Australian Muslim Kids Want to Behead the Critics of Islam


It is often said that a single picture speaks volumes. The photo above, taken during the Muslim riots in Australia over the Old Mo movie (more about that here), shows a small boy holding high a sign that says: “Behead all those who insult the prophet”.

Judging from the Muslim actions all over the world, it looks like Islam is a cult ran by homicidal savages. They are so deprived, that even their children are made part of that murderous ideology. In Gaza Hamas grooms the kids from an early age to become suicide bombers and terrorists. One ma thnk that in Australia things would be different – the Muslims in that country get generous welfare benefits and rip all the fruits of the Western civilization, to which they contributed very little.

Yet, they act in exactly the same way as the Arab desert savages. The children, who have all the opportunities of good education, which Australia provides, are transformed into Muslim murderers with the efforts of their parents (like the hijab muslima in the picture).

Isn’t it time to realize that Islam is at the bottom of that barbaric behaviour?

H/t BCF.


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  1. SM ISAC says:

    Sickening. In a few short years, this kid might actually try his first of sawing off heads of infidels. Already done and posted.

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