Wisconsin Union Parasites, Unite!

The dairy state is under siege. The attempts of the new government to do something to reduce the huge deficit are met with hostility by the public unions.

The proposal to reduce the unions’ collective bargaining power (i.e. their extortionist ability) and limit their power of getting mandatory fees from every worker are met with outrage. Even more outrageous they consider the request to pay part of their pension and health care contributions.

The government buildings in Madison are surrounded by demonstrators, who although teachers, hold posters and yell slogans more worthy of deep woods hillbillies. They don’t even go to work, but use sick leaves (on false grounds) to demonstrate against the government and get paid at the same time.


Only a teachers demonstration can use such sophisticated slogans

14 of the Wisconsin state legislators, all democrats, have left the state trying to prevent the voting on the new proposals. That, of course, doesn’t prevent them from getting their pay checks. Like good urban guerrillas they are hiding so well that even the state troopers can’t find them.

All this is such a great illustration of what cancerous formation the public unions are. Even at times when the USA is nearly bankrupt and Barry Obama is bending over even more to accommodate his masters from China and Saudi Arabia, the only ones still willing to lend money for his socialism, the unions continue to live in their bubble.

A curious argument they use is that the $3.6 billion Wisconsin deficit is not their fault and they shouldn’t be forced to pay for it. The main thing that public employees fail to notice is that they don’t produce anything. They provide services for which they are paid by the taxpayers.

When the situation is bad and there is no money, it’s irrelevant whether you caused it or not. You simply can’t get paid what you were used to. When businesses are closing and real working folks are losing their jobs, it’s beyond arrogant to demand that the unions get a better deal – it will mean to tax more ordinary people.

But of course, the public union bosses are used to getting better deals – they have spent millions of dollars of their members’ money to influence Democratic congressmen and senators. In return they get the right to have the bad job of their members overlooked. The US public school system, which is churning out semi-literate people, is the best example of the work of the untouchable teachers union.

They are not alone (if that’s any consolation) – for example, the Japanese teachers union has exactly the same status and its bosses donate generously to Socialists, Communists (there’s a Communist Party in Japan) and the new Democratic Party.

Those unions, which mooch on public money, are much more dangerous than the ordinary unions. If a private company is unionized, the unions have some limits, not imposed by a “greedy” capitalist, but by the simple laws of economics. They can demand all kinds of benefits, but they can’t extend the business production – if the demands exceed the profits, the company simply goes out of business, thus leaving all the fat and lazy union members out of job.

If it is a big corporation, however, there is some hope – like in the case of General Motors, the unions can lobby Barry Obama to save the company they drove to bankruptcy in order to protect their jobs.

However, when we talk public services unions, the possibilities are endless. Those unions are financed with taxpayers money and if they contribute enough to get a lefty candidate elected, they would have an unlimited income, financed either by taxing the poor chaps who actually work for their money or by printing more money or by borrowing it from the wonderful People’s Republic of China. Who cares – to the unions the money doesn’t smell…

Isn’t it time the few people who still work for a living make their voices heard?

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  1. Albert says:

    I’ve always considered unions to be a parasite and a cancer on the more competent and the more productive members of society. When you get right down to it, they’re just big spoiled brats who throw temper tantrums when mommy taxpayer doesn’t give them what they want.

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