The Little Muslim Mermaid or Islamization at Disneyland

A Muslim woman, who works for Disney is suing the company, because it wouldn’t allow her to wear hijab at work. Her position is restaurant hostess at the Storyteller’s Café in the Grand Californian Hotel in Downtown Disney. CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) has been heavily involved in the case and has organized demonstration at Disney with a whole platoon of hijab-covered women. Here is the video:

It appears that the whole thing is a carefully orchestrated action designed to coincide with the debates about the Ground Zero Mosque in New York. It is supposed to attract people’s attention and convince them that the Muslims in the USA are a persecuted minority.

Imane Boudlal, the young woman in question, didn’t show up at Disney in her hijab on her first workday. She never wore it during her employment for the company for the last 2 years and until now she was complying with all the requirements. Disney has always emphasized that all employees in its theme parks represent characters and thus they wear costumes matching those characters.

She was well aware of the dress code, yet shortly after she got her US citizenship she demanded to wear her head cover at work. The company tried to accommodate her by offering her another position, in which she wouldn’t be in direct contact with the customers.

However, Boudlal refused to switch her job and arrogantly went into a direct confrontation mode – she simply showed up at work wearing her hijab. She was sent home three times by her managers. Then the CAIR extortion machine was fired up (that Islamic organization is known for some of its leading members’ ties to Hamas). The fourth time she came to work with over 50 Muslims from CAIR (equipped with cameras) and when she was turned away again, she and her cronies organized a press conference circus trying to discredit Disney in front of its customers.

The scheme continued as planned – she got a free lawyer from CAIR (hijabed woman just like her) and filed a discrimination complaint with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

The whole issue is a very good illustration of the “taqiyya” principle in Islam, where a believer is allowed to deceive infidels appearing to comply with their rules, while biding her time until the best opportunity for attack is found.

The case is still pending, but make no mistake: the Muslim extremists are going to win no matter what. If she gets to wear her hijab at work, that will be another victory against the values and traditions of a great American company. If Disney proves its case, they will still have to accommodate her in different way, which will probably mean a big cash settlement for Boudlal and CAIR (in the good old extortionist tradition of Al Sharpton).

Something tells me that CAIR is not going to stop at that point. The restaurant where she works probably serves bacon, ham and other pork products. That is definitely going to offend her Muslim sensitivities (it’s “haram”!) and she can demand that all pork be taken off the menu. And what about the customers? If the Muslims complain, maybe Disney should turn all its other restaurants into halal places, which during Ramadan serve food only after sundown.

And why stop there? The Disney film production is hardly sharia-compliant. For starters, you probably remember how many times Alladin was censored to please the Muslims (when they are angry with a film-maker, the result could be lethal, just ask Theo Van Gogh, oh, sorry, you can’t ask him anymore).

Then, what about all those dog characters?  Pluto and Goofy act as if they are equal to the others – sometimes they even lick and kiss people. Should we say what Islam thinks about dogs, some of the lowest animals? And then, the ultimate horror – a movie with 101 dogs, those Dalmatians probably should be locked up in the vault forever.

Next come the pigs, Disney has plenty of them in its movies. That’s the ultimate dirty animal in Islam. No pigs are allowed to reside in Saudi Arabia and in sermons over there they still describe pigs as ancestors of the Jews. So Porky Pig must go, followed by Piglet and the ultimate filth – the gang of the Three Little Pigs.

While we are still at it, let’s handle the female characters. Most of them show too much skin, take for example Snow White, Cinderella, and especially the Little Mermaid, they all tempt the believers too much. The fanatics have the answer ready: let’s cover them with burqas and hijabs to give them some modesty. If anybody disagrees with that, they are racists and bigots…

I wish I could brush all that aside as a funny exaggeration, but I can’t. One little step back is always just the beginning. The aggressive ideologies and religions have always started by extorting little concessions, followed by larger demands until they achieve complete control. And the other side had always ignored the consequences, thinking that a small compromise wouldn’t hurt them, giving up its values little by little and only realizing what happened after it’s too late.

You may not like Disney (they are not my favorite type of entertainment), beside that the welfare lefties have always considered it an evil corporation. However, Disney is an American icon, it promotes fun, love, and understanding and millions of children have grown up enjoying them. It would be a pity, if we let Disney fall under the control of fanatics.


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  1. shbook says:

    It seems this women wants to force Disney to pay her a large sum of money. Disney has the right to establish standards how to dress. She can go anywhere she likes. Why doesn’t she find job somewhere else? I am not a big supporter of Disney, but I want to say it “I support you! Don’t pay her a penny!”. This is just disgusting.

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