FBI Meets the Arkansas Mafia: The Case Against Hillary Clinton

We are nearing the end of the 2016 US Presidential campaign. Its length was the same as any other before it, but this one felt much longer and frustrating. The passions awakened by the ups and downs in candidates’ confrontations set in motion forces that we don’t usually see in presidential campaigns, including armies of trolls and just opinionated people, powerful hackers and even the FBI. We learned about Hillary Clinton and her entourage things that we should have known years ago.


Hillary’s ongoing troubles with the FBI reminded me of my own experiences. In the summer of 2015, I received a phone call from my domain registrar, Enom, notifying me that my personal registration information has been subpoenaed for an FBI investigation. The call was genuine. I should explain here that after registering a domain, the contact information of the owner (name, address, phone, etc.) must be publicly available.  For a fee, the registrars offer private registration that lists their contact information but by law they are required to provide domain owner’s information when requested by courts or law enforcement agencies. I have private registration only for the domain of the site where you are reading this article (blogwrath.com). Since site’s topics revolve around fighting anti-Semitism and exposing Muslim and leftist extremism, you can imagine that I receive regularly hate mail, including death threats. A few months ago, I was “honored” by a death threat that came directly from the offices of Press TV in Tehran. The last thing I want to see a Muslim savage or a deranged lefty with a baseball bat or worse, knocking on my door.

So, the FBI found it necessary to get my information. If the domain was publicly registered, I would have never known about the investigation. The caller assured me that didn’t mean I was a suspected criminal. It was “comforting” to hear from him that the RCMP has received the same information, especially when I knew that the RCMP division in Manitoba published, with the help of two shady Muslim organizations, an “anti-terrorist” booklet, which claimed that Muslim radicalization was not a big problem, if it was kept within the radicalized mind, and that the terrorist pillar of Islam – jihad – was a noble concept.

In a way, it was flattering that my infrequently updated website received such an attention and, at the same time, it was sad that people trying to tell the truth about the forces working for the destruction of our society are scrutinized and followed in the supposedly free North America. It felt almost nostalgic to recall the same experience with the local KGB in my communist homeland years ago.

The caller also said that I could get details, if I hire a lawyer to make an official inquiry. I didn’t do that.

I recalled that phone call time after time when the FBI investigation of Hillary Clinton’s private server began in early 2016.  It made me observe more carefully the methods of the FBI. At the beginning, they demanded that Hillary turn over all e-mails from the server. Only later did we learn that after being subpoenaed, Clinton’s staff used their time to delete whatever they didn’t want us to see, while telling the world that most of those messages were about yoga routines, Chelsea Clinton’s wedding and other insignificant issues.

It turned out that many of the e-mails, collected from other sources, were classified. The State Department, acting for the Clintons, tried to bribe the FBI into reclassifying the messages to avoid prosecution. The FBI refused and continued the investigation, but in an odd way. Many people pleaded the fifth and key witnesses were granted immunity without providing anything in return. The FBI allowed some of them to destroy their devices, like laptops and phones.

Next came the “accidental” meeting on a tarmac between Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton, who supposedly talked about their “grand kids”. A new miracle happened a few days later; despite the evidence, the FBI Director James Comey announced that no crime was committed with the server and the classified e-mails, which contradicted to cases with other people sent to jail for lesser violations.

Then Comey was grilled during a congress testimony and confirmed that Hillary Clinton lied in multiple media interviews. Still no charges.

Surprisingly, about a week ago, the FBI reopened the investigation. About 650,000 e-mails were found on a computer owned by the perverted husband of Hillary’s assistant Huma Abedin, who was being investigated for possible pedophilia. Yesterday, Comey exonerated Hillary again – his people didn’t find anything illegal in the e-mails on Anthony Weiner’s computer. Interestingly, it took the FBI only about a week to investigate 650,000 e-mails, as opposed to the many months needed to go through the 30,000 previously known e-mails. The Clinton Mafia probably made him an offer he couldn’t refuse (after all, according to Wikipedia, he has five children). The system is completely corrupt.

