Be My Muslim Valentine

Islam never fails to prove that it is one of the most violent and intolerant cults on the face of earth (the fact that it is followed by 1 billion people doesn’t make things better). That sorry religion controls the minds and the everyday behaviour of its followers with precision that would be the envy of Stalin, Hitler and Pol Pot.


In solidarity with the Valentine-deprived

Islam has an answer and prescriptions for everything. Today, on St. Valentine’s Day, which, aside of its commercialism, is still a day when couples express their love for each other in a romantic way, disgruntled imams and simple Muslim fanatics are quick to declare that there is no joy and romance in Islam. Fights about that infidel day erupt in many places (today there was a huge fight in a Pakistani university over the Valentine’s celebrations, suspiciously both groups involved were exclusively male).

The Muslim fanatics even make their point through videos that YouTube happily distributes. In the video below, a Muslim guy, who looks like a fugitive from the Planet of the Apes, makes a point about the eternal consequences of celebrating the Valentine’s Day (h/t Shobie via BCF).

It seems that the nails that Allah is going to stick into the heads of the unfaithful are already in that guy’s head. There are so many of them that they have left no room for a brain. Watching such degenerates, you may find truth in the statement that Islam is a form of mental retardation.

This is a classic example of an ugly, hairy and miserable guy, who hates himself so much that he is ready to ruin the fun of everybody else. Maybe if he had the chance to get laid, things would’ve been different. Unfortunately, with his particular form of insanity, his only chance of getting laid is if there are unsupervised little boys roaming the neighbourhood. The other more realistic option is finding a herd of friendly goats that could compete for his love.

Could you tell me again why we consider this cult a legitimate religion?


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