Brave New Freak Joins the Kardashian Zoo

Had the Kardashians been born about 150 years ago, they could’ve caught the attention of P.T. Barnum to get gainful employment at his three-ring circus or became freaky exhibits to be seen for a quarter at his American Museum. They would be a great addition to the wacky bunch of the Siamese Twins, General Tom Thumb and the various bearded ladies.


The notorious Kardashians before the fame

Today the times are different – while in the age of Barnum insanity and freakiness were curious elements of his sideshows, now insanity is everywhere and it has even become the new normal. Barnum would’ve never imagined that one day the Americans would elect and re-elect a mediocre Kenyan conman as their President. Or that a certain segment of the population would laud as a hero a big fat idiot, who robs a store, attacks a police officer and gets killed in the process.

In this reality nobody would be surprised that a whole family of run-of-the-mill airheads have become some of the most famous people in the crazy nation. Not because they did something remarkable or even worthwhile – it all started with a sex tape, in which the daughter Kim exposed her enormous ass and every other part of her anatomy. It was supposedly “stolen” but allegedly her mother Kris peddled the tape like an Arab pimp to every media she could think of.


“Sex tape Kim” with her soon-to-be step-mom

The trashy beginning gave birth to even trashier universe of reality shows, kitschy fashion lines, babies with odd names and all in-between. Even the signature Kardashian dish – Kloe’s “world-famous macaroni with cheese” – would fit better in a trailer park (but that could be said for the whole Kardashian clan). A few weeks ago, a whole country had to endure the presence of those dimwits, when the Kardashian sisters visited their ancestral home, Armenia.

Unfortunately, with all the competition from people, who are even weirder than the Kardashians (do you remember Honey Boo Boo?), it is very difficult to stay in the news. Decades ago Madonna had to do one or two crazy things per year to stay on top as the most notorious celebrity. Today the Kardashians (or their handlers) need to come up with a new stunt every week to stay ahead.

The latest attention-grabber involved the father of the family – Bruce Jenner. Though he apparently had the gender identity disorder for many years, he only recently decided to act on it and in his 60’s began his transformation into a woman.


Mama Bruce

Apparently, the declining notoriety of the Kardashian Empire was worth that sacrifice. For the last few months we have been assaulted several times a day with more and more news about his “brave” journey into womanhood. Journalists were wondering if he wore makeup or grew breasts or displayed the dressing style of a woman. In Obama’s America being a tranny is more prestigious than being a nuclear physicist. The mental illness truly rules.


The interview with Diane Sawyer

One of the worst parts of that tranny propaganda was the upcoming “tell-all” interview of Diane Sawyer with Bruce Jenner. We were expected to get excited by tiny “leaked” segments. Finally, yesterday the day came – she sat with the new tranny. As usual, she was surrounded by special lights, supposed to make her glow and emphasize her wide-open eyes and smile, expressing her “genuine” interest in her subject. Jenner went on and on about his “journey” while she was listening with fake fascination.

Sawyer’s producers even brought quack-scientists to explain to the unwashed masses how many genders exist; how standard “transgenderism” is, especially when somebody feels he is in the wrong body – he is not crazy, mismatching gender identity and body is absolutely normal. It was pathetic to watch those shysters, ready to lie just to be able to control even more our society with their ridiculous experiments in social engineering. Compared to them, Dr. Mengele was a clumsy amateur.

Jenner even admitted that he is Republican. I guess that confession is expected to stifle the criticism of sex perversion in the conservative circles and maybe even pave the way for the first tranny President of the United States.

Diane Sawyer kept pushing Jenner to show up dressed like a woman to get an idea of his “transition.” The tranny gods had mercy on us and prevented him from accepting the offer, thus sparing us the visual torture of seeing a big guy in a dress (Caucasian and black men make the ugliest trannies).

Maybe that didn’t happen by accident – the dress, high heels and stockings episode will come later, after another dent in the Kardashian popularity. And we will be tortured for weeks with the media preparations of that crazy spectacle.

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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    I saw part of this tragic interview. The man is truly ill. it is sad that at the age of 65, he wants to become a surgically altered man living under the disguise of womanhood. I would not be surprised if Obama gives him the Freedom Medal!

    1. admiwrath says:

      It looks like that mental condition is incurable.

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