Day of Mourning for the Persecuted in Islamic Societies, Toronto, June 23, 1 pm, Queen’s Park

“A Day Of Mourning” for Persecuted People in Islamic Societies and Other Places in the World

June 23, 2013 starting at 1 pm in Toronto at Queen’s Park (the Parliament of Ontario)
Speakers will include:

Pastor James Luke
Christine Williams, a Journalist, news analyst and nine time international award-winning talk show Host and Producer. She is also a member of the Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center Task Force Against Anti-Semitism and a Federal Appointee with the Canadian Race Relations Foundation
Keith Davies, Director of Forum For Middle East Understanding (FFMU) and Rescue Christians
Mark Harding, Evangelists of Canada
Meir Weinstein of the JDL Canada (Jewish Defense League)
Rev. Dr. Tony Costa
Today so many are running for fear of their lives and their families’ lives in Pakistan, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and the list goes on. These Islamic societies are, it seems trying to exterminate all the Christians. The reason for this killing of Christians and destruction of their property and churches is because of their faith in Jesus Christ. And this persecution is taking place against all non-Muslims living in Islamic societies not just Christians.
What are we to do? What can we do?
Well, if you will join us at the Ontario Legislative building (Queens Park) at University and Wellesley streets in Toronto on Sunday June 23 at 1 pm, we will be doing something most important, standing together in a peaceful demonstration in front of “The Ontario Legislative Building” for our government to open their eyes to this terrible persecution taking place, and as well, we will be praying together in a day of mourning.
20 years ago God gave me this warning to tell others, ‘that there were many Islamic terrorists who interpreted Islam in a way that was dangerous to our nation here in Canada.” I was arrested for my efforts. Now, God has given me a warning to send out at this peaceful event to Islamic societies and to those same radical terrorists living here in Canada and around the world like Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood, Hezbullah, Boko Harem, Al Qaeda etc, ‘Stop this persecution or face the consequences of His anger.’
And as well I will be warning moderate Muslims who watch and say nothing, ‘you will be found just as guilty if you remain silent and do nothing.’ To the Christians, God Almighty declares, pray together, stand together, and watch, as our God, the true God of Israel, releases His anger on those who reject His commandment (Thou shall not murder) and yet are murdering His innocent children. If you care for these innocent men, women and children, then I ask you to Mourn with me at this event, so that God will hear our cries.
May the Lord bless those at this event with a revival so that we may go forth with courage and boldness in His Son’s Holy name and open the eyes of many that they too may see the evil that is taking place against innocent people living in Islamic societies and other areas around the world.
On Sunday June 23 rd open your hearts and stand with us at “A Day Of Mourning” and let the media and all Canadians see what has been going on to our Brothers, Sisters and their families in Islamic societies around the world. I hope to meet with you there.

Thank you and God bless,
Mark Harding

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