Horrific Crime in Saudi Arabia: Filipinos Attend a Catholic Mass

It was reported about a week ago that about a week ago a Catholic priest and 12 Filipinos have been arrested in Saudi Arabia for proselytizing.

In case people in the civilized country think that they were walking around to hand out Bibles and convert the local Arabs, we should emphasize that nothing like that happened. The Saudi fanatics from the Commission for Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, a well respected government body, arrested them at a house.

According to the report, the Vice Police raided the house, because it was tipped off that a Catholic Mass was being held there. Over 150 “expatriates” were found there and they arrested only 13 because the police station couldn’t accommodate more people.

That’s it. That’s the crime. A group of Christian people gathered to conduct a peaceful religious service and they were charged with proselytizing. No Arabs were involved…

Of course, this looks totally absurd, but in the twisted world of the Muslim barbarians of that country, it is perfectly normal.

Saudi Arabia is one of the major advocates for Muslim religious rights in non-Muslim countries. They build mosques, finance organizations, which often work against the countries that accepted them. In every case of perceived intolerance those fanatics yell and threaten until they impose their way (look no further than Holland and Denmark for examples).

Yet, when it comes to the rights of people of other religions in Saudi Arabia, they are treated worse than animals.

The Muslim tolerance is more than touching…

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