Crazy Somali Broads Nearly Kill U.K. Woman (and Get Away with It)


The video above shows how deeply the self-destruction of Europe has advanced. A gang of Somali Muslim female savages attacked a white woman in a racially motivated attack. And that happened not in the streets of the lawless Mogadishu, but in Leicester, in the supposedly civilized England. They beat her nearly to death and on top of that claimed in court that they couldn’t be held responsible. The reason was that although the broads were drunk, they, as Muslims, were not used to alcohol, so they couldn’t control themselves.

The most astonishing thing was that the judge agreed with that – he gave them short suspended sentences!

I am sure the case makes proud that pansy Tony Blair and his retarded sister-in-law, who converted to Islam. The uncontrolled Muslim immigration already bears its fruits – not only is the British society extremely “diverse” with widely accepted sharia law, but it also shows the white people that they are second-class citizens.

The USA is heading into the same direction – under Obama the immigration from Somalia increased significantly. Never mind that this is one of the most disgusting countries in the world, where terrorist gangs are the real government. Its major national industry is piracy and the main export is welfare parasites. (Of course, there should be some great Somali guys, but for some reason they are difficult to find.)

In the video, please observe the behaviour of the boyfriend. He took a triple beating – first the Muslim animals kicked his ass, while he tried to help his girlfriend (although for some reason he tried to hold on to his jacket for a good part of the time). The second humiliation was at the trial, where he was accused of using excessive force against the savages. And the third one came from the readers of Daily Mail, who thought he didn’t do enough for his girlfriend.

Is it any wonder that nowadays white men have become so effeminate? Squeezed between insane Muslims, militant feminazis and a hostile judicial system, their very existence is considered a crime.

England definitely is doomed (Canada and the USA are not far behind)…


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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    Be it known that Muslims are a protected group in Britain. When Middle Eastern & Pakistani Savages can stand in a British street in a British town and shout at British soldiers coming home, calling them Rapists & murderers, then you know that end is near.

    I predict in 10-20 years from now the UK will erupt into civil war if radical Islam continues to grow in the UK unchecked.

    1. admiwrath says:

      The way things are developing in England, your prediction may come true much earlier.

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