Amanda Lindhout – a Canadian Idiot in Somalia

What do you get when you send a Calgary cocktail waitress (who thinks she is the next Hemingway) to a country populated by Muslim savages who live like the Flintstones? The result is a royal mess of suffering and sex abuse, a bill for $1.2 million and a stupid book.

The notorious Amanda Lindhout, who spent over a year in captivity in Somalia, has published a book about her ordeal, under the title “A House in the Sky”. The “promising” journalist didn’t even write it herself – it was done with the help of a writer from the New York Times, an enterprise that strongly supports the likes of Lindhout.

The Lindhout case is a textbook example of the typical narcissistic Canadian leftist, who thinks that other people should pay for her desire to “make a difference” in places where nobody has business going to. A few years ago we were flooded with sob stories about her suffering in Somalia, through which the Canadian media again glorified somebody too stupid to survive on her own.

Amanda Lindhout has been playing the Muslim roulette for years. She had two previous stunts as a freelancer in Muslim hellholes. She worked in Afghanistan, and then she landed a job in Baghdad for Press TV, the Iranian propaganda channel. Although she quit, working for the propaganda machine of the murderous Iranian regime cannot be excused.

She got lucky the first two times, but during her trip to Somalia she ran out of luck and the Muslim barbarism put a stop to her “noble endeavors.” She even lured a former boyfriend to join her in her travel (men really get demb when there is even the slightest chance of getting favours of certain kind from a woman). Soon after their arrival, they were kidnapped by an armed gang that held them for over a year in bad conditions.

Lindhout was raped numerous times by her captors. She was held in a dark room with rats, while her buddy was having much better life and even was provided books to read. The charms of the women’s rights under Islam!

Both of them even converted to Islam, which they believed would give them some protection. It didn’t. Although now she thinks that the conversion was not real and only done for safety reasons, in the eyes of the Muslim fanatics around the world she is still a Muslim. And by denying the fact, she became an apostate, which is even worse.

Fortunately, the attempts of their supporters to bail out these idiots by pressing the Canadian government to use money stolen from the taxpayers failed (the captors were asking for $3 million). The “honour” to get the two stooges from Somalia fell on their families and cost them $1.2 million. The report doesn’t explain how the family members felt about wasting so much money on financing Lindhout’s stupidity and the Muslim pirate industry in Somalia.

Still, Lindhout is not very happy that the Canadians didn’t rush to pay for her release:

“Lindhout doesn’t condemn the federal government for failing to save her, but she does write about countries around the world that quietly pay ransoms, “strike diplomatic deals or send in armed commandos” for their citizens.

“Many, including the Canadian and U.S. governments, try to provide family support while also maintaining a hard line about further fuelling terrorism and hostage-taking through ransom payments … Still, try telling that to a mother, or a father, or a husband or wife caught in the powerless agony of standing by,” the book reads.“

What a shining example of entitlement! She doesn’t say it directly, but she still expects the government to pay for her stupidity or send soldiers to die for it. That “criticism” would have some merit, if the case involved a diplomat or somebody else who was sent by the government. However, demanding that millions be paid to get out of a jam a cocktail waitress, who is too dumb to plan a safe trip, is a new low in the entitlement peddling industry.

Has Amanda Lindhout learned anything from her ordeal? It appears she didn’t, because she has her own explanation of what happened to her:

“Now living in Canmore, Alta., Lindhout says she still thinks about her kidnappers. She tries not to hate them and understands they are products of a violent environment and an unending war.”

Yes, the famous “root causes” explanation, which another Canadian idiot, Justin Trudeau, used to defend the Boston bombers. As long as there are people like Lindhout and Trudeau, who try to find the good in hardened criminals, the Somalis will continue their thriving industry of collecting hundreds of millions of dollars from suckers – both individuals and governments.

Both of them simply can’t comprehend that there are people in this world who are inherently evil and will continue to do whatever harm they are doing because it is highly profitable, regardless of how many bridges you try to build.

Amanda Lindhout hasn’t learned anything from her experience. I bet that in a few years she will get into a similar trouble and expect other people to bail her out again.

The lesson is for everybody else – you must fight evil by destroying it. Appeasement never works.

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  1. The Hammer says:

    There are similar attitudes with respect to the two idiots from Canada arrested in Egypt. People getting all pissy that the Government will not get them off.

