Honor Diaries – Abuse Masked as Religion

The issue of the honour killings is one of those sensitive topics that almost everybody is aware of, but is afraid to discuss, mostly due to false religious sensitivities. The fact that somebody could be killed because of violating some outdated ethical norms is difficult to comprehend in the West, yet the media are more than willing to overlook it in the name of “cultural diversity.”

Although the phenomenon has been observed in different religious environments, it happens with disturbing frequency in the Muslim communities. Most of the victims of that crime are women and girls. In many Muslim countries the killers are treated leniently, according to the sharia law, which makes the plight of women even worse.

It is disturbing that after immigrating to Western countries, some Muslims continue to mistreat women and are barely aware of the laws and the principle of equal rights. Often teachers, social workers, police and lawmakers ignore important signs in family conflicts that could help prevent a tragedy.

The recently released documentary – Honor Diaries: Culture Is No Excuse for Abuse – takes a look at that injustice. Through interviews its makers show how by using antiquaeted religious norms many men are trying to impose complete control over the women in their families. On March 30 you will have the chance to see the movie in Canada:


The Council for Muslims Facing Tomorrow

in collaboration with Speakers Action Group

and Act! For Canada

announce the Toronto launch and screening of the award-winning documentary

honor diaries

Sunday 30th March 2014 – 10:00 am

Colossus Woodbridge, Famous Players Cineplex

3555 Highway 7 West at Hwy 400, Vaughan, ON L4L 6B1

Cost of admission: $ 10.00 per person*

Presented by: Raheel Raza, President Muslims Facing Tomorrow



“The stories in ‘Honor Diaries’ … will succeed in raising awareness of atrocities happening around the world” LA TIMES.COM/RED EYE REVIEW

“When women suffer in silence, they suffer alone, and their suffering grows. Only when women come together and break the silence can this suffering end.” Comment after the screening at the CHICAGO FILM FESTIVAL

 Supported by: Coalition of Progressive Canadian Muslim Organizations (CPCMO)   www.HonorDiaries.com

Please reserve your seats by contacting 416-505-1613 or razzaz55@yahoo.com and choose one of the following payment options:

  1. Pay at the door – cash only.
  2. Send cheque made out to Muslims Facing Tomorrow to the following address:P.O. Box 41, 4000 Dundas Street WestToronto, ON M6S 2T7


  3. If paying by credit card, make a direct payment through PayPal at:http://muslimsfacingtomorrow.com/how-to-help


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  1. A true religion should enhance reliance, a bridge to God. The perfect belief command us in group of people to show be in love with toward each other and toward those less lucky, and mobilizes us to feed the hungry, dress poor people, cure the fallen and secure the bereaved. Spirituality guides our emotions as religion guidlines our actions. Spiritual techniques is inward while religious beliefs leads outward. Religion can be utilized alone, but religious conviction in society. Specially when spirituality causes us to be additional empathetic, religious conviction impels us to perform concrete acts of loving-kindness.

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