Jonathan Spyer to Talk on Syria and the New Realities of the Middle East

It is difficult to make sense of the chaotic events in Syria, which have taken the lives of hundreds of thousands and forced millions to leave the country. Not many scholars or journalists could fill the gap in our understanding of that area of the world. Jonathan Spyer is person with a first-hand experience in the history and current politics in the Middle East. Brought to Toronto by the Speakers Action Group, he will speak at a Business Lunch Lecture, titled:

“When The Dust Settles in Damascus: New Realities of The Middle East”

Dr. Jonathan Spyer, the special guest speaker is a Middle East analyst focusing on Syria, Lebanon and Israeli strategic affairs.

He will be joined at the event by Dr. Jack Muskat, as a moderator and the panelists Mike Fegelman, John Thompson, and Sohail Raza.

This promises to be a deep discussion about the conflict in Syria looking at the different players, the rebels, the government, Iran and Hizbolla and its impact on Lebanon, Israel and Iraq – how this will affect the future of the Middle East?

Time of the event: Friday, January 31, 12 noon, doors open at 11:30 am.

The lecture will take place at Bennett Jones LLP, 100 King Street West, corner.

Lunch $25, must have a reservation, dietary laws observed.

To register go to: or


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