humor was brought in by Swedish Cartoonist Lars Vilks, who takes his death threats for drawing dogs with muslim contexts in a sardonic and almost affable way; he is surrounded by bodyguards around the clock. His slide-assisted talk was witty, and had us laughing. Tall and blond, he is a good spokesman for the reversal back to sanity in his country. I found Anders Gravers, partner in Europe with Spencer and Geller, and Danish Lars Hedegaard on free speech in Denmark eloquent also.

The event was solid, though it, lacked audience participation, a debate, Q&A or an action list. Robert Spencer looked us in the eye and said it was not enough for us to sit there at the conference we had to actually go out and do something for freedom.

Pamela Geller also looked us in the eye and said when we wake up in the morning, after rubbing the sleep from our eyes, we are to ask ourselves, what we can do for freedom. Boy was I motivated and inspired!I got the impression on the following strategies from the conference:

  • call on the media organizations
  • photograph them
  • always carry camera
  • never give in or apologize for offending muslims when we speak the truth – when do muslims apologize for jihad?
  • keep telling the truth-expose unholy alliance of Islamism and the left
  • expose and report on sneaky CAIR and Muslim Brotherhood fronts
  • be pro-active, not defensive
  • remain calm and be peaceful-keep the high ground

Those who want to learn more about the conference and its speakers can visit the links below, which provide detailed in-depth information:

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