Blonde Dutch Woman Raped in Tahrir Square

What you see in the video above is the assault on a blonde woman (reportedly of Dutch origin), who had the misfortune of showing up at Cairo’s Tahrir Square. The “cradle” of the Egyptian “revolution” is notorious for hosting gangs of savage Muslims whom the Western press desperately tries to picture as fighters for the bright democratic future of Egypt.

I hope you remember an almost identical case, in which another blonde was raped in the same place. I am talking about the American journalist Lara Logan. It was hard to chastise Lara for what happened to her – after all, she was doing her job of covering the “great” changes and her superiors probably never could imagine that the noble revolutionaries she was supposed to interviews were in fact a gang of vicious animals.

However, this is not the case with the still unnamed Dutch girl in the video. She definitely chose to ignore the atrocities caused by the Muslim mobs to Christians and foreigners. She probably had the delusional idea that going there to support their “revolutionary cause” would move those Muslim to tears. That might be true in the Dutch metrosexual environment, but in the deranged Arab world an uncovered woman is a fair target.

Did she learn anything from that experience? We don’t know yet, but I can assure you that she won’t learn anything. People like her live in an imaginary ideological bubble, which protects them from communicating with the real world.

I bet you that in a few months she’ll be off to another place of “oppression”. It is hard to feel sorry for people like her.

What really angers me is the fate of the countless Egyptian women and girls, who suffered the same or even worse assaults. They rarely appear in videos (and the Western press has very little interest in such videos anyway). They probably sincerely believed that things will change in Egypt. Yet, with the election results giving 75% of the parliament’s seats to Muslim fanatics, who range between very extreme and ultra-extreme, I don’t see any hope for those women.

I wonder if that Dutch woman has anything to say about them…

Video h/t BCF


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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    When will these liberals ever learn? A good looking blonde woman in the middle of a mob of firebrand Muslim savages is – and I hate to say this – asking for it. Will Lara Logan and the Dutch reporter somehow blame themselves for “leading the Muslims savages on?”

  2. SM ISAC says:

    Lara Logan, if it weren’t for half a dozen of burka clad women who barricaded her with their own bodies, would have literally been torn to pieces as the savages pulled at her screaming, “Jews, Jews, Jews.” I don’t know who this Dutch woman is, but Logan is a reporter just doing her job, and she has returned to her reporting.

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