When Will the Jewish Leaders Notice the Jew-Hating Muslim Elephant?

Abraham Foxman, national director of the Anti-Defamation League since 1987, has announced his intention to retire. In a recent interview he talked about the increasing anti-Semitism around the world and specifically in Europe and singled out neo-Nazis, ant-immigrant organizations, etc. Strangely, Islam, one of the worst contributors to the Jew-hating trend, was absent from the interview.

Laura Rosen Cohen wrote a passionate article about the reluctance of leaders like Foxman to notice the huge danger that can easily bring another catastrophe to the world Jewry. I am writing this to share the article, but I would like to add a few of my thoughts.

I remember quite well the controversy surrounding the recognition of the Armenian genocide of 1915 by the US Congress. That was in 2007. At the time ADL and Foxman personally opposed that move. Wikipedia quotes his statement about the issue:

“I don’t think congressional action will help reconcile the issue. The resolution takes a position; it comes to a judgment,” said Foxman in a statement issued to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency. “The Turks and Armenians need to revisit their past. The Jewish community shouldn’t be the arbiter of that history, nor should the U.S. Congress.”

It was a callous statement, especially when coming from the mouth of somebody, who grew up in the middle of the worst genocide of the XX century. Reducing the extermination of 1.5 million people to an issue that should be discussed between Turks and Armenians is inexcusable.

How would the Jews feel if somebody commented about the Holocaust in the same way? “The Germans and Jews need to revisit their past. The (British, American, Russian, Italian, etc.) community shouldn’t be the arbiter of that history, nor should be our parliament.”

I suspect that the whole issue was about appeasing Sultan Erdogan, who was still considered friend of Israel, but covering up the past never ends well, especially when dealing with the perpetually offended Muslims. Following that logic, Germany should’ve never been confronted about Hitler’s crimes. Yet Germany faced its past and worked on eradicating it.

The other problem I have with the ADL is how they help organizations that want to criminalize the criticism of Islam and jihadism. Last year a Canadian Muslim group, previously known as CAIR-CAN and now as NCCM, tried to sabotage the presentations of Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer by demonizing them in a letter to the hotel that hosted the event. This year they did the same to Rabbi Daniel Korobkin, who was to be included in Prime Minister’s delegation to Israel, because he took part in the same event.

The funny part was that in his speech the Rabbi went out of his way to show how much he owes to Muslim mentors, which raised quite a few brows. That was not good enough for CAIR-CAN/NCCM. In the letter to Stephen Harper concerning Rabbi Korobkin they wrote:

Ms. Geller and Mr. Spencer are leaders of the anti-Muslim group Stop Islamization of America (SIOA), which has been described as a “hate group” by respected organizations such as the Jewish Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center as well as by the United States Military.

The SPLC is a well-known “charity” scam, which collects its money through scaring people with neo-Nazi “organizations” so insignificant that even calling them fringe groups will be a gross exaggeration of their influence. At the same time that “watchdog” routinely blackmails Christian organizations and anybody who criticizes militant Islam.

Despite the convictions of many Muslim extremists and terrorists in the USA, you can’t find even one Muslim organization in the SPLC list with the exception of Farrakhan’s black racist circus known as Nation of Islam. The “military source,” quoted by CAIR-CAN/NCCM, is a list compiled by a colonel, which is a carbon copy of the biased SPLC database.

It is very disturbing when a group of Islamists calls an organization “respected” along with the SPLC and a military “expert” who could be wholeheartedly approved by Major Hassan.

The ADL used to be a really respected group fighting anti-Semitism, but demonizing Geller and Spencer, whose only “sin” is that they criticized the Islamic expansion, turns it into a provider of ammunition to the Islamists. The ADL joins the chorus without refuting a single fact of what Geller and Spencer have to say. Needless to say, that adds nothing to the reputation of the ADL.

Many organizations claim to speak for most Jews, but their leaders don’t help in any way by trying hard to avoid the Jew-hating Muslim elephant, which is ready and willing to trample them. Or as Laura Rosen Cohen puts it:

“These leftist extremist liberal Jews can only identify Judenhaas when it comes from the white, political right.

They are absolutely blind to the dangers of jihad, even though they are cognitively aware that there was no “last time” a synagogue in Europe was attacked by a white, Christian “neo-Nazi”.

When Jews, and Jewish children are slaughtered in cold blood in France, they know it was a jihadist perpetrator but they are blind to it. They will not articulate the motivation behind those attacks.

When Turkey simmers with Jew hatred motivated by religion, they will still blame the European white, Christian right.

When Malmo, Sweden becomes inhabitable for Jews, they blame the white, Christian right. It is the rape capital of Europe not because of white, Christian right-wingers-but the facts are irrelevant.

Shame on you, Abraham Foxman. Shame on you.

These Jews are a danger to the Jewish people.

Their denial is so thick and so amoral that it is difficult sometimes to find the words to express my utter disgust and contempt.

By fighting the last war against the German Nazis over and over in their heads, they endanger living Jews. But they will never learn.

It’s so cozy to be a professional Jew, fighting the ghosts of WW2 over and over and never facing the real threats to the Jewish people.”

You can read the rest here.

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  1. Shobhna Kapoor says:

    Excellent article, Blogwrath. And I attended Pamela Geller’s/Robert Spencer’s talk in Markham, Ontario last year as well. Rabbi Korobkin seemed terrified of being called anti-Muslim and was very politically correct. So, in the end, it doesn’t matter how p.c. you are. How much you walk on eggshells. The enemy will label you a hate mongerer for simply speaking the truth. We need to grow thick hides and speak the truth. I also want to point out the 1971 Genocide in Bangladesh where the Muslim Pakistani army killed 3 million people and raped hundreds of thousands of women. Millions of refugees to India. The victims were primarily Hindu. This is jihad too. And this genocide is virtually ignored by the international community

    1. abdulaziz mustafa says:

      I hope peace for all people and shobhna love islam

  2. The Lone Ranger says:

    I second that, Shobna. When the authorities charge people like us with “hate crimes,” we are really being charged with “truth crimes,” because the truth regarding the above is no longer permissible.

    Indeed, one wonders why the world ignores the genocide wrought by the Pakistani military against Bangladesh civilians. But then again, Bangladesh doesn’t have a lot of oil or natural resources that are crucial to the West – just like Rwanda.

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