Can You Spot the Turkish Woman?



That shouldn’t be difficult – it’s impossible to miss the hijab. She sticks out like a sore thumb among the other people around her, each one dressed in Western style.

Under normal circumstances, it would be possible to turn a blind eye on such a woman in the name of “diversity”. But those are not normal circumstances – the picture was taken recently in Germany during the official visit of the Turkish president Abdullah Gul. It shows him with the German President and his wife. The woman with the hijab is Gul’s wife, the “First Lady” of Turkey.

It’s ironic to see her dressed like that, considering the fact that her husband went to Germany to convince the sceptical Chancellor Merkel that Turkey is fully qualified and deserving to become a part of the European Union. The appearance of Mrs. Gul very much summarizes the situation in that country – while its leaders are talking about joining the Western civilization, their actions are pushing the country toward the Muslim fanaticism.

That’s the sad end of a fascinating social experiments – turning a backward Islamic country into a modern secular state.

It didn’t work…

When decades ago Mustafa Kemal Ataturk took upon himself the monumental task of reforming Turkey, it was clear to him that he had to get rid of the Islamic influence and symbols, if his project were to be successful. He banned all veils, niqabs and hijabs.

A few years ago, when the Islamist Erdogan and his protégé Gul took upon themselves the task of dismantling the Kemalist secularism, the return of the hijab was one of the most important parts of their sabotage.  Having Mrs. Gul walk with her hijab in the Presidential mansion probably makes Ataturk spin in his grave.

Her hijab is only the tip of the transformation. Under Erdogan, the army, which was the guarantor of secularism, turned into an impotent servant of his Islamic ambitions. All generals who objected the process of Islamization were ousted and persecuted.

Turkey turned away from the West and Israel. For Erdogan it is more important to impress the Muslim barbarians in the area than to keep his country progressing.  The vigour with which he attacked Israel over the last year’s Gaza flotilla confrontation shows how deeply involved Turkey was in that provocation. Sending Turkish terrorists, who tried to kill Israeli soldiers, was intended to discredit Israel and elevate the image of Turkey.

Erdogan is even trying to cultivate his image of a defender of Islam. In a TV interview with Charlie Rose last week, when asked about the moderate Islam, he reiterated his opinion that the term makes him uncomfortable. In his opinion, there is only one Islam and everybody, who commits crimes in the name of Islam, is not Muslim. He even added that since anti-Semitism was considered “crime against humanity”, Islamophobia must be treated the same way.

I question Erdogan’s ability to think rationally. His loyalty to his fake cult is so strong that he forgets reality. Turkey wants to be a regional military power (they even threaten Israel with attacks), yet their weapons and military equipment are supplied entirely by the USA and Israel. The Turkish economy depends entirely on the orders from the West. A confrontation with the West won’t bring anything good. Turkey is incapable of developing independent economy with the millions of illiterates in its population.

Erdogan’s new friends, the Arab countries, will not be able to provide a substitute for the lost positions in the West. For centuries, the Arabs haven’t developed anything on their own in the fields of industry and science.

It is difficult to understand the motivation of the Turkish Prime Minister. The only plausible explanation is that he wants to restore the former “glory” of the genocidal Ottoman Empire. That empire was the stronghold of the vile Muslim cult in Europe for centuries. It was directly responsible for the extermination of millions of Greeks, Serbs, Bulgarians, Armenians and Kurds.

But Erdogan is a few centuries late in his attempt to revive the empire. “The times they are a-changin’.” Europeans are cautious and most of them are well aware what can be expected from the influx of tens of millions of Muslim fanatics. Germany has a first-hand experience with its millions of Turks, who have no intention of integrating and their mosques are their first priority.

Of course there are countries like England, which want Turks in Europe, but they have always supported the murderous empire. England was the country, which defended the genocide against the Bulgarians in 1876. For some reason, they forget that Turkey is not a European country – the small patch of land they have in Europe was actually stolen from Greece and Bulgaria.

Then what was Mrs. Gul’s hijab doing in Germany?

Well, the intention was to ensure its fellow Turkish hijabs in Germany that they can scoff in the face of the West and mooch off their social benefits system. It also intended to warn all Turks, who wanted to integrate and embrace the European values, that their original country doesn’t like that a bit.

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  1. The Lone Wolf says:

    SO wearing a hijab in Germany is going against European Values ?

    WOW..Maybe your hate articles against the religion of Islam is against Canadian Values!

    Let me get definition of RACISM to you:

    “Racism” and “racial discrimination” are often used to describe discrimination on an ethnic or cultural basis, independent of their somatic (i.e. “racial”) differences. (wikipedia)

    You are a racist, no matter what you deny.

    The Lone Wolf —awoooooooo

    1. SM ISAC says:

      I don’t find any discussion of religion here, only history and politics.

    2. admiwrath says:

      Your argument is ridiculous – Islam is not a race. No matter what you say, when Erdogan and Gul are destroying the secular Turkish state, the only people who win are the Muslim fanatics.

  2. Miguel says:

    Dear Lone Wolf – You win first prize in dhimmitude of the day! Congrats. Also good going with COMPLETELY missing the point. ESL?

  3. The Lone Ranger says:

    There are major problems looming in Germany with its sizable Turkish population. In June 2010, the police union for the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia shocked the nation when it announced it would bring policemen from Turkey to help patrol the turbulent streets of some immigrant neighbourhoods in NRW cities. The police administration finally came clean and admitted that domestic police forces can no longer handle violent Turkish youths inhabiting these quarters.