  2. LolKatzen says:

    Just read an excerpt of her book in NYT, and I must agree. Some comments on the article were quite critical, and others jumped on the critical ones. One man compared it to taking up a dangerous sport: you know you are taking a chance.

    The book was not even written by her alone (the aspiring journalist) but “with” some reporter from NYT. VERY FOOLISH.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Hopefully her next stop will be Syria.

  3. Jon F says:

    How come you never here Michael Moore or all the other lefty idiots who deify Rachel Corrie take Muslims to task for their countless atrocities?

  4. cris says:

    Another naive, idealistic, clueless fool who takes zero responsibility for her own stupidity

    No government should EVER bail morons like this out….EVER

  5. Another FameWhore says:

    FAMEWHORE! Who created a shit load of problems for everyone! I hope she pays everyone back from her sales! Yeah right! Maybe she’ll get more Botox and veneers! Even the National Geographic journalist thought she’s way too amped and will get herself killed and anyone who’s with her! What a fucking joke! And now she has some Somali bastard just another added problem she created by going out there! Hang a piece of meat and watch the Hyenas come out to devour your ass. She’s no hero or anything! Just a dumb egocentric pretty broad trying to get famous! Hope she gets tested every week!

  6. baby says:

    I can’t believe the NYT would want to associate themselves with a fame whore like her. Any sensible person would feel she is a calculating dumbass (oxymoron?) after reading her story.. why is her book still a bestseller? has the world gone mad or something?

  7. Amanda Murphy says:

    Wow – your anger and fear and lack of compassion mirror the exact people you condemn – the terrorists – muslim terrorists.

    1. admiwrath says:

      How is it possible to have compassion for people who are so stupid that they go into area controlled by terrorists? And after that we, the taxpayers, have to foot the bill to bail those idiots out. If she wants excitement, she can go fight the bears in the Rocky Mountains – at least they are not going to ask for a ransom when they catch her.

      1. P. H. Dee says:

        You seem to be denying Lindhout compassion on the grounds that, in your view, she’s “stupid” and “an idiot.” But how does that make it impossible to have compassion for her? If she’s the stupid idiot you think she is, how can you expect her to have known better? And, if you can’t expect her to have known better, why isn’t compassion an appropriate response?

      2. admiwrath says:

        Every person with even a rudimentary power of reasoning would figure it out that going to Somalia means kidnapping or suicide. If your journalistic hero can’t figure out those points, she is a true idiot.

  8. Adriana says:

    I don’t think that it was implicit in Amanda Lindhout’s statement that she necessarily supports governments paying a ransom to terrorist kidnappers. If you take her quote in context, (and within the context of the book, which I read) I think she sees it the way most reasonable people would: easy in theory to make a definitive statement about (ie of course governments should NOT pay ransom for kidnapping victims), but very difficult to stand by when it’s you or your family member. Come on, man. If you, while on a “legitimate” travel excursion (whatever you presume that to be) got kidnapped by terrorists, would you die before begging your country’s government for the ransom money? Would you be willing to die for the ideas you put forth in this blog post? You may have your answer ready, but the truth is that you don’t know because you’ve never been there.
    I’d also like to point out that you make a very WEIRD claim that the act of being able to find the good in hardened criminals is somehow ultimately fueling groups like the Somali terrorists at the heart of this story. That is bunk beyond belief. I’d love to read your arguments on that one. Just kidding. I’d love to see you take down this angry, racist and defaming blog.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Calling the article an “angry, racist and defaming blog” is defamation due to the negative consequences that such statement may have for a person accused of racism in Canada. Your comment should be taken down, but I will leave it.

      If your hero is too naive to understand that “finding the good in hardened criminals,” especially when they are barbaric Muslim terrorists, is not shared by the majority of the rational people around the world, I can only pity her. Did she also find the good in the Muslim butchers who massacred nearly 150 people in Paris? No rational person would consider a Muslim shithole like Somalia to be a good vacation destination, so there is no chance of me being kidnapped by those savages. (Is it racist to call “savage” a murderous Muslim savage?) Recently your friend appeared on the cover of Maclean’s together with the repugnant Muslim terrorist Omar Khard. Is she going to explain to his victims what a great chap he is? You and she are free to hold on to your delusions, but please don’t try to scare and intimidate the Canadian patriots who care about their country and families. Obviously, we will have to face the radical Muslim menace without your support.

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