Day of Mourning for the Persecuted in the Muslim Countries

An event that took place earlier today at Queen’s Park was supposed to call Canada’s attention to the plight of the victims of the Muslim totalitarianism. The mayhem that started in the Islamic countries a few years ago (under the name “Arab Spring”) as an attempt to change them, quickly made their situation even worse.


Mark Harding

The medieval cult of Islam, which dominates them, hasn’t changed at all. After the demise of the secular dictators in those countries, the religious barbarism has taken over and Muslims are persistently killing each other. That gets the attention of the Western press and governments, but the suffering of those who are caught in the middle – Christians, Jews, and other minorities – is totally ignored.

No matter how fiercely the factions of Islam fight with each other, they always get united when they want to kill Christians. That bizarre situation is clearly seen in Syria’s civil war, which has already caused the death of over 100,000 people. Iran and Russia keep supporting the thugs from Assad’s government. The West and Saudi Arabia are arming Muslim terrorist cannibals, whom they try to present as “freedom fighters”. The once large Christian population in the country, where Apostle Paul once wandered and preached, is being attacked and exterminated by both sides and very few people in the outside world seem to care.


Christine Williams

Despite the importance of that issue, the turnout was smaller than expected. It looks like apathy becomes a permanent feature of the Canadian society. It’s disturbing that only the Muslim fanatics can get a real large crowd (like last year when they demanded blasphemy laws after that YouTube movie).

The speakers included people actively involved in protecting the human rights of the forgotten victims. Christine Williams is a journalist, news analyst and nine time international award-winning talk show host and producer. She is also a member of the Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center Task Force against Anti-Semitism and a Federal Appointee with the Canadian Race Relations Foundation.


Meir Weinstein

Keith Davies is a Director of the Forum for Middle East Understanding (FFMU) and Rescue Christians. Mark Harding is an evangelist, who himself has been a victim of the Muslim extremism. The list of speakers also included Meir Weinstein of JDL-Canada and Rev. Dr. Tony Costa.


The moderate Muslims – just kidding – they were tourists who appeared quickly and just as quickly left

In the video below you can see highlights from the event. The common thread in all the speeches was the concern that the West pays little attention to the suffering of the Christians and other victims, while it tries to appease the Muslim fanatics and surrender our values in the name of multiculturalism.

The facts they brought up almost never find a place on the pages of the newspapers or in the radio or TV news. Hopefully, those, who watch the speakers and pay attention to what they said, would understand the gravity of the situation.

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