    And we want to let more of these barbarians into Europe with official membership of the EU?

    The police union’s chairman, Erich Rettinghaus, stated that it was “a good measure”. A good measure To invite Islamic cops to work in a European country to “communicate” Islamic youths are causing so much crime and chaos? According to Die Welt, the Turkish police would patrol the immigrant Turkish areas in their own uniforms together with German policemen.

    Get that? They will patrol TURKISH areas IN THEIR OWN (TURKISH) UNIFORMS. Which only goes to show that these backward savages have no intention of “integrating’ with the greater German population or even, in some cases, refuse to learn the German language.

    There are 3.5 million Muslims in Germany and the Turks make up 2.3 million of them. And they all live in the most populous and economically powerful of Germany’s 16 states. Guess that’s where all the welfare money is coming from, right? Other German cities, Duisburg, Dusseldorf, Dortmund and Essen have large numbers of residents of various Third World backgrounds that make up about 25% of their populations. Overall, of Germany’s 82 million people, about 20% have a non-German backgrounds. That’s 16 MILLION Third World immigrants and their offspring living in Germany and causing so many problems that the Krauts are now bringing in cops from a backward Muslim state just to keep their own kind in check. The population of Turkey is almost 76 million. Do we really want more of them in Europe during times of social upheaval and economic uncertainty?

    Imagine Canada inviting Sharia cops to work in Toronto to stop their backward brethren from attacking journalists in public places. Going on what is happening in Germany, think it won’t happen elsewhere?

    1. admiwrath says:

      I just read today that the government of Germany considers secretly watching people who oppose Islamism. This is supposed to be a response to the growing anti-Islamic sentiments among German people. They have it totally backwards – the hostility is caused by the Muslims’ inability to adapt to the local culture, while at the same they have no problem stealing money from the taxpayers under the form of welfare payments. I can’t believe how out of touch with reality are the pansies who rule Western Europe.
      It looks like Germany has come a full circle. In the times of Hitler they exterminated everybody who was against the state and they even used Muslim military help from Bosnia and “Palestine”. Now Merkel goes against those who oppose government control and enlists Muslims as her supporters. The anti-Semitism is at all time high. We all know how Hitller and his friends ended up. I don’t think this time would be any different.

  4. The Lone Wolf says:

    A mosque in northern Israel has been torched and sprayed with graffiti, in a suspected attack by Jewish extremists.

    “Price Tag” attacks, carried out against any policy to reduce the presence of Jewish settlers and settlements on occupied Palestinian land in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, have increased in recent months.

    Most happen in the West Bank, though a similar incident took place in the Arab Israeli village of Iblin last year.

  5. The Lone Ranger says:

    Here is a more accurate breakdown of the immigrant population of Germany, including some interesting facts. The ratio of those who have not completed secondary education among immigrants is 15%, while among the native Germans it is only 2%. About 45% of the immigrants do not have any special professional training (there are fewer than 20% of those among the Germans). The unemployment rate among the immigrants is 11.5% while among the locals this number is 5.8%. The risk of falling into poverty among immigrants is 26.2%, and among the Germans—11.7%.

    Immigrants from Muslim countries cause the biggest concern for the Germans (not surprisingly). Recently the detention near Bonn of four young Muslims suspected of connections to Islamist terror groups was reported. As a result these detainees were released, but in other cases evidence of a link with the terrorists was found rather quickly. It was established that many participants in spontaneous street celebrations in Gemrany on the 9/11 attacks of 2001 were attendees of a notorious mosque in Hamburg.

    Currently, there are 4.3 million Muslims in Germany (over 5% of the population). Approximately two-thirds of them are the Turks, while others are mainly Arabs, Kurds, Albanians and Bosnian Muslims. Approximately 45% of them have German passports (conveniently), while the desire to be fully integrated into German society was expressed by only by 25%. Did Chancellor Angela Merkel, acknowledging the failure of integration of Muslims into German society, mean exactly what she said??The number of mosques has increases exponentially. In 1970, Germany had only three mosques, and today there are over 2,500 of them (an increase is impressive, even taking into account the fact that today this statistic includes the territory of the former East Germany). Three years ago the authorities in Cologne have given permission for the construction of mosques and minarets which originally were supposed to be above the domes of the famous local cathedral. Only after numerous protests the height of minarets was reduced.

    Germany’s Islamic nightmare is only beginning to emerge. However, the rise of right wing parties in Europe is understandable, given the vast numbers of immigrants, particularly Muslims, who continue to fill up western Europe without the slightest desire to become “Europeans.” Indeed, they are not “immigrants” at all, but colonisers.

    This rousing and hard hitting speech by a Swiss politician on YouTube MUST be watched!

    1. admiwrath says:

      Thank you for your input. The number of Turks in Germany is frigheteningly high. The fact that they not only don’t want to integrate, but are also encouraged to stay isolated by their “sultan” Erdogan is not going to end up well. The arrogance of those primitive fanatics, who think they can take over with the “power” of their death cult, will eventually clash with the people who produce everything in Germany, regardles of what Merkel of the pansies in the Union bureacracy say.

  6. Istanbul_Chick says:

    I tutored a German-Turkish lady who had the (mis)fortune to meet Gul’s and Erdogan’s slaves.

    Ignorant was the first word she used to describe those women.

    Then she let full out exactly what she thought of modern day people who practice 7th century Arab tribalism and the Western idiots who think any good can come of hobnobbing with tribalists.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Yes, that’s the problem – a tribal-thinking person always tries to project his or her limited world view on the rest of the world.

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