Obama’s Arizona Memorial Circus

The recent tragedy in Tucson, Arizona, where a lefty pothead shot and killed several people and wounded the Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, was marked by Obama and his administration at a special event in the city.

One may think that this was a nice gesture of respect for the victims, but in reality it was a slightly subdued continuation of Obama’s partisan politics. Let’s not forget that immediately after the shooting the Left began a smear campaign blaming conservatives for it. Their simple logic was that if a Democratic Congresswoman has been shot, the killer must have been inspired by Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin.

When the real facts about the perpetrator emerged, the Left grudgingly reduced the number of accusations.  So the event in Tucson was supposed to unite people, but the things didn’t work that way.

First of all, it took place at the University of Arizona, where most of the audience were college kids. In the good traditions of the Democratic Party all of them wore blue t-shirts so that nobody may forget who is in charge.

The university president set from the very beginning a tone of behaviour suitable more for a sporting event. The college kids were cheering and shouting all the time, as if they were at a basketball game. The only thing missing was a cheerleading squad behind the speakers and girls with short skirts and trays selling beer and snacks.

The memorial started with a strange Indian medicine man that looked like he came straight out of a cheap Hollywood Western. Waving a feather, he incoherently rambled about all creatures walking and running on Earth and those which crawl and swim underneath. Why was he invited? As far as I know none of the victims were pagan. Wouldn’t it have been more appropriate to get a Christian Minister or a Rabbi? After all, those were the religions of the victims. If it didn’t matter to the organizers, they could have invited a Zoroastrian or a Muslim imam.

Later it became clear that the role of minister and Rabbi will be played by Obama’s administration. In their speeches, both Janet “Big Sister” Napolitano and Eric Holder read from the Bible, as did Obama.

All the speakers were interrupted every few minute by cheers and applause, as if it was an election campaign event. Sneaking into the event of the partisan spirit and the lack of solemnity didn’t show the respect that the victims deserved.

After watching that circus, I kept wondering why another almost identical event didn’t get the same type of memorial service with the participation of the President. I mean the shooting in Fort Hood by the deranged Muslim, a self-proclaimed “Soldier of Allah”. Didn’t the victims deserve the same respect? Didn’t their service to their country warrant commemoration?

That would have been too difficult for Obama. In Arizona the shooter was a white male, who could be linked to the conservative influence in a sneaky way. The Fort Hood man was a hardcore Muslim terrorist, who prepared for his deed. Had Obama gone there, it would have been difficult to avoid the issue of the violent Islam. And that would have been a challenge, which the Muslim-loving soul of Barak Obama simply wouldn’t be able to handle.

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