Muslim Idiot Tries to Snatch the Olympic Torch

Nothing illustrates better the sorry state of Great Britain than this incident. The symbol of thr Olympic games, pride of the country, is being attacked by a crazy Muslim, who reportedly shouted “Allahu Akbar!” – the idiotic cry of every Muslim terrorist.

The British government and people allocated huge amounts of money to get the games going. Unfortunately, it won’t be happy-go-lucky, alle-Menschen-werden-Brüder event. The threat from that idiot’s brethren forced security expenses for millions and millions of dollars. London hasn’t so many soldiers and police officers since World War II. Anti-aircraft weapons are placed on top of manybuildings.

It is sad – thanks to the disfunctional family of Tony Blair, including his retarded Muslim sister-in-law, and all the mindless and treacherous academics and journalists, the once proud British Empire transformed itself into a meeting place of inbred thrid-world savages, who get every imaginable benefit from the government without any work. Instead of being grateful for their good luck, those Muslims do their best to destroy the country through bombings, rapes, and attempts to establish sharia emirates.

The worst part is that everybody, who voices even the slightest disagreement with that suicidal policy, is branded immediately bigot and racist.


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  1. Xanthippa says:

    Most of what you say – OK, but I take exception to calling the Olympic torch ‘pride of the country’.

    More like ‘shame of the world’.

    Just consider the sheer arrogance – and sheepish acceptance by the populace – of the fascist suspension of civil liberties of the citizens and their business wherever the blight of the Olympics falls.

    And that does not even touch on the corruption in the IOC…

    Time honest people refused to legitimize this type of behaviour. If we don’t, all our society will end up as fascist as an Olympic area!

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