Muslims Exterminate Christians in Egypt

Fight those who do not believe in Allah, nor in the latter day, nor do they prohibit what Allah and His Apostle have prohibited, nor follow the religion of truth, out of those who have been given the Book, until they pay the tax in acknowledgment of superiority and they are in a state of subjection.

Koran 9.29

The quote from the Koran above gives a clear instruction to the followers of Islam on how to deal with people who think differently. It’s simple and clear – they must fight them.

That’s exactly what happened recently in Egypt when Christians went to central Cairo to protest peacefully the torching of a church in Aswan and the violence
against them during a rally on October 4. The Copts were well organized – they notified the authorities about their peaceful demonstration. They didn’t plan to occupy any parts of the city.

By the time they reached the downtown area, the number of the protestors was about 150,000. During their march, civilian Muslims threw rocks and fired shots in the air to intimidate them. Once they reached the downtown area, the army took over. They were waiting for the demonstrators near the national TV headquarters.

According to the official version, what followed wasn’t planned – they claim that the commanders lost control over their soldiers. It’s irrelevant whether that’s
true or the massacre was planned – the important thing is that as a result 35 to 50 Christians were killed and many hundreds wounded.

Many were shot; others were run over by armoured army vehicles, which deliberately drove into the crowd. The gruesome results were recorded in videos and pictures (the pictures below, WARNING-THEY ARE GRUESOME, appeared on the site of the Assyrian International News Agency (AINA), in their article Egyptian Army, Police Kill 35 Coptic Christian Protestors and are reproduced here with their kind permission).

Here is how a family has been destroyed:


And the picture below doesn’t need any comment.



However, that was just part one of the massacre. The Muslim propaganda got involved to make sure that the Christians are blackmailed. Egypt’s national TV reported while the massacre was going on that the Copts killed three soldiers. That was a lie, but it was enough to aggravate the situation. The Salafi TV stations (controlled by Saudi Arabia) claimed that the protestors burned a Koran during the demonstration, which also was a lie. It didn’t matter – that was enough to urge more Muslim fanatics to get involved.

As of now, there isn’t any announcement about charging those who perpetrated the massacre. Judging from the fact that the former President Mubarak and other officials are on trial for killing Muslim protestors, it becomes clear that there is a double standard, which is not in favour of the Christians.

I wonder if anybody is surprised. For anybody with half a brain it was clear beyond any doubt that the “Arab Spring” would only unleash the Muslim barbarism. It is ridiculous to talk about building democracy in any Arab country. The fanatics, who dominate those countries, live happily under the shackles of Islam. Not unlike the Wall Street “occupiers”, they think that if they are loud enough, somebody would give them money for doing nothing. Or in the case of Egypt, they can steal the money from the Christians.

Under the secular dictators, the barbarism was under some control – good enough to make the Western tourists think that they are safe in Egypt. With that control gone, the “economy” is in shambles.

Without any doubt, the Kenyan loser who sits in the Oval Office is one of the major contributors to the situation. And so are the people around him, like Fareed Zakaria.

He was the reason I cancelled my subscription for Time Magazine. Once an impartial news magazine, under Zakaria it turned into a rag reporting fantasy stories from La La Land. One of the last issues I received featured on its cover the Facebook activists, who supposedly started the “revolution” – hijab bloggers, Muslim rappers, etc.

Inside, Zakaria had an article, in which he, with almost orgasmic excitement, explained how this time the Muslim countries will be changed profoundly by those young people. Well, that may be enough to make gullible Americans buy his magazine, but it still doesn’t match reality. The vast majority of the Egyptians are illiterates, who haven’t even seen a telephone, let alone being part of a Facebook “revolution”.

Things will get only worse – the Muslim parties can rely on more than enough fanatics to win the elections. Turning Egypt into a barbaric sharia-controlled country will chase away the tourists. Unable to deliver the goods, the ruling fanatics will blame of course the Jews and the Christians. Since Israel is a tough target, the Christians will remain the only scapegoat.

That means more terror and genocide against the Copts. The most horrible part of the problem is that they can’t rely on support from anybody. The European Union pansies in Brussels think only about how to bend over to accommodate every Muslim terrorist, who shows up at their door. Taking a position against the persecution of Christians is sooooo politically incorrect. The closet Muslim in the White House won’t do anything either – he betrayed Israel, the Christians are next.

Great news, my Muslim fanatical friends – you’ll be able to continue your work undisturbed…

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  1. SM ISAC says:

    That just a rumour is enough to set the mobs upon their targets is well demonstrated, and exploited. The mainstream reporting has until very recently (until it’s impossible to deny the true nature of the violence) portrayed the Christian persecution as “sectarian strife” with both sides as aggressors. Shameful.

  2. The Lone Ranger says:

    Both Egypt and Lybia can look forward to Islamist governments and the full implemention of Sharia Law.

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