Al Gore and the Microbes That Ate the Gulf Oil Spill

It was reported three days ago that most of the oil spilled in the Mexican Gulf after the BP disaster miraculously disappeared. Actually, it wasn’t a miracle. Everything happened for perfectly natural reasons.

For starters, there were over 4,000 ships that were involved in the skimming operations, trying to collect as much oil as possible. However, they were not the major contributors to the solution.

It turns out that probably over 40% of the oil has evaporated upon reaching the ocean’s surface, which was facilitated by the strong winds. Some of the oil has sunk, but at this point the scientists say that it may not drop to the bottom of the ocean.

The toilers who contributed most to the apparently impossible task were the tiny microbes that lived in the gulf waters. You see, their favorite food was oil and they have existed in the waters for thousands of years, because the natural oil spills have always been part of the ocean’s life. It is said that those microbes are much more active in the warm waters in the southern USA than in Alaska (where the Exxon spill occured).

Of course, the whole spill was a major disaster. There is no doubt about that. The company involved in that business should be held to the highest possible standards for safety.

However, the most mind bugging thing here is the opinion of the environmentalists. The whole spill was presented as a catastrophe of the apocalyptic proportions, which will destroy everything. To be honest, some of that came true, although not to the same extend.

So all this begs the question: were any scientists aware of the facts that a large part of the oil will evaporate and another large part would be eaten by microbes? If there were any, their opinions were never let to penetrate the official press.

All that we were served were the doomsday scenarios of Al “The Sex-Crazed Poodle” Gore’s cronies. Everything that can scare large masses of people is good in the new green propaganda. There is nothing new about that practice, it has been used forever.

The problem I have with that is that they hid some natural factors, which to a great extend helped to solve many problems of that disaster. There is no way that the environment scientist didn’t know about the oil-eating microbes. Yet they chose not to tell us about them.

So how reliable would their opinions be when we are talking about events, which are very difficult to prove or disprove? Like the global warming?

The things have got so ridiculous that if we have rising temperatures, that’s global warming. If the temperatures drop, that’s a global warming anomaly. They always win.

The public is always wrong, always insensitive for violating some imaginary environmental rules. Al Gore will gladly let you live like a cave man in a forest of electricity-producing windmills, while he is flying in private jets and buying multi-million dollar mansions, which leave larger carbon footprint than some small countries.

What a hypocrisy and arrogance: the whole scheme is based on the self-aggrandizing assumption of mankind that they have the real power to destroy earth. And probably the Al Gore environmentalists themselves don’t believe that, but they preach it anyway, because fear is always good for profits and control.

I doubt it that people would ever learn anything, if they refuse to think. I don’t know, maybe the great American Sage George Carlin can help you with that:

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