The 650,000 e-mails on Wiener’s computer were probably their life insurance in case the Clintons turned against them. Th folder containing the messages was called “Life Insurance”. The Clintons worked over 40 years to build that criminal organization, which includes many people that work for them. The Clinton Foundation was the machine that collected the money in exchange for favors.

Upon leaving the White House in 2000, the Clintons were dead broke, as they admitted. In a few short years, they became multi-millionaires, worth about $150 million. Billions of dollars coming from all over the world, including terrorist states like Saudi Arabia and Qatar, flow into the foundation, providing a significant cut to the Arkansas Mafia family. When Hillary was Secretary of State, the family sold influence by charging $150,000 to $400,000 for phony speeches. Some of their closest friends, like Cheryl Mills and Huma Abedin, worked both for the State Department and the foundation. That’s why they needed a secret private server.

Edgar Hoover, the founder of the FBI, is often attacked by historians for dirty methods in fighting crime. He also collected documents to blackmail his opponents, if needed. But he never imagined that his organization will hit such a low bottom. Under Comey, the FBI is no different than a police station in a small town, paid by the local drug cartel to stay away from their business. (Of course, I don’t discard the option that there are probably a few honest agents, but their silence is deafening.)

Americans pride themselves in establishing the clever structure of their government. The Founding Fathers have designed a system, which creates gridlocks when different branches of power clash, thus preventing dictatorship. In Canada, on the other hand, if a party has an absolute parliamentary majority, the Prime Minister has near dictatorial powers. And that becomes a real problem, if a village idiot like Justin Trudeau occupies that position.

That was a good idea in 1770’s, but the creators of the Constitution made one wrong assumption – that most people are honest and they will elect other honest people in the government. Besides, the government at the time didn’t play the same role. Other than keeping order, there was not much of interference and people ran themselves their personal affairs and businesses.

There were aberrations, like for example in 1960 when the old bootlegger Joe Kennedy used his shady ties with the Mafia and the labor unions to snatch the election victory from Richard Nixon and make his son John a US President. Over e decade later, Nixon himself was caught red-handed during the Watergate break-in, but all that was just the beginning.

The founding fathers never anticipated that one day the government will control almost every aspect of people’s lives. That the Supreme Court will find in the Constitution the imaginary right of men to marry each other. That an enormous number of people will depend on government salaries or handouts for their living and over 94 million will be out of the work force. For such people, it doesn’t matter whether politicians are honest, if they provide free money.

There are no more gridlocks when most of the branches are controlled by the Clinton Mafia – FBI, State Department, Department of Justice, Congress and even Border Security that keeps the borders open to ensure a constant flow of illegal voters. Even President Obama encourages the illegals… pardon me, the “dreamers”, to vote.

Clinton family’s path to power is littered with dead bodies, rape victims and wrecked lives. They lie, cheat and steal, and that’s the only way of life those grifters know. They even fabricated the story of ‘Katie Johnson’ who filed a lawsuit against Donald Trump for “raping” her when she was 13. That allegedly happened on the infamous “rape island” maintained by the pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, a good friend of the rapist Bill Clinton. The liars had to drop the false lawsuit. It turned out the whole thing was made up by the Arkansas Mafia.

And the most disturbing part is that the Clinton criminal enterprise is fully supported and financed by large banks, international corporations and the entire media machine.

Regardless of what you think about Donald Trump, we should thank him for standing up against the Clinton Mafia and the crooked political system that allows such human refuse to fly so high. In that system, the rights of the ordinary working people come far behind the rights of sex perverts or alien invaders.

Trump may or may not win, but if he wins, there is at least a chance that the country may improve. With a Clinton win, it will turn into a Mafia fiefdom reserved as a playing field of international corporations and foreign invaders.

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