Juan Williams, CAIR, and George Soros

On Wednesday, October 21, Juan Williams was fired from his job as a political commentator at the National Public Radio (NPB). They did that to him to express their condemnation for a short comment he made on Fox News on Monday night (he works as a commentator for that network as well).

This is exactly what he said (talking to Bill O’Reilly):

“I mean, look, Bill, I’m not a bigot…But when I get on a plane, I got to tell you, if I see people who are in Muslim garb and I think, you know, they’re identifying themselves first and foremost as Muslims, I get worried. I get nervous

He was informed that his comments were not consistent with the views of NPB. After that the woman who rules NPB (Schiller) went as far as to state publicly that opinions of this sort should be kept between him and his psychiatrist.

Almost everybody who has seen Williams on Fox can attest to the fact that he is a likable and thoughtful person. Some of his opinions are much more to the left than I can bear, but he is entitled to them and he definitely doesn’t need a psychiatrist.

Frankly, it was very surprising that his comment was taken as bigotry. He wasn’t making some fundamental recommendation on how to deal with the Muslims in the USA. He only expressed his personal feelings, which by the way are shared by millions of other people. The Muslim fanatics’ attack on the USA on September 11 left deep scars in the psyche of the American public and that is difficult to overcome.

But this ceases to be a surprise when one goes deeper into the events that took place from Monday to Wednesday. During that time the infamous Muslim organization CAIR started a behind the scenes campaign against Williams. They attacked him personally in numerous e-mails with threats and complaints and lobbied to get him fired.

NPB quickly and cheerfully agreed with them and got rid of him within only two days. The most ironic twist in the situation was that he was the only black commentator who worked for that radio broadcasting company.

NPB is funded by donations and large subsidies from the government. And here is what makes the case interesting: recently George Soros, the staunch supporter of all types of shady leftist organizations, gave a grant of $1.8 million to NPB. The money was marked for a specific purpose, they had to use it to hire 100 new reporters (two for each state) to cover the political events. Obviously, this is one of the new steps in Soros’ march toward a complete control of the media. A person like Williams who can express a non-politically correct opinion is apparently not welcome in that organization.

There is not much good that could be said about Soros. He is the incarnation of pure evil. He is not an ordinary capitalist, who builds companies that make products or invests in such companies. His source of income is currency speculation on a very large scale. Soros bets against whole countries trying to bring their currencies down to realize his profits. You probably remember when he attacked the British Pound in the 1990’s, which brought him billions of dollars in profits and untold misery to all ordinary people affected by the collapse of the pound.

On the other hand, CAIR is an organization, which wants to sneak Muslim fundamentalism into the USA. They attempt to impose the sharia law trough the back door. They also attack the traditional values and laws of the country (like in the cases with Disney and Abercrombie & Fitch, when they tried to impose Muslim dress code). Many people from their leadership support Hamas and other terrorist organizations, some of them have even been sent to jail because of that.

So what do they have in common with Soros? On the surface, a bunch of ill disguised Muslim fanatics and a foe of any productive work can hardly come to an agreement.

What unites them is the complete contempt for our society, which is based on free will and free initiative. The Islamic fundamentalism wants to establish a theocratic state, where the individual is just a pawn and all aspects of his or her life are strictly controlled. Soros (like all leftists) wants an economic version of the same type of control – through socialist order that will put all important decisions in the hands of the government.

Although their final goals somewhat differ, their tools are very similar. Thinking and free speech are the phenomena they hate the most. That’s why the control over media and education is important to both.

Since Williams said something that didn’t fit their agenda, they lynched him through intimidation. It didn’t matter that he was black and according to the liberals’ own definition a black person can’t be a racist or a bigot. And why are Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton not on the case? They make a nice profit through extorting money from companies that have allegedly wronged black people. Shouldn’t they be worried that Williams was the only black person at NPB? With any other company, they would’ve cried racism long time ago. But the people of NPB are their leftist comrades and they would never go against them.

The only good that came out of this despicable case is that the positions of all participants are even clearer now. The leftists and the fanatics continue to work for the destruction of our civilization. Even though they look like strange bedfellows, both will continue their sabotage until the fanatics become strong enough and destroy their lefty friends. It is up to us to be alert and keep our civilization alive.

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