Malaysian Muslim Idiots Fight a Little Angel

Malaysia has been lauded as a “moderate” Muslim country. Every time I hear that I have a hard time keeping a straight face – the statement is ridiculous. Malaysian Muslims are the same like all others, although they can maintain a more civilized façade.



The latest proof is the misfortune of Kewpie Corporationfrom Japan. They produce great mayonnaise (available even in Canada). According to Asahi Newspaper in 2010 they started selling their product in Malaysia. After passing the test and getting halal certification, they ran into an unexpected problem. It turned out the government didn’t like their log – the little doll shown in the picture. It has barely noticeable wings. So it is considered an angel, which contradicts the Islamic requirement not to depict idols.

The company was given two years to change the logo, which they have used since the 1920s. Faced with the temptation to catch the Malaysian market, Kewpie is willing to change its logo.

Maybe there are other reasons – like the desire to keep the employees alive. The Muslims, who went totally berserk over a few cartoons a few years ago, can do exactly the same over a little angel drawing. Protecting your workers from being hacked to death by a crowd of deranged Malaysian Muslims is probably worth the change.

This proves again what demented cult Islam is. Its followers can’t create anything useful other than riots and new complaints. Rationality, tolerance and common sense are totally foreign to those ragheads.

Way to go, Malaysia!


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