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On Monday Dr. Bill Warner, founder of and one of the most prominent critics of Islam in the USA, had a presentation in Toronto. Trained as a physicist, he brought to the research of the often contradictory and elusive subject of Islam the methods of natural sciences. The result was a clear and meticulous analysis that is very difficult to refute. If you think that his results brought him respect and recognition in the Muslim circles, you are wrong (more on that later).


Bill Warner speaks in Toronto

The event was organized by JDL-Canada. Other than being one of the very few Jewish organizations to confront anti-Semitism openly on the street and in the university halls, JDL-Canada has been inviting to Toronto for years personalities involved in affirming free speech and fighting against Muslim extremism. Those were people, who, according to the mainstream media in Canada didn’t exist or shouldn’t have existed.

That gave us the opportunity to meet the Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks (attacked and persecuted for drawing the “prophet” Mo) and the Danish free speech advocate Lars Hedegaard, who was nearly killed in his home by a Muslim terrorist. We also met the outspoken British politician Paul Weston, fighter against Islamization, who recently was arrested for quoting Sir Winston Churchill.

Also from England came Gavin Boby – the “mosque-buster” – who is a lawyer working against the Muslim takeover of neighbourhoods. His experience in stopping fanatics from gradually ruining whole areas and buying the houses at very low prices might be soon useful in Canada, especially when we already have attempts at “parking jihad.”

And of course, we will never forget Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer. The vilest Muslim fanatics organized a campaign against them and JDL-Canada to ruin (unsuccessfully) the event.

There has never been a dull moment and Dr. Warner was not an exception. The event was sold out; even Tarek Fatah was in the audience and had a discussion with Warner after the lecture.


Bill Warner in discussion with Tarek Fatah

He speaks calmly (though he has a great sense of humour); he is respectful to Muslims and his findings are backed by thorough research, which involves even statistics, yet for years he has been the target of attacks and persecution. He explained that with the deterioration of the public discourse in the USA. While in the past people would’ve said “I disagree with G.W. Bush’s policies, because…” and explain why, now the most common statement would be “Bush is an idiot.” Blackmail is the most common approach, that’s why The Southern Poverty Law Center lists Bill Warner among the top 10 hatemongers of the USA.

(Behind that odious name is hiding a money-making scam. Some scammers push you into MLM, others sell time shares, and SPLC makes money by scaring people. They collect tens of millions of dollars tax-free to “monitor” hate groups. With KKK and neo-Nazis being active many years ago that probably made some sense. Now they have to go after odd targets to justify their existence, like pick-up artists, who teach guys how to seduce girls. Their targets are also the pro-family organizations and of course Bill Warner. However, you won’t find in their list any Muslim organizations, even those that have been indicted and punished for supporting terrorism, like CAIR.)

Maybe the main reason for the leftist blackmail is Bill Warner’s rationality – he always emphasizes that he deals with a rational study of political Islam. He doesn’t deal with Muslims and is only interested in their ideology. In an age, where reason is shunned and feelings and imaginary constructs (like gender fluidity or that you can consider yourself a woman even with a penis) are the “scientific” norm, the rationalism of Bill Warner is an unforgivable sin.

That distinction between the scientific method and the politically correct apologetics was clearly covered in his presentation:

bill-warner-presentation-2Warner sees Islam as a political doctrine – the goal of its creator Mohammed was political expansion. In the early period, while he lived in Mecca, he basically tried to present himself as a new prophet, who continues the Jewish tradition. The result of that was the Meccan part of the Koran, which is more tolerant and humane – Mohammed was trying to attract new followers through persuasion. In the 13 years he spent in Mecca he convinced only 155 people. After he moved to Medina, he turned to violence, jihad, which brought him the real success. That period is reflected in the parts of the Koran that promote violence.

bill-warner-presentation-4bill-warner-presentation-5However, the Koran is not the only source of Islam. There are other scriptures, which contributed to the formation of that ideology and without them the Koran can’t be fully understood. Those are the Sira, interpretations, and especially the Hadiths, a very detailed description of the life of Mohammed and his companions. The Koran comprises only 14% of that, with the Sira being 26% and the Hadiths 60% of the Muslim scriptures. Here Warner emphasized again that he was interested in analysis and criticism mostly of the doctrine of Islam, not in criticizing Muslims.

bill-warner-presentation-6bill-warner-presentation-7Mohammed is the central character of those scriptures. The doctrine is built and revolves around his personality. For example, his early attempt to present himself as a Jewish prophet turned into hostility and rejection of the Jews when the latter rejected him. As a result, he divided the people in the world into two groups – those who follow his religion and the unbelievers, the kafirs. Very large portions of the Muslim trilogy are dedicated to dealing with kafirs. According to Warner, dealing with the kafirs is the essence of the political Islam.

bill-warner-presentation-10bill-warner-presentation-11The political doctrine, which aimed at conquering the world and converting the kafirs, rapidly grew in the Muslim scriptures. In the Meccan part of the Koran, its main tool – jihad – was not mentioned at all, but it dominates the Medinan Koran and the later scriptures. Also, the hostility toward Jews is almost invisible in the Meccan period, but grows later.

bill-warner-presentation-12bill-warner-presentation-13The violent methods adopted by Mohammed and later continued by his followers and heirs achieved great success in converting very large number of people. Islam has a peculiar feature – the doctrines from the early, “peaceful” period coexist with the concepts of the later “jihadist” time without any attempt to reconcile them. That creates a dualism in Islam, which is difficult to understand in the West, where logic is expected to dominate science or any other doctrine. It makes impossible to refute the ideas of Islam – they are simply foreign to consistency or logic.bill-warner-presentation-15

bill-warner-presentation-14The dualism creates ethics, which is inconsistent and justifies deception in the name of advancement of Islam. When we add to the mix the lack of the Golden Rule, i.e. the idea of moral reciprocity, the result is an ugly doctrine, which is destructive and hardly fits in the West.

bill-warner-presentation-16In the end Dr. Warner signed a few books and responded to the questions of the participants.

bill-warner-in-toronto-2© 2014

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  1. SM ISAC says:

    Thanks to Dr. Warner and his scientific methodology, persuading non Muslims to study political Islam and Islamic history of conquest is made easier.

    Thanks to JDL for their firm grasp of what it takes to win this war, and thank you to Blogwrath for your excellent report!

  2. Then Lone Ranger says:

    “The Southern Poverty Law Center lists Bill Warner among the top 10 hatemongers of the USA.”

    Are those disgusting hate mongers still in business?

  3. Jim Heller says:

    Another great report, Miro. I’ve learned a lot from Bill Warner’s articles and books. Of them all, his “Mohammed Among the Unbeleivers” which is essentially the official biography or Sira, is a must-read. As is his abridged koran.

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