Pakistani Savages Charge with Blasphemy Girl with Down’s Syndrome

Dealing with Islam’s realities always leaves me wondering – how is it possible that so many followers of that cult are so stupid? Supposedly that’s God’s final revelation, which is designed to give the right answers to everything thus making the Muslims the most enlightened and wisest people in the world.

Then I read a news and I realize that Muslims are even worse than I previously thought. Case in point – a girl was recently arrested in Pakistan for blasphemy. That is not a surprise per se, it is a well-known fact that in the bloodthirsty sharia law blasphemy is a crime that provides great entertainment to the Muslim masses, because they can take part in stonings.

The trouble here is that the girl is very young – according to different sources her age range is from 11 to early teens. Even more troublesome is the fact that she is mentally ill – she has Down’s syndrome. It even looks like there is not enough evidence, because she was found holding burnt book pages with Koranic verses on them. It is not clear whether she was the one who set the Koran on fire.

In the West that would’ve been considered a non-issue and the main concern would be if her hands were burned by the fire. That’s not the case in Pakistan, because in the barbaric Muslim cult blasphemy is punishable by death.

She was arrested by the police and that’s the good part. Being in custody has saved her from the rage of the retarded followers of the cult. They have been holding rallies demanding she be punished and obviously her mental condition doesn’t concern them at all. Given the chance, those savages would tear her to pieces, shoot her or strangle her depending on the options available at the moment.

It is hard to comprehend such savagery, yet Pakistan is one of the main sources of new immigrants in Europe. And those people bring in not only their stupid fanaticism and birth defects caused by centuries of inbreeding, they also bring with them their strong conviction to turn Europe into the same shithole that is Pakistan, while attempting to keep the welfare payments.

Contemplating that situation, I keep thinking who is worse: the Muslim savages who are willing to execute a mentally disturbed girl or the highly developed European countries, which are eager to accommodate every one of their idiotic whims?

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  1. SM ISAC says:

    Who is “mentally disturbed”? Not this girl with Down’s Syndrome. All children born with this genetic disorder which causes mental and physical developmental disabilities to varying degree, are literally incapable of malice. But THOUSANDS who surrounded her home demanding blood and threatening all Christian families in her community are truly, deeply mentally disturbed.

    Heaven’s wrath upon them should they ever lay their hand on this girl.

    1. admiwrath says:

      I always find it amazing how irrational and plain stupid the Muslim fanatics are.

  2. The Lone Ranger says:

    And we are STILL letting these savages into Canada?


  3. Shayla Gladish says:

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