Questions for the King of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah recently traveled to the USA for a surgery. The esteemed monarch is not young anymore, he recently turned 86.


The medical institution, which accepted him, was the New York Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center. He really acted like a king: in no time he took the whole VIP wing for himself. The other patients, who were not poor either, had to be kicked out of their rooms, which remained empty for the sake of Abdullah’s peace and privacy.

I have few questions for the King, but since it will be hard to meet him face to face, I will ask them here.

Why did the King choose to come for treatment to a kafir country?

Don’t they have skilled doctors in his blessed by Allah country?

How is he going to explain to the Wahhabis that he went to a hospital, which is cursed in two ways? First, it supported by the Presbyterian Church and second, it was partially financed by Sanford Weill, who is not only a Jew, but also a banker, who made his money by charging the horrible “riba” (interest).

Did the King allow any Jews to treat him?

Were any Christians allowed around him?

Did the nurses have to wear burkas in respect to his country’s customs? Or did he prefer male nurses?

Did they shut down all restaurants in the area that serve pork in respect of his sensitivities?   

Did he have all rooms cleansed and disinfected to eliminate all traces of Jews and Christians?

If the hospital sends somebody to do a check-up when the King is back in Saudi Arabia, would they let him in, if he’s a Jew?

It’s not easy to be a Muslim King…

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