Palestinian Refugee Scammers need $75 Million of Your Money


Aid needed! The UN agency, which provides assistance only to the Palestinian “refugees”, is $75 million short and appeals to the goodness of the hearts of a few additional donor countries.

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees (UNWRA) was created specifically to provide money to the constantly swelling number of its clients. Other than being one of the largest UN agencies, it is also known as one of the worst managed. Theft and misuse of funds have marred its existence ever since it was created in 1950.

The money, which comes from a few UN donor countries, has often been redirected to the pockets of its bloated staff or to the coffers of terrorists like Hamas and PLO. UNWRA’s disregard for honesty didn’t go unnoticed – many of the regular suckers, like the USA and Canada, are reluctant to waste their taxpayers’ money on supporting terror anymore.

That’s why the funds are short $75 million and new donors are needed. And that’s why Filippo Grandi, the commissioner general is appealing to new countries, like Brazil, China, and India. It is questionable whether he would get the desired response.

The usual donors, among which are the USA, Japan, Canada, Germany, and France, have that very valuable trait, which allows any unscrupulous Third World schemer to exploit them. It is very easy to make them feel guilty over past or present, real or imaginary, deeds to extort a good chunk of money. However, observing the way the savages and the fanatics, who run the UN, spend the donors’ money, those countries have smartened up. The fact that many of them are in a not-so-good economic situation doesn’t help either.


But Signor Grandi will have hard time using the same approach with the other countries. It would be very difficult to make China feel guilty about anything (actually it would be impossible). I don’t see how anybody can force them to give money to people who do nothing. If China had the opportunity to create a few sweatshops with Palestinian employees, they’ll be more likely to chip in, but in that case UNWRA would be the first to raise a stink about the poor exploited Palestinians (and the organization itself would become useless).

Actually, the Palestinian refugee issue is one of the largest international scams ever perpetrated. And, as with many of the problems in the Middle East, it’s a “gift” from Great Britain. The same British, who gradually robbed the Jews from the historic land allocated to them in the mandate determined at the San Remo conference, came up with the idea of UNRWA. After the Arabs tried unsuccessfully to exterminate the Jews in 1948, the British helped to create that large welfare organization.

Normally, when we talk about refugees, it is self-evident that those are people who are displaced – they are usually returned to the place where they came from or absorbed by the country, which gave them shelter. In almost all cases, the refugee status is temporary.

That’s not so with the Palestinian “refugees” – the original (inflated) number was about 750,000. Instead of being reduced due to death from old age, that numbered had mushroomed to nearly 5,000,000. The Holy Land has seen plenty of miracles, is that one of them? Not really. According to Daniel Pipes, we owe this to the creativity of UNRWA:

UNRWA’s staff has taken three major steps over the years to expand the definition of Palestine refugees. First, and contrary to universal practice, it continued the refugee status of those who became citizens of an Arab state (Jordan in particular). Second, it made a little-noticed decision in 1965 that extended the definition of “Palestine refugee” to the descendants of those refugees, who are male, a shift that permits Palestine refugees uniquely to pass their refugee status on to subsequent generations. The U.S. government, the agency’s largest donor, only mildly protested this momentous change. The UN General Assembly endorsed it in 1982, so that now the definition of a Palestine refugee officially includes “descendants of Palestine refugee males, including legally adopted children.” Third, UNRWA in 1967 added refugees from the Six-Day War to its rolls; today they constitute about a fifth of the Palestine refugee total.

What an elegantly simple solution! It shows that when large sums of money are changing hands  (UNWRA’s budget is $650 million), the bureaucrats would always find a way to get it.

If we project those trends into the future, the situation becomes even more insane:

In other words, rather than diminish 5-fold over six decades, UNRWA has the population of refugees increase almost 7-fold. That number could grow faster yet due to the growing sentiment that female refugees should also pass on their refugee status. Even when, in about 40 years, the last actual refugee from mandatory Palestine dies, pseudo-refugees will continue to proliferate. Thus is the “Palestine refugee” status set to swell indefinitely. Put differently, as Steven J. Rosen of the Middle East Forum notes, “given UNRWA’s standards, eventually all humans will be Palestine refugees.

Unlike the guilt-ridden industrial countries, which provide the bulk of the UNWRA budget, the Arab countries pay very little. Not only that, but they also do everything to keep those refugees in the cramped camps built on their territories.

In the clumsy game of checkers the Arabs play with those people (the game is too simple to be called chess) the whole scheme is seen as providing a triple benefit.

Firstly, as long as the Palestinians live in those camps, the situation will feed the anger of the anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic leftists and Muslim fanatics.

Secondly, they give them the false hope that one day all 5,000,000 of them will return to Israel, which would commit a collective suicide by allowing in millions of people more than willing to hunt Jews.

Thirdly, those unemployed people in the camps are a fertile environment for creating and supporting of every imaginable organization ran by Muslim fanatics or terrorists.

As with everything in the UN cobweb, here we have an agency, which has created many more problems than it has ever resolved. Isn’t it time to get rid of UNWRA and let those “refugees” become a part of the Arab countries, which host them?

And while we are at it – why don’t we get rid of that sinister organization called “United Nations”, which has proven over the years that it is much better in disuniting nations than bringing them together?

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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    let me get this straight, Arab countires that make untold billions out of oil revenue can’t even club together and give Palestinian “refugess” a paltry $75 billion? How revealing. The history of the palestinians includes mass slaughters by the governments of Jordan & Syria, and the mass expulsion of 400,000 Palestinians in 1991. But we don’t hear too much about these little gems of history now, do we?

    Israel set the standard by building a first-world nation out of desert and rock, where Arabs and even some “Palestinians” enjoy a better standard of living and access to healthcare than they would find in many nieghbouring countries.

    But let’s not confuse the lefties with the facts.

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