Brett Kimberlin – Barbra Streisand’s Favorite Terrorist


It’s not easy to be a conservative blogger in North America. You have to put up with the obnoxious mass media, which are under a predominantly leftist control. You also have to suffer confrontations with the weird leftists themselves, who are more than willing to express their hatred for you in the open.

Whatever you say about those problems, they still fall under the realm of free speech and are a part of the healthy discussions that move our society forward.

However, from time to time we encounter such outrageous people and situations that you keep wondering if we live in some emerging communist tyranny. The experience is usually traumatic and difficult to go through.

That’s exactly what the conservative bloggers Aaron Worthing and Robert Stacy McCain (from Maryland) and Patrick Frey who runs Patterico’s Pontifications (from California) have been through for almost a year.

The person who put them through the ordeal was Brett Kimberlin, a convicted terrorist, drug dealer and generally a very unpleasant human being. He went against the bloggers, because they published information about his criminal past.

In the 1970’s he was a small-time drug dealer in Indiana. After suspicions of involvement in the murder of an elderly women (for which the authorities could not collect enough evidence), Kimberlin exploded eight bombs in the town of Speedway (Indiana).

Nobody was killed immediately, but one of the explosions maimed badly a Vietnam War veteran, blowing off his leg. As a result of his suffering, the man eventually committed suicide. This time it wasn’t difficult to link that low-life creature to the terrorist act.

Kimberlin was convicted and sentenced to 50 years of prison. Of course, he didn’t serve the whole sentence and was out in the early 2000’s.

After he left prison he decided to start another racket by becoming a progressive activist. He founded a group named Velvet Revolution, which quickly established itself as a darling of the high-income leftists. As a typical conman, Kimberlin dealt with his opponents by harassing them. He was very inventive and his tools included filing false charges in courts that needed costly and time-consuming process to be resolved.

In the case of Worthing and McCain, he disrupted their workplaces, threatening the employers (and even managed to fire one of them). He treated Frey even worse, by falsely reporting murder on 911, which brought the SWAT team to his house and the whole family was traumatized and humiliated.

As bad as those tactics are, one should not forget that you can’t expect anything else from somebody who hasn’t done a day of honest work in his life.

The much more disturbing thing is that the terrorist’s organization is getting generous donations from numerous leftist foundations. His scammy groups, established since his release from prison, have received more than $1.5 million in grant support. Kimberlin counts among his most generous donors the Tides Foundation, Streisand Foundation and Heinz Foundation.

American Thinker has recovered the exact numbers of the donations:


Farview Foundation ………………………………. $9,000


Tides Foundation …………………………………. $60,000
Fidelity Investments Charitable Gift ……… $45,000
HKH Foundation ……………………………….. $20,000
Heinz Family Foundation ……………………. $20,000
Olive Branch Foundation ……………………. $15,000
Farview Foundation …………………………… $10,000
Barbra Streisand Foundation …………………$5,000


Fidelity Investments Charitable Gift ……… $19,000


Threshold Foundation ………………………. $20,000
Tides Foundation ……………………………… $10,000
Nathan Cummings Foundation …………… $10,000
Fidelity Investments Charitable Gift ……… $20,000
Fred Gellert Family Foundation ……………. $5,000
Silicon Valley Community Foundation ….. $5,000
Barbra Streisand Foundation ……………….. $5,000


Schwab Charitable Fund ………………………. $10,000
Silicon Valley Community Foundation …. $10,000
Fidelity Investments Charitable Gift ……… $6,000

TOTAL (2005-2009) …………………………….$304,000

It’s no wonder that you find here the long arm of Soros, through his Tides Foundation. The man, who has built his fortune by causing misery with his currency speculation, has never found a sinister cause he doesn’t like. From that point of view, Soros and Kimberlin are a natural match.

Barbra Streisand might not be that evil, but she is the type of a useful idiot, who by the nature of her natural stupidity can be easily talked into supporting any murderous cause, if it’s coated with a revolutionary cover.

An interesting tidbit of information about those donations came today from Breitbart. The staff contacted some of the donors and they acted surprised stating that they never knew their money was going to Kimberlin.

What else did you expect? For the lefties lies and deceptions are a natural way of life.

This is not just about Kimberlin and his unfortunate victims. The whole case is a symptom of the corruption that runs deeply in the social structure of the United States. From the Muslim-in-Chief Barry Obama, who still can’t decide where he was born, through his trusty sidekick Eric Holder, who can’t find “courage” to deal with the racist criminals from the “New Black Panthers” party, to the lowest stinky “Occupy Wall Street” hippy, they all think that they should impose their delusions on everybody.

How much longer could we wait? Let’s start exposing and removing that scum one piece at a time, starting with Kimberlin…


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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    Watching that video reminds me of my own current dilemma. I am currently being sued by a former employee of my company, a convicted felon from Miami, Florida, for $230,000.

    Let me explain (no names are mentioned as we are still in court). This individual, an American, arrived in Canada in 2003 on an open work permit. He meets and marries a young woman from the Philippines here, who is a permanent resident. They have a child together, thus solidifying his residency in Canada He works for a couple of big companies, but doesn’t stay long. He comes to us in 2009 an an applicant for a managerial position. He was hired and, from the get go, does a good job. Eventually he is doing so well, and doing so much work, he earns several raises, bonuses, a couple of company loans, and an airliner ticket to Florida to visit family.

