Joe Biden Is A Cheapskate Scumbag

Joe Biden Cherges Rent to the Secret Service

The Obama gang has been robbing the USA long enough to convince even the most cynical people that they have seen the full depth of their moral depravity. Yet that merry bunch of social engineers always manages to fall to a new moral low.

Case in point – during the heated debates over the debt, part of which was the demand that the rich pay their fair share in taxes, it was reported that the Vice President Joe Biden is collecting rent from the Secret Service, which has the duty to protect him and his family. He let them use a house on his estate and is charging them $2,200 per month.

According to the report, Edwin M. Donovan, a special agent in charge in Secret Service, states that the situation is unique – no other protectee has asked them to pay rent.

Yet they agreed to pay the rent in order to be closer to the Biden family, if they need immediate protection.

I said in the title that Biden was a scumbag. He is much worse than that – he is a disgusting creature with no moral values.

Can you imagine charging rent to people who are going to die protecting the lives of your family? And of course the rent must be paid from the taxes collected from the ordinary Americans.

That’s a double charge to the taxpayer and apparently Biden is OK with that as long as he can make a few extra bucks.

Long time ago Hegel said that every nation has the government it deserves.

My dear American friends, do you think you have the government you deserve?

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  1. marit says:

    President Obama and his people must be out of power before they totally bankrupt the nation.

  2. The Lone Ranger says:

    @Marit – yes, before they bankrupt America socially, spiritually, morally and financially.

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