Pakistani Math – Kill 6 Daughters to Get Rid of 2

Question: what would a Western Christian father do, if he learns that his teenage daughters have relationships with college boys? It would depend on his temper and upbringing. He may approve, if the boys are sane and responsible. He may summon the girls for a talk about any potential danger. Or if he is bad-tempered, he may yell and have them grounded for a few weeks.

Second question: what would a devout Islamic Pakistani caveman do? He would summon them and shoot them without any regrets.

That is how the Islamic death cult resolves family conflicts.

Last Tuesday a Pakistani shot six of his daughters (h/t Barenakedislam). The reason was that two of them were suspect in having relationships with local boys.

He was either a graduate from local madras, where they don’t study math (that’s US Satan’s invention), or a product of the very common incestuous marriage, which usually produces retards. Apparently counting from to six was a huge effort he wasn’t capable of.

The most interesting part was that the whole family, including the mother, watched the massacre and didn’t try to stop it.  After everything was done, the mother called the police. The father was arrested but he said he would do it again.

So here we have it – that’s the human material that comes from that country. That’s what dominates England and Norway – a bunch of illiterate Islamic savages, who are ready to kill or mutilate their own children in the name of Mo the pedophile.

Everybody, who opposes that madness, is either declared “Islamophobe” or killed (like Benazir Bhutto and many other rational Pakistanis).

How much longer should we allow that madness to continue?

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  1. SM ISAC says:

    “The most interesting part was that the whole family, including the mother, watched the massacre and didn’t try to stop it.”

    In our part of the world, I think the mother may also be charged for being accessory to murder. May we never breathe the same air as these morally depraved and brain dead specimen.

  2. The Lone Ranger says:

    I just don’t get it. The government (whether Conservative or Liberal) insist on filling up our country with backward rabble like this. It’s not just their barbaric practices, but it’s their whole culture that is causing Canada grief.

    I own a business and get these people coming in looking for a job almost every week. They can barely speak English, smell bloody awful and have absolutely no personal discipline whatsoever. The few that I have given employment to have had difficulty in passing mandatory exams (poor English language skills), cannot or will not wear the uniform correctly (often they do not wear half of it at all), sleep on the job, and do not bathe or shave half the time.

    It is all very well for the lefties to lecture us on “different cultures”, but my business is my income and I should have every right to employ whom I feel is suitable for the job. The day that Canada starts forcing businesses to comply with some disgusting government quota for minorities (soon to be the majority), then I
    will sell the business and start my own blog!

    BTW Admirath, I see that the National Post has an interesting article on immigration. Immigrants now cost Canada (we the taxpayers) more than $23 billion a year, but pay less than half this back in taxes.


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