Is Elizabeth Smart’s Father Guilty?

On December 10 Brian Mitchell, the despicable psychopath who kidnapped and sexually abused the 14-year old Elizabeth Smart for nearly a year, was convicted on all charges.


Brian David Mitchell, Elizabeth Smart's kidnapper, was convicted

 I remember very well how everybody was cheering when they found her alive. According to the past experience of similar cases, such an outcome was nearly impossible statistically. The vast majority of girls kidnapped in such a way have ended up dead. It turned out that the police was close to getting her several times. In one of the cases the officer wasn’t able to see her veiled face because Mitchell told him that it was against their religion (thank you Muslim fanatics for that!).


Elizabeth Smart

It is also great that Mitchell, who tried to go with the insanity defense, was seen by the jury for what he was – a cunning and manipulative creature who was able to face justice. It is well known that psychopathic behaviour, where you apply some odd standards on other people doesn’t equal insanity. Of course, the lefties who think that everybody who has committed a crime is a lovable victim of long chain of capitalist injustices were disappointed with the verdict, but, hey, what can you do? They wouldn’t be lefties if they didn’t think that way.

The major issue here lies with her father (in my opinion). That problem has never been discussed, allegedly out of respect to the family’s ordeal.

The family met Mitchell in Salt Lake City shortly before the kidnapping. He was an unemployed street bum, who was begging for money. They gave him five dollars. That’s where it all should have ended – five bucks are more than enough for a bum. However, Ed Smart had to go even further to express in a deeper way his Mormon (or Christian) righteousness. He hired Mitchell to work on the roof of his home. That’s how the pervert created the elaborate plan to kidnap Elizabeth.

Don’t you think that Smart’s behaviour was too weird? Despite his name, he was not that smart. Here we have a successful businessman with a large house and six kids, who ignores the safety of his own children and invites a low-life street bum into his house with dire consequences.

This is not smart behaviour at all. It is more worthy of Ned Flanders, the misguidedly pious character from the Simpsons, who usually gets gutted or beheaded in the Halloween episodes after deciding to provide help to some weird creatures.

Ed Smart is not a cartoon character and that makes him even scarier. How could have he lived with himself, if the happy ending didn’t occur and the wacko killed his daughter?

Being a Good Samaritan is not always good, unless you use your brain.

The whole case makes me recall the parable about the swine and the pearls…


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  1. AMY PLUMBER says:

    Elizabeth Smart is stupid for walking out that house with that man she should have called her parents to help her.He was ment to take her because she didn’t call for any help.STUPID LITTLE GIRL!!!!!!!!!

    1. admiwrath says:

      I totally agree with you – she should have called her parents. However, her father is still at the bottom of the problem. If he didn’t get that freak to work in their house, Elizabeth would’ve never encountered him.

  2. jim says:

    elizabeth smart is a sad young women who was brainwashed by the mormonism of her parents. if you look at interviews with the family..who does all the talking …father. the rest to them stand there with heads bowed in supplication. elizabeth smart has no mind of he own that is why she didnt escape….she has been told what to do all of her life. she know nothing except to obey. if you study this whole case you will find so many instances of total blind compliance to authority. that is what mormons teach and taught smart.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Yes, that’s exactly my point – if her father thought more about his family instead of taking the holier-than-thou position to “help” a criminally insane person, none of that would’ve happened.

  3. Nicole says:

    Uhmmmm she wasnt stupid!!!!
    She had a fucking knife to her neck?
    What would you do in that situation?
    Lol and dont tell me you would do some “super hero” trick and get away awhhh happy ending.pssssh pleasee!

  4. Marissa says:

    Her father is at the root of this entire horrible ordeal. He obviously loves his family but you do not ever bring a degenerate lowlife to your home, your sanctuary. He should have been much more worried about the safety of his family than worried about helping a lowlife. It should have ended with the five bucks. None of this is Elizabeth’s fault. She was a scared child with a weapon to her head for goodness sake.

  5. cody says:

    he is very angry

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