Muslims Force a Vilification of Religions Resolution through the UN


That's what the new UN resolution means


The gang of 57 Muslim countries in the United Nations, known as the Organization of Islamic Conference, managed to squeeze again (through one of the committees) a resolution designed to fight the “vilification of religions”. They stubbornly try to pass it every year, although the UN General Assembly so far hasn’t approved it. They are bound to do it again this coming December.

On the surface that sounds great, doesn’t it?

Finally there will be some protection for the little Christian lady, who drops her dollar every Sunday in the collection plate at her church or for the Rabbi, who is taunted by accusations that his small synagogue is planning to take over the world.

Wrong, I can’t imagine Pope Benedict XVI going through courts and lobbying all known politicians to punish his church’s enemies. Or the Dalai Lama scheming over different ways to make China accept his form of Buddhism.

However, there is a religion that will definitely benefit from that resolution in its attempts to enslave the world and that’s Islam.

There is a certain Muslim idiot in Scotland, who has harassed Burger King for years over a certain doodle in one of their logos, which resembles to him the name of his “god” in Arabic. The company so far has taken him seriously, trying to change the design. Imagine what will happen when he has the UN resolution behind him, he will be able to sue for millions for his hurt feelings.

Make no mistake, such a resolution will only help to spread the Islamic barbarism.

If somebody draws a cartoon that displeases any psychotic Saudi sheikh or crazy Iranian ayatollah, in addition to the fatwa calling for slashing of his throat, they will have an extra weapon demanding that the Western government lock up that person according to the blasphemy resolution until a suitable killer is found.

Islam will be one more step closer to subduing the West…

And that brings up again another important issue – the viability of the United Nations. That organization has lost all of its relevance. Founded as a “noble” project for establishing the ideal for a rational world leadership, it has turned into a club of Muslim fanatics, African crooks and a huge bureaucracy that steals any funds it can. All the “play” money for those thieves is provided by ten civilized countries, which get nothing to return, except the blame that they don’t pay enough to combat “world poverty” (translation: don’t provide enough money to be stolen).

Hopefully, the General Assembly will reject the resolution again.

But that doesn’t resolve the main issue: how many more years should we tolerate the attempt of a medieval Middle Easter cult to impose its principles on the Western world?

The failure called “The United Nations” must go…


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