Satanist and Islamist Promoting Obama

In the few remaining days before the mid-term elections next week, there is not much to do to help Obama’s camp other than to rely on stunts that are far beyond reason.

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert’s “Rally to Restore Sanity” brought together two people who I would’ve never though I would see on the same stage – the washed-up Satanic guy Ozzy Osbourne and the washed-up terror worshipper Cat Stevens, a.k.a. Yusuf Islam.


Well, for Ozzie Satanism has always been a prop to help his gigs and let him sell more records.

For Cat Stevens, supporting Muslim terrorism has always been the meaning of his life (at least after his conversion). I wonder if Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert have already forgotten that after Homeini the Psychopath sentenced Salman Rushdie to death (for his book Satanic Verses), Cat Steven fully supported his fatwa and said that death is what you get for blasphemy against Islam.

It’s hard to believe that a pious Muslim like Yusuf Islam would appear onstage with such a horrible creature like Ozzy (although the opposite is true), but anything goes when you try to support the “Annointed One” when he is on the verge of the biggest Democratic loss in years.

Yes, nobody appreciates anymore Barack Hussein Obama, so maybe the joint forces of Satanism and Islamism would help him.


More on this insane rally here:
American Power: Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear — UPDATED!!

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  1. Donald Lew says:

    Obama calls India a job-creator for U.S.: President Barack Obama on Saturday embraced India as a jobs-creating giant for hurting Amer…

  2. The Lone Ranger says:

    So Obama wants more American students to study science, maths and engineering to keep “jobs of tomorrow” in America? Good luck with that one, Barry. American 8th graders perform at a similar level to Russian,Slovak, Latvian, Australian, Lithuanian and Swedish children

    Currently, only 14% of all undergraduate students enrol in what is called the STEM subjects – science, technology, engineering, and math. The number ONE nation for maths geniuses is not India, but Singapore, followed by Japan, Hong Kong and South Korea. Likewise, the same countries have high school students who score highest in science, with Bulgaria (of all places) falling into fifth place. The USA is at 12th place behind Slovenia, Australia, Norway and Russia.

    America’s Community Organiser-in-Chief needs to think this one through a bit more. American and European youngsters today have a very wide choice of career professions based on their own leanings. So why should they only choose the STEM subjects? Indian and Chinese students do not have much of a choice. If you take a typical middle-class Indian student, then, he or she will typically choose a subject which will get him or her a job soon and not necessarily one which he is passionate about, say law enforcement or journalism. Also, there is tremendous pressure placed on Asian children to get the highest grades possible. I know this from personal experience. My wife is Chinese and her siblings are merciless in pushing their children to get degrees in “approved” professions, such as accounting, engineering or medicine, etc. If they express any other career desires, such wanting to be an airline pilot or a mathematics teacher, they are practically disowned by their families. And this is in Canada!

    If Obama really wants to encourage job creation in the US, he should focus on the subjects which his students are choosing and encourage them to be more entrepreneurial rather than just simply go for STEM subjects when their true passions are elsewhere. He should respect the forces of globalisation and let students choose what they like rather than forcing them to choose subjects that will put them in fierce competition against with graudates from India or China.

    As for the “jobs of tomorrow,” We are not all going to be maths geniuses, computer scientists or make stunning breakthroughs in molecular genetics. Who will uphold our laws, fly our airliners, protect our nation againsty aggression, collect our trash, keep our electricity supply running, cut our hair, grow our food and keep our supermarkets well stocked? The jobs of tomorrow are the jobs of today. Or didn’t Barry consider about this as part of his “hope & change vision for America?”

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