The Black Valedictorian Racist from Arkansas





What’s going on in the USA?

It looks like the minorities under Barack Hussein Obama are more and more inclined to sue to get money instead of putting in some effort to earn it.

Today we have the case of Kimberley Wimberley from Arkansas. As a side note, her name rhymes in a funny way, which would make a few good jokes, but as a white man I’d be condemned as racists, if I joke. I remember several years ago Deepak Chopra appearing on a Canadian late night show, where he joked that if Oprah Winfrey marries him, her name would be Oprah Chopra. Apparently, Hindus are some of the few people left, who can still laugh.

Kimberley was a black high school student from a small Arkansas town. She graduated with high scores and was chosen to be a valedictorian at graduation. However, she was assigned a white “co-valedictorian” by the school management.

Kimberley’s beef with the school is that she should have done everything alone, while the school claims they added the other girl because she had more school credits. That is true, because Kimberley missed several weeks of school to give birth to her daughter.

Her mother, who is a “certified media specialist” (what the hell is that?) at the school snooped at the staff conversations in the copy room and discovered racist concerns.

Long time ago, there was that black guy named Martin Luther King, Jr., who had the dream that all children, regardless of race, would work on their own betterment to help others. When he got killed, the dream was killed with him.

Two small-time crooks named Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton replaced him. They also had a dream – sue every white person and government institution in sight until you make them feel guilty, so that they would give you all the money you want. Unlike Dr. King’s dream, Reverend Al’s dream is very successfully implemented. Everybody who opposes it, like Bill Cosby, is ostracized and branded Uncle Tom (if black) or racist (if white).

Kimberley turned out to be a very worthy follower of Al and Jesse’s little scam. Instead of laughing off the “incident” and choosing Dr. King’s way of self-improvement, she decided to sue the pants off of her little and poor school (the town has 5,000 inhabitants and is located in the Mississippi Delta).

“All” that the crafty girl wants from her school and town is $75,000.

What a great way for a young black racist to start her life. Barry and his gang would definitely notice her zeal and make use of it. Of course, she may not be
employed in the White House, because most likely he’ll be out of that building next year, but community activism is nothing to sneeze at either.

I am happy for her.

I have to ask just one question. She was the smartest girl in her school (according to her opinion) and her mother was a “certified media specialist” (whatever the heck that means) and not some crackhead. Kimberley herself majors in biology and plans to become a medical doctor.

So the question is: if she knows so much about medicine, then why isn’t she aware of a little device called condom? Or any other of the myriad of other contraceptives?

No matter how smart she thinks she is, she acted exactly like any other ghetto girl, giving birth to a baby, for whom either her family or the government is
supposed to take care while she goes through with her studies.

Actually, there is nothing to worry about – with her legal experience, she will easily find something, for which to sue the medical school (like being forced to
dissect a white corpse, for example).

God bless Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton – they will fuel the litigious passion in girls like Kimberley until the USA goes totally bankrupt.

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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    “Her mother, who is a “certified media specialist” (what the hell is that?’

    A hospital cleaner

  2. marit says:

    “Her mother, who is a “certified media specialist” (what the hell is that?’

    A library cleaner

    1. admiwrath says:

      Good point.

  3. The Lone Ranger says:

    A cleaner!

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