    However, my plans to move the company forward by hiring new managers (for sales & operations) is met with resistance from Miami Joe (my nickname for him). I explained that for the company to move forward, we need to acquire new clients and expand our managerial staff to handle the expansion. To this end, I am hiring a sales manager and an operations manager. Miami Joe can oversee the running of the company and focus on client relations. He objects further to the point that he becomes a hindrance, not an asset.

    As there is no way around this without creating a poisoned atmosphere in the office between Miami Joe and new managers, I take the decision to let him go. We called in a Labour Standards consultant, explain the situation, then decide to terminate Miami Joe as fairly as possible. He leaves the termination meeting halfway through, changes the password on the computer in his office, then walks out. When he arrives home, he emails my best clients providing his cell phone number should they “have any questions.”

    Now that he is gone, I immediately call in someone to conduct a full forensic audit on the company. While this is going on, complaints are coming in from several employees about Miami Joe. He borrowed hundreds of dollars from employees and used threats & intimidation to get them to cover extra shifts (why the +@#%$& they didn’t tell me, I’ll never know). He was also was observed gambling at night in a local casino (when he was supposed to have been checking our patrol routes), and worse still, he ghost billed a major client for work that was never done – to the tune of thousands of dollars. Before he could use this against us, I immediately contacted the client and explained the billing “errors,” and arranged to pay them back.


    Miami Joe’s wife shows up and hits us with a civil court claim on behalf of her husband for $50,0000. Shortly after, we find that Miami Joe had been stealing from us- but in a very subtle way, to about $25,000. Proving it was much harder, and in spite of the local police investigation, they didn’t have quite enough evidence to lay charges.Shortly after, Miami Joe’s wife shows up at our office again with another civil court affidavit. This time for $90,000. She becomes verbally and physically aggressive throws it at my operations manager. After he asks her to leave the office several times, she refuses. He places his hand on her elbow to lead her to the door. She then leaves. Ten minutes later I receive a phone call from Miami Joe informing me that he has complained to the police about an “assault” on his wife by a member of my staff. They are apparently on their way to my office to make an arrest. The police showed up at my employees home. he explains everything and tells them that everything is on camera at the office. The police come to the office, review the camera footage (we have cameras in the common area of our office, as well as the entrance and parking area where our company vehicles are parked). The police are satisfied that no assault was evident and drop the matter.


    Miami Joe hires a lawyer and sues us for $90,000. He has company documentation (which he mentioned in one of his emails to me) that he refuses to return to us. Further he also lodges a claim against us via Labour Standards. They later dismiss his claim as he cannot “double dip” via them AND the courts. After this, Miami Joe ups his claim to $125,0000. A month later it is increased to $175,000.

    Three months later, Miami Joe starts a rival company under his wife (using a very similar name to my own business) and vigorously pursues our best clients, in spite of the fact that he is in direct violation of the Confidentiality Agreement he signed with us. We hire a top lawyer and begin to push back. During a “discovery” meeting involving a court stenographer, Miami Joe lies through his teeth about having “no involvement” in his wife’s new company. We have a lot of evidence to prove that he is the driving force behind it. After six months, five out of seven Miami Joe’s clients were formerly my clients, and 10-12 of his employees were my employees.

    (Backtrack): I traveled to the Philippines via an agency in August 2008 to hire 30 police officers to work here for my company. Miami Joe used his wife’s influence to snatch a few over to their side (as of late, about half are regretting the move).

    We go to court for a hearing, in which I attempt to stop Miami Joe from soliciting my clients and poaching my employees. His lawyers lies to the judge, claiming that Miami Joe only has four of my former employees and three of my former clients. We attempted to stop him before, but the court hearing to apply for the injunction was the last resort. It’s the end of the year for court, the judge wanted to go home, and dismissed our application. Miami Joe looks elated.


    Now thoroughly suspicious, I decide to dig deeper and hire a Private investigation agency in Florida to look into Miami Joe. Here is what they found.

    THIRTY ONE (31) civil court cases from 1987 to 2007, involving Miami Joe against either individuals or corporations (and others against him). Three of those cases are in Canada, which is why he changed address four time within an 18 month period here in Calgary.

    FOUR (4) serious criminal convictions for theft, grand theft, prostitution and breaking parole. From 1986 to 1999. Two more serious criminal investigations resulted in charges being dismissed for lack of evidence. However, we also discovered that Miami Joe uses two different variations of his name and date of birth to avoid attracting too much interest from the authorities on both sides of the border.

    I hand over the bulging file to the Canada Border Services Agency, Criminal Investigation Division. They begin an investigation.


    The CBSA email me. Get this – if the criminal convictions are over ten years old, they can’t do anything about it. So a convicted felon from Miami, Florida, with a history of serious criminal offences, including a long history of suing people & corporations (including evading paying monies he owes them), can come to Canada, marry a Permanent resident and is now trying to (A) take away the clients of a Calgary company and (B) sue that company for a ridiculous amount of money, knowing full well that if he succeeds in both, he will put us out of business.

    The case is still before the courts.

    If you pray – then say one for me